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I love this kind of stuff. Old 8mm footage of the guys riding in the 70’s, that’s just epic. Continue reading

Crazy about Evel Knievel – Video

April 30th, 2012 Jesper Bram 1 Comment »

Check out this beautiful short film by Andrew Watson. “The American Eagle Flies Again” tells the story of Louis “Rocket” Re, a motorcycle daredevil from Long Island, NY. ¬†After a lifelong obsession with Evel Knievel, Louis followed his dreams and became the only personal in the world currently jumping a stock 1970 American Eagle Laverda […] Continue reading

Motorcycle Fabrication from Down Under

March 29th, 2012 Jesper Bram 2 Comments »

Just received a tip about this video from one the regular readers. It’s about Paul McKinnon from Evolution Custom Industries in Sydney, Australia. He talks to us about his passion for fabrication and desire to continue to perfect his craft every time he puts his hands to metal. Well done video, and a really bitching […] Continue reading

On the back of the DVD box it says “Ever wonder what happens when a few hundred bike riders with an insatiable taste for fire, beer and mayhem ride hand-built choppers across twisty, pitted tarmac from SoCal to Baja and back?”. That’s a pretty accurate description. This is definitely not a DVD that will score […] Continue reading

Ever wondered how they shot those photos in the motorcycle accessory ads you see in the glossy magazines? Here’s your chance to witness a photographer laying in the back of a flatbed truck, holding a $30,000 Hasselblad just inches from the pavement while photographing a motorcycle rider doing wheelies at 70MPH. Check out the Behind-The-Scenes […] Continue reading

Check out the motorcycles these guys are building. I’m totally crazy about the Grafitti Bike. Ironhead Sportsters rule… See more about the show called Creating Customs at OnSetNetworks Continue reading

What resides behind the Wall of Death.

December 29th, 2011 Jesper Bram 2 Comments »

You might recall being in awe as a kid watching the guys ride motorcycles on the vertical wall they call The Wall Of Death. I recall it as one of the biggest highlights when there was a town fare where I grew up. Over the years you might have seen it hundreds of times, but […] Continue reading

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