In the history of bad ideas, this has to be reaching for the top. UK road minister Stephen Ladyman wants to cut the power on speeding motorcycles by satellite. Here’s a snippet from The Sun.

Bikers’ engines will be adapted to carry a spy-in-the-sky control.

Those who speed will alert satellites, which will send back a warning to the rider.

A beep will sound in the helmet before the saddle starts to shake violently.

Those who ignore the warnings will have their throttle gradually shut as they ride.

Imagine; accelerating away from an accident prone situation. Your helmet beeps insanely, your seat is shaking like hell, and as you’re almost about to make it, the power is cut leaving you helpless against the big bulky SUV pulling out in front of you, operated by a driver who’s one the phone and doing makeup. Just great!

Not considering the annoyance of the contraptions they will install in your motorcycle and helmet. I don’t need no force-feedback in my seat or some beeper in my helmet, thank you very much.

If this ever gets enforced I’ll tear it off, don’t care what fines they come up with. I’m not doing that. This is so stupid I’m wondering if it’s a joke. Judge for your selves the article is here.

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4 Responses to “Government planning to cut the power on speeders by satellite”

  1. Dynamike  August 17th

    Please tell me you saw this coming. OnStar is a great idea, but it opens way too many doors for Bog Brother to exert more control over our personal lives. I for one am not surprised by this.

    This is just one more reason we all need to be diligent in protecting our rights.

  2. Jesper  August 18th

    I guess it was going to come up at some point. But couldn’t they just start off by logging your speed and mail you a speeding ticket.

    That would still suck, but not be quite as dangerous.

  3. Dynamike  August 18th

    No, that just seems too logical.

  4. JMBikerWarehouse  September 4th

    They are talking about doing this in the USA as well. Who is going to take the liability if it causes an accident. Another concern is what if you are trying to get away from some lunatic that is trying to harm you? I’m a firm beliver that Government is good; but doesn’t need to be involved in everything. There is a point that we need to run our own lives.

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