Scrounged up these two videos from the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2007. One is of the new automatic transmission concept motorcycle, DN-1, by Honda. The other is a hybrid fueled bike called Crosscage by Suzuki.

Stay tuned for more

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52 Responses to “Concept motorcycles from Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2007”

  1. poobare  October 30th

    They are neat! I like the hybrid fueled bike. I would be so nice to get even better gas mileage.

  2. Fathead  October 31st

    Holy Crap Man , Wow like a hybrid motocycle , what the hell are they gonna think of next . (NOTICE THE SARCASM ) Jesus christ , a auto and a manual trans. What the hell , get a grip , you want good fuel mileage buy a fucking moped or scooter . The day that I worry what kinda fuel mileage my Road King gets is the day I will ask my self if Ive gone yuppie , NOT HAPPENING ,. For the love of god man just ride a Putt because you like it , not because of the fuel mileage or the helping of global warming or the Ozone . I wanna be able to run my Harley On BABY SEAL OIL , will that help the world or Maybe run it on WHALE OIL .

  3. Skydakine  October 31st

    I think it’s great the inventors are working on alternative energy sources to power our vehicles. It won’t be long before oil is unavailable. As for auto trannys, why not? I’m game for giving up my clutch lever as long as I still get as good or better performance from my engine.

  4. Pan Chopper Man  November 3rd

    OK, that’s it… I ready to die now!
    Cause I’ve fucking heard it all!!!

    I hate japs.

  5. Pan Chopper Man  November 3rd

    Where’s all the other “old school” thick-back boned bikers comments on this blog, is it just me and Fathead that are the “real” bikers??? in the entire world????????????????????????

  6. Pan Chopper Man  November 3rd

    I wanna hear some comments from some 1%er’s.

  7. Jesper  November 3rd

    Have you been smoking your socks, Pan man?

  8. Annie  November 6th

    What do you think about these? We are considering buying one of these –

    These 50 cc motorcycles have DOT, EPA and CARB certification. Would love to have your opinion. Thanks!


  9. Jesper  November 6th

    They are mopeds, Annie. I don’t know much about mopeds. I’m not sure about international standards, but in Denmark I believe a bike has to be 125cc or more to be classified as a motorcycle.

  10. Fathead  November 7th

    Jesper You gotta know something about Mopeds ,Dont ya . I know one thing about Mopeds . THAT THEY DONT BELONG ON THE FUCKING ROAD . I mopeds on the road , they are not fast enough to go up hills with out causeing traffick problems . I think they should be abolished from the market .

  11. real biker  November 7th

    I see the weekend warrior Harley riders are as usual spouting crap.
    When you ride 30-40,000 miles a year as i do then call yourself a biker. I work in a Harley store and am tired of the piss pot part time fat old fart know nothing ‘bikers’ who ride 50 miles a week IF its sunny and they have thier matching HD undies on. Get a grip man if you ride a lot of miles more power to you no matter what the hell you ride.
    We are all differnt cos we RIDE not because we ride one model.
    Get real man.

  12. real biker  November 7th

    I almost forgot.. over 60% of Harley parts are of non american origin, and the Honda Goldwing is truly made in America 100%.
    even the old school Harleys parts are made in Taiwan now or in China as they make them cheaper than we can here and they are just as ‘high’ quality as the stock parts.

  13. Jesper  November 7th

    “We are all differnt cos we RIDE not because we ride one model.”


  14. Simonator  November 8th

    Awesome post!

  15. Jesper  November 8th

    Thanks, Simonator.

  16. Pan Chopper Man  November 10th

    Well, well, well! A crusty ole “real biker” has finally decided to join us… hey Fathead, chew him up and spit him out. …while I wipe the remains of the “real biker” off my ass. ..heh,heh.

  17. Pan Chopper Man  November 10th

    Oh, Jesper old buddy, I have a clear understanding about the difference between European “bikers” and American “bikers”…
    (and no, this isn’t a slam)

    While European “bikers” have as much appreciation for the oil dripping, gasoline smelling, chopper building; …and all the beer drinking comradery that goes along with it (as much as we American “bikers” do)… you’re right about one thing.

    We American “bikers” are the crudest, low-lifest, craziest, mutha-fuggars on this whole fucking planet! …and it’s all because we smoke too many socks!

    Oh, and …honda goldwings suck. (Its designer spoke jap). Doesn’t matter where it’s fucking made anymore! It’s the original design drawings and who’s head they came out of that matters!

  18. Julia  November 11th

    Have you seen Yamaha’s wild concept bikes from the show? Check them out here…(

  19. Fathead  November 13th

    OH MY , Real biker , Did ya make that name up to try to impress us or just me . “I work in a Harley Store “. Last time I checked real mopeder its called a Halrey Dealership .Well why would you work at a Harley store , do you sell Harley underwear , do you like to size that shit up for the men or what . You come on here like you are one tough som bitch . Well ya probably aint . But who am I to talk ,or a type . I am A biker . Been one bewfore the discovery channel even new what one was . So are ya one of those RUBS son . Go get back on yyour Vespa and ride til ya find yourself . Stop watching the movie wild hogs . It isnt true . You wouold still get your ass kicked and left for dead on the street in my world . For running ya suck hole .

  20. Pan Chopper Man  November 13th

    Damn Fathead, …way to chew ass!
    I bet Mr. “real biker” will have to change his Harley undies after that.

    Oh, and just for the record…I haven’t stepped foot inside a Goddamn Harley “store” since the days of cast iron juggs and tin primary covers!

    Those fag-ass pretty boys are the fucking “know nothings”.

  21. yamahale  November 14th

    A “real biker” does not need or even neccessarily WANT a Harley. Just because the old farts from the 30′s told you its true don’t believe it. They just didn’t know any better. I would think a “real man” would want a bike that actually commands respect, not a ultra mild Harley that a Morot Maid can peg the throttle of lol
    So just can it ya wannabe jap-haters, you make US real riders look bad.

  22. yamahale  November 14th

    Ooops of course that is MOTOR Maid:)

  23. Panic  November 26th

    Don’t panic,
    I’m nearly finished perfecting teleportation. Once that is offered to the masses, all the oil left is for us chopper jockeys……

  24. Jesper  November 26th


  25. Motorcycle  November 29th

    Awesome bikes, things are moving in the motorcycle world.

  26. DannyBiker  December 9th

    Hey guys why spend all the energy on writing crap on each other,what happen to solidarity, the rest of the world think we are nuts so no need to “chew” each other’s asses. Hop on you machine and take a cruse.

  27. DannyBiker  December 9th

    P.S. those automatic bike are CRAP though there’s no argument there

  28. yamahale  December 10th

    Well Danny the last straw was having my RD400 spit on a few years back, I have no sympathy for someone locked into riding those underpowered overpriced lumps. I been dealing with Harleys and the snobs that own them for over 30 years and I don’t really consider them true motorcyclists in the 1st place.

  29. Jesper  December 10th

    So now I’m not a true motorcyclist, what ever that is. I happen to own both a Honda and a Harley, and frankly I don’t give a shit what you consider me.

    There’s idiots all around. The people who felt they had to spit on your RD400 was morons. But your prejudice against people who own a Harley is no better.

    The lamest people on the face of this mud ball is the ones who can’t respect other peoples choices just because they wouldn’t have made the same choice them selves.

    Doesn’t matter if you ride a Harley, Yamaha or a bicycle. We’re all different, and that’s a good thing.

  30. yamahale  December 11th

    Sorry Jesper, you should have known I wasn’t talking about you. You know who I mean, the guys who wouldn’t ride another bike on a dare, the guys that are afraid to demo a Victory because it would hit home they spent twice what their bike was actually worth when they coulda had a bike that could out run, stop and handle a Harley and have more American parts on it then Harleys have had since 1969 AND have some bucks left over. I am happy you own a Honda but thats about it, I actually kinda feel for you……

  31. CHICA  December 11th

    WOW I am Jap, I like to wok on HArley .I build great bike on learning channel and food network . But I would not SPIT on Honda , I would take a big shit on it instead! My Fatherson make honda , he even say they crap.EXCEPT JESPERS of course . …… LOL…..
    My fother make jap crap so harley riders can drag honda down road with chain .

  32. yamahale  December 11th

    I wish that your father went to school longer than you did, or Hondas would be even better lol

  33. WILLY G DAVIDSON  December 11th

    YAMAHALE ITS ME I KNOW YOU DONT BELEIVE IT. Listen come to a dealership , tell them ya know me and ill hook ya up with a really good scoot. COme to YORK PA and lets have coffee and donuts next week . Ill set it up with my people .

    Sincerly WILLY G DAVIDSON .

  34. Jesper  December 11th

    Please excuse “chica” and “willy”. It’s the artist formerly know as FATHEAD, who now get kicks on letting out nonsense posing as “celebrities”.

  35. yamahale  December 11th

    Yeah hi Willy—is the G for “Gee, what color will we make them this decade?”

  36. V-STARMAN  December 12th

    Hey I couldnt notice the people who reply to this blog . They are like the big wigs in the industry . Im amazed that these men are replying to these . Who ever runs this web page blog keep up the awesome work . Im hooked. I will be on from now on . If anyone Knows the address to send Mr. Billy Lane E-mail and the rest could they post them so I have them on my pc.

  37. yamahale  December 12th

    V-starman you must be joking—-if that was really Willy G then I am the Pope lol

  38. V-starman  December 12th

    What do you mean .What is this Blog a bunch of jokers. I found this blog on a forum for moto enthusiasts. Now I find out that the people who are on it are posing as someone else . That is not funny and is very embarrassing . I told my friend at work that I ride with about this site and told him who was on it blogging . I feel like a dumb bloke. Now what do I tell him? IM very disapointed. I thought that was realy them until I read the stuff this Fathead guy writes .Hes very Immature.

  39. Jesper  December 12th

    So, V-starman, I see you are from Maine, just like Fathead and Pan Chop Man. What a coincidence. I’d appreciate if you guys would stop messing around with your names etc. You are wasting both my time and the time of people reading this blog.

  40. FATHEAD  December 12th

    I guess you guys over the pond dont like HUMOR. I was Just trying to spice things up with a couple of Jokes and Laughs . I GUESS I WAS THE ONLY ONE LAUGHING. I guess I waste your time , So I will no longer contact your blog or tell anyone about it . I always thought the true spirit of Motorcycles was to have fun doing what ever it was. If people dont find it humorous to joke and hack , then they need to go to a HUMOR MANAGEMENT CLASS. For christ sake , life is to short not to have fun. If people on this Blog take everything seriously , then I say FUCK IT . I am a true BIKER , I guess I need to STAY TRUE TO MY LIFE STYLE AND stop contacting POSERS. AS for PAN MAN HE HAD nothing to do with my harrassing your BLOG . He didnt even know who was who. I will tell WILLY G , to never contact the BLOG as for there is no humor .

    FUCKI IT ,
    Never to return , IM 86′n your BLOGG.

  41. Jesper  December 12th

    I’m sorry you feel that way, but people was offended, and didn’t understand your humor. So I had to spend time explaining that it was just for fun. Which I don’t find particularly fun.

    If you feel you have to ride into the horizon with your middle finger dangling after you, that’s your decision.

  42. Pan Chopper Man  December 15th

    I just read all this stuff.

    If you’d allow me to Jesper, I just have a small amount to say…

    Me and my friend Fathead are truthfully quite decent men. I won’t speak for myself, but I’d like to let you know that my bro is a decorated Veteran with a Bronz Star and more than one Purple Heart. Just keep in mind that I, Pan Chopper Man take my hat off to men like “Fathead” not for how they write comments on blogs, but for thier physical and mental sacrifices in combat for my freedom.

    God Bless America…..and pan-choppers.

  43. Jesper  December 15th

    I understand, Pan man. I’m running a blog for motorcycle enthusiasts, and want every type of motorcycle rider to feel welcome.

    As you know, I’m not strict with moderation. People can say what they want. But when deliberate harassment threaten the existence of my site, I have to put my foot down.

    I’m sure your bro is a stand up guy. But I’ll tell the Queen of England to put a sock in it, if I feel it’s necessary.

  44. FATHEAD  December 27th



  45. yamahale  December 27th

    lol Fattie, don’t let the door hit you—-your views on the world are as outdated as your mototcycle. Just go over to Ironhorse and blab about ‘cagers’ and ‘Jap bikes’ with the rest of the biker neanderthals. Would you defend Taiwan and Japan too, since without them Harley-Davidson could not exist?
    Sayonara hahahaha

  46. kris  February 17th

    you guys are soo angry , if you had a mans bike to channel all that pent up aggression on we may find you more aproachable, pan chopper,lol. grrrrr , go get em boys, nice n

  47. Dude23  May 4th

    Pan Chopper Man & Fathead;

    Harleys suck…sorry… but they do.

    Also, as a vet (or vets) you ought to be pretty damned pissed off at this current government selling out our country, bankrupting everyone, driving up debt, and selling off infrastructure to the Chinese and others.

    I’m a vet as well and I thank you for your contribution to our nation. But we are not free. We are corportacracy that has stripped us all of our rights and is selling us out everyday.

    You ought to be directing some of that anger you have for Hondas or whatever at Bush and help the rest of us take back this country. Instead you sit here running you big mouth then talk about freedom and blah blah blah.

    You got no freedom!!! Try to exercise your constitutional rights that you and fatman fought for. The patriot act took all that away while you were sitting on your harley bragging.

  48. onedeadhead  May 8th

    What’s with the hybrid crap? To blazes with the Japaneese scooters a lot of cheap copies of good USA IRON LOL MR Takemoto san take ur rice burners and go back from where ever it is you crawled out.

  49. Torquemada  July 18th

    We need to be thankful that we live in a place and time that allows us the freedom to choose.

    Choice is where it’s at.

    I see the current trends amongst the youth of today for all that is retro. And I see and understand the appeal for Americans of owning a Harley. Harley’s the original American motorcycle. It may be seen by the prepubescent among you, to be slow, unwieldly and expensive, but to the owners and the potential buyers, it is a mark of patriotism, a symbol of style, a modern day icon that is steeped in history. And that history is exactly what is going to keep Harley alive for many years.

    Now, the motorcycles of the East brim with the latest technology, they reach mach 3 in 0.7 of a second and they run forever. But what you will find beneath the bright paint schemes is an engine that has been tinkered with by lots of people in white coats, the faceless product of millions of design and test hours. It is an ever evolving lump that doesn’t spend any length of time on the street to build up a loyal following before the next model comes along with slightly sharper lines.

    I am not a harley owner, never will be either. That is purely my choice. So do not think I am against Jap bikes in any way whatsoever, I have in fact, lusted after many of them in my time. I am just aware that early companies such as Harley and Triumph found designs that captured a moment in time. It is the public that dictate whether the designs should change. As long as you all have that freedom of choice (and a thick wallet) then I think the market can cope with you all.

    I have generalised about the reasons for Harley ownership in this piece and I apologise for any offence I might have caused, I’m sure there is a multitude of reasons behind each and everyone’s choice of motorcycle, I can appreciate that.

    Can everyone else here appreciate that, or at least understand it?

    I end by saying, that everything we choose to have in our lives, serves to tell others of who we are. We say as much about ourselves with action as we do with words. Let people know who you are by getting out there and being seen on your ride, not by your having your opinion plastered all over the internet in an online arguement.

    ‘Judge not, lest you be judged’


  50. Torquemada  July 18th

    Oh yeah, enjoy your choice. Enjoy the places it takes you. Enjoy the looks it will earn you and most of all enjoy living.

    You all wake up in the morning to find yourselves breathing, your heart’s beating, your lungs are expanding and contracting. That is life. Don’t be fooled into thinking that that is living.

    If you want to live, you can do worse things than get out and ride a motorcycle. Then you’ll be on your way to living……

  51. Hal  July 22nd

    Yes Torquey good philosophy—although not totally true about the ‘faceless’ Japanese bikes. In fact we can learn alot from them, I am sure we all know or should know that Soichiro Honda was mesmerized by the aroma of hot oil that an early automobile leaked on the road, he was a true motorhead who started his own company. I can only imagine some modern day Harley riders with their noses to the ground under their bikes; well it would have had to been in the old days before the HD factory finally figured out(due to Japanese bikes)that it wasn’t acceptable to leak. My take on motorized equipment is I want a machine from someone SMARTER than me(white lab coats sound good actually), not some guys pumping out the same product for their whole life span just because some moto snobs think they need it. Just buy a Victory and get it over with for cryin’ out:)

  52. Torquemada  July 24th

    Top response Hal, and I have shown my ignorance to the humble history of Honda. Indeed, I am sure most companies start out from a similar vein. I apologise for not acknowledging that in my piece.

    I think I am right in saying this whole debate is similar to the Mac/Microsoft one (which i’m not going to mention much more about for fear of sparking an unnecessary computer debate on a motorcycle blog!) It comes down to personal preference and that word again, ‘choice.’

    I wholeheartedly agree with you that The Big Four churn out fabulous bikes, that’s undeniable. But it is the rate and quantity with which they leave the factory and hit the streets that is the issue. I think Harley riders enjoy what they see as ‘exclusivity.’ And from this blog, it seems they are seen by non-Harley riders as pretentious and as you put it, ‘Moto-Snobs’

    As the saying goes, ‘There’s no accounting for taste.’
    In other words, one mans treasure is another mans trash.

    I do like the fact that Harley are attempting to move with the times, technology wise, with the V-rod. Yes, to the anyone who rides a Hondamasuzusaki, the V-rod is a bauble. But to the people who buy it, it is a sign of exclusivity, brand loyalty and ownership of a piece of Harley history. If it leaks, then they are one step closer to that esteemed history.

    I think the only other manufacturer of recent who has captured a moment in time through design, was Ducati, with their original 916. It remained visually unchanged for years, making it a symbol of the company and a recognised emblem of exclusivity. Maybe this was tactical, to ensure they created a modern classic, maybe they left it too long and were afraid the next design couldn’t top the original or maybe they didn’t have the budget to design anything else as all Ducati’s money was being ploughed into making the internals of the bike as cool, reliable and as sexy as the external. Maybe, just maybe Harley found a design in it’s early days that captured the desires of riders, hell, if they’re still selling today then I suppose they did. And to top it off, all the Big Four have tried to imitate Harley with their own bikes. Yes, they were ultra reliable, had the same looks as a Harley, but according to everyone who tested them, they lacked the ‘character’ of the real thing. That’s why Harley riders ride Harleys, everything else is an imitation.

    Jeez, I’ve done a lot of writing here on a subject I really don’t care that much about. As i’ve said previously, i’m not a Harley rider, never will be either, but this piece makes me sound like I am a shareholder in the company.

    I think I first wrote on this blog in response to the aggression and swearing I was reading in past comments from both sides of the fence. Here in Scotland, or the UK to be precise, bikers used to greet each other with a passing wave, an acknowledgement that despite who they were beneath the leathers, they both were part of something special and exclusive, the badge on the tank was largely immaterial, as long as there was two wheels below them!

    I just felt that there was more to riding a motorcycle than criticising others over their choice. Your response Hal, shows me there is some sense out there and no reason to waste time trashing others via the web. It was good talking to you, but i’m going to sign off for good now. I’ve said more or less everything i’ve wanted to say, so cheers, take it easy, all of you!

    P.S. I kinda like some of the Victory bikes.

    P.P.S Oh yeah, I don’t even ride a bike………

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