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What your manual says is wrong, and can ultimately lead to power loss or even a broken engine. Your manual advice easy break in, staying below a specific amount of RPM’s for a certain amount of miles. But what should really do, is run it hard. At least that is what the MotoMan – break […] Continue reading

Safe riding in dense traffic

March 6th, 2007 Jesper Bram 12 Comments »

Here’s an on-board video of a guy filtering through some pretty dense traffic, with cars going all over the place. It’s clear that most of the cars don’t see him coming, which reminds me to be a little extra careful at the beginning of each riding season. Because of the weather here in Denmark most […] Continue reading

Vehicle emissions impact on global warming is highly debated. But you don’t have to wait for a conclusion before you start taking action. You can just do like the guys in this video did, and make your current fossil fuel powered smoker into a silent and emission free electric motorcycle. Continue reading

When you can’t ride your motorcycle, because it’s winter and your bike is safely tugged away in the garage, you can at least scrounge around the Internet for good motorcycle photos, right? That’s what I did last night, and here’s what I found; High dynamic range (HDR) motorcycle photos. If you don’t know what the […] Continue reading

You might be one of the thousands men and women who suffer from the Classic Motorcycles Bug, without knowing it. Answer the following questions to learn if you have it, and afterwards learn a few proven methods to reduce your condition’s influence on your everyday life. If you see a piece of rusty tube sticking […] Continue reading

Darren Rowse over at problogger is having a group list writing contest, so I thought I’d throw in a list of things a wish I knew when I bought my first motorcycle. Buy a used motorcycle the first time. The motorcycle you dream of might be very different from the motorcycle you will actually like […] Continue reading

Choosing your first motorcycle

June 28th, 2006 Jesper Bram 24 Comments »

A lot of first time riders ask, what type of motorcycle is best for them. There’s no single answer, but on the background of my personal experience, here’s a few things I think you should consider. Which motorcycle type to choose? Sports bike, cruiser, touring, dual-purpose or street bike, there’s a lot to choose from […] Continue reading

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