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Boobs against speed violation

November 10th, 2006 Jesper Bram 4 Comments »

Yesterday I saw this video on Mike’s blog Bikes in the fast lane. First I thought it was a hoax of some kind, but it turns out it’s a viral marketing campaign made for the Danish Road Safety Council code named “speedbandits“. Apparently it’s been on several “old school” news media (television, newspapers) across the […] Continue reading

Spectacular motorcycle magic

November 9th, 2006 Jesper Bram Comments Off on Spectacular motorcycle magic

Here’s something to behold. Magician bad boy pop goth heavy metal illusionist Criss Angel does an unbelievable card trick while riding a huge bling bling chopper. He even wears the right biker gear; leather pants, bandanna, and shades. I don’t know, but it appears this dude might have fallen into the Poison pot when he […] Continue reading

Hayabusa vs. ZX12R review video

November 4th, 2006 Jesper Bram Comments Off on Hayabusa vs. ZX12R review video

Here’s another golden nugget from the online motorcycle video community. Looks like a low budget job, and probably has a few years behind it. But is pretty entertaining never the less. They sure kick the crap out of those legendary top speed rockets. Continue reading

New salt flats race movie coming

November 3rd, 2006 Jesper Bram 2 Comments »

Southern California builders Wes White (Four Aces Cycle) and Chuck Zeglin set out for the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats with the hopes of setting new land speed records on their vintage Triumphs. Also includes footage from Hippodrome Studios’ Jeff Decker and Motorcycle Hall of Fame legend Mike Parti. Can’t wait to get my hands on […] Continue reading

Brad Pitt brakes down on custom chopper

November 1st, 2006 Jesper Bram 38 Comments »

Just got a hold of this story, and thought it a bit to funny to let it go. Story goes that Brad Pitt accidentally fills the OIL tank on his custom chopper with GAS in front of the press (yes, GAS in the OIL tank). Damn must he have felt stupid. My first thought was […] Continue reading

Not your average motorcycle crash video

November 1st, 2006 Jesper Bram 10 Comments »

Just spotted this nicely done motorcycle race crash compilation video. I’m usually not into those crash things, but this one has some pretty extraordinary moments; like when the racers get attacked by a freaking cobra lying in the middle of the track. Besides, it appears that no one gets seriously hurt, and it’s more humorous […] Continue reading

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