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After my trip to France in the summer 2004 it was time to have the bike serviced and for the second time that year I headed down to my mechanic Holtug MC. After talking in the shop for a while as they started to work on my bike I convinced the owner (or was it him that convinced me) to let me try a used Honda VTX 1800 he had just taken in.

That is one huge mother of a bike and it had all the bells and whistles; wind screen, studded saddlebags and a pair of Cobra exhausts. The bike was from 2001 and had 34.000 km (21.000 miles) on the clock. But the previous owner had taken so good care of it that it looked brand new.

I’ve tried a few of the bigger cruisers and I guess I’ve gotten used to the road capabilities (or lack there of) of that motorcycle type . But the VTX 1800 actually rides, even though with its almost 350 kg (770 lbs) it’s quite a hand full. Well you don’t feel as if you’ve been shot out of a canon when twisting the throttle, but it pulls away real nice. Actually I found my self cruising slowly down the back roads with 110-120 km/t (75 MpH). But I swear Mr. Police it felt like I was going 80 km/t (50 MpH).

The VTX 1800 is very high-tech for a cruiser, having both hydraulic clutch, upside-down fork, cast aluminium wheels and a Dual Combined Brake Pressure Equalization System. The Brake system means that when pressing the back brake some of the pressure is channelled to the front brakes as well. All in all these features makes the VTX a very easy handling and modern cruiser.

There’s no doubt this bike could take you to the end of the world and back with 160 km/t (100 MpH) which is not the case for many of the cruisers out there. But then again should it be? If you are in the market for one of the big eastern cruisers, this bike deserves to be on your short-list. It rides and sounds insane and is technically more advanced than the Motor Company competitors, but it lacks the 100 years of history. So I guess it’s a question of being a HD fan or not, cause the price is almost up there with the Milwaukee’s.

Rating after riding a couple of hours: First impression rating 3/5 helmets
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428 Responses to “Honda VTX 1800 – The biggest V-twin I’ve ever ridden.”

  1. XChoppers  June 16th

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  2. Xchoppers  August 3rd

    I guess Hondas are more expensive in Copenhagen, Denmark? Here they cost half as much as a Harley and out run and out perform HD.

  3. Xchoppers  August 3rd

    I guess Hondas are more expensive in Copenhagen, Denmark? Here they cost half as much as a Harley and out run and out perform HD.

  4. Steve Ruminski  June 4th

    Curious, why only 3 out of 5 helmets?

    I’m 57 years old and have riden most everything on two wheels. After listening to hog devotees tell me how they love their hogs I wonder if they are trying to convince me or themselves.

    My top picks for touring/cruisers based on price,power, handling, ergonomics, cost of ownenership and durability are:
    #1 Honda VTX1800
    #2 BMW R1200RT
    #3 Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Nomad
    #4 Harley FLTRI Road Glide

    It’s not important that you like my choice, it is important that you like your choice.

  5. Jesper  June 5th

    Hey, Steve. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I think my reason for giving it “only” three helmets was that it didn’t really get to me.

    You are most likely right, that when comparing price, power, handling cost of ownership etc. it’s the best cruiser money can buy. But that’s also a bit boring.

    I like cruisers that are classic designed, like e.g. the Yamaha Road Star. The cast wheels, upside-down forks and engine/gearbox-shaft drive design of the VTX is not really my taste.

    But as you say.
    It?s not important that you like my choice, it is important that you like your choice.


  6. SteveR  June 5th

    I have to admit that for just looks I also like the Roadstar. Recently road to Dublin (CA not Ireland) to the Arlen Ness show room. Neighbor plunked down $39K for a “Big Dog” with a Stars and Stripes paint job. I’m guessin’ the paint was $22K and the bike was $17K. You can buy some awful nice art for $22K. It works for him but I like a bike to handle well. With his extended forks he has to slow way down on any road other than an Interstate.

  7. Jesper  June 5th

    I like a bike that handles as well. But it depends on what you are using the bike for. If it’s mainly for transportation, you need something steady and reliable.

    But if it’s just for fun. who cares, as long as it brings a smile on your face.

    BTW. have you seen what these guys can do with Road Stars.

  8. SteveR  June 6th

    I appreciate the creativity of “These Guys”. My taste leans toward cleaner flowing lines and non-primary color scheme, subtle graphics, kick-ass power plants and chrome baby, LOTS OF CHROME!

  9. Pat Few  July 2nd

    I currently ride a 1998 Valkyrie. I’ve test riden just about all the v-twins. HDs, while very good looking bikes, just do not show me enough to warrent the price tag. I liked the Victory’s until they put the 6 speed trans in and increased their prices. It was the price increase more than anything else. Of all v-twins the vtx 1800 just looks as good, sounds as good and out powers the rest. Now I’m talking about stock bikes, nothing added. I especially like the John Deer popper like sound the vtx makes while it idles. I will eventually give my oldest son the Valkyrie and get a vtx 1800. I do like the advice about getting what makes you happy. There are a lot of nice bikes being made. Go for what makes you smile and be kind in your remarks to the next person even if they ride something else.

  10. Jesper  July 4th

    Thanks for your comment, Pat.
    Seems the VTX is indeed a very popular bike. I’d still prefer the Road Star though, but mainly because of looks.

  11. SteveR  July 26th

    Don’t know where you guys live but last Saturday it was 115 degrees! I was sweatin’ from places I didn’t even knew I had.

    Reminder to bring a piece of 1X to put under your kick stand. When I returned to my bike from lunch, found I had penetrated 1″ of asphalt and was perilously close to some serious unplanned paint and chrome purchases.

  12. Troy  December 7th

    I haven’t ridden in 20 yrs but went out and bought a 03 VTX 1300s. I found myself 200miles from home the first day and by the end of the weekend I had put almost 700miles on it. I have studded saddleman saddlebags a windshield and thats it added on the bike My god I almost forgot how fun bikes can be. The VTX (mine atleast ) is very well balanced and has a smooth excelleration response. I love my bike. The 1800 will be my next bike when the wife says it’s ok.

  13. Jesper  December 7th

    Congratulations, Troy, don’t worry about the 1800, the 1300 is more than capable. Good choice, ride safe mate.

  14. R Hensley  January 14th

    At 56 I bought bike after 30 years not riding. My bike is a Honda 1300S. Handles great the only draw back for me is the power. I wish it had 10 to 15 more horses. For that reason my next will be the 1800R Honda. More than I wan’t but it’s better to have the power and not use it than to want it and not have it. I wish honda would make a 1500 VTwin.

  15. matt  February 9th

    Here is the Honda VTX 1800 that I just bought. I love the style of it and it is by far the best motorcycle I have owned. I can’t wait for spring so I can get out and hit the road.

  16. ANTHONY E. VERSACE  February 10th


  17. Jesper  February 11th

    Matt; Congratulations on the bike mate. Hope you’ll have a time riding it. Keep us posted on how you’re doing.

    Anthony; Sorry to learn about your accident. I don’t know that much about accessories for the VTX, but my best guess is that you would need to have it custom made. You can get eagle claw, bone shaped and what not side stands, but I’m not sure they are longer than the original.

  18. Xchoppers  February 17th

    Anthony – Please contact us. We have the parts you need to greatly reduce the effort required to lift your 1800 of of the side stand. Please call 209-833-6174 or send me an email. We’ll fix you up and it won’t cost you much either. It will also improve your ride, handling and appearance. These parts work equally well on VTX 1300′s as well.

  19. Ray  March 22nd

    I just bought a new 2005 VTX 1800N. I traded in a 2000 Honda CBR 929, and I was not sure that a Cruiser would be able to deliver the type of excitement I was used to. This VTX is a great handling and powerful bike for it’s size. And the most important to me is the comfort. I’m 59 and the sport bike riding style is not very comfortable any more. The VTX is very rewarding when you are riding hard and fast down a twisty road. I just want to say that this is a great bike. So if you are at a point in your life where you still need the excitement of carving a corner at speed but a lot more comfortable than a sport bike, this is the one for you.

  20. Jesper  March 24th

    Thanks for the input Ray, much appreciated. I very much agree. Hope you have good time with your VTX.

  21. Dario  March 25th

    My first bike was an 83 Yamaha Midnight Virago 750, and I loved it, plenty of torque and power (I thought). For some stupid personal reasons I didn’t ride for 11 years(idiot!). In 2005 I got stationed back in my home of Arizona. I was at the local dealer and picked up a 2002 VTX 1800C for around $8,000. The first time I got that monster on the freeway I couldn’t believe the difference the extra 1000cc made over my old virago! I’d only replace the old VTX with another one and I don’t see that happening anytime soon!

  22. Rich  March 31st

    I love my 1800 vtx, I pull a camper with my bike with my wife on the back seat ,and the don’t even know there back there.

  23. Jim  April 1st

    I’ve been riding my Yamaha FJR1300. Use to have the HD BadBoy. By coincidence I ran across my 2003 Honda VTX 1800R because a woman gave it to her husband as a gift but took it back after kicking him to the curb for cheating… Anyway, because of the super deal she gave me on it, I bought it even though I had a bike. I was going to buy it just to sell it but after riding it, no way is that going to happen. I’ve had one bike or another all my life and this bike is like no other. I has power, it’s smooth, it looks good, and you feel safe on it. I haven’t been on my FJR1300 since, and in fact probably will sell it now. I recommend this bike to anyone who enjoys riding because unlike a sport/touring bike, you can ride this for miles without getting tired. It’s the best bike I’ve ever been on. Love it!

  24. PETER  April 9th


  25. Jesper  April 9th

    oops, caps-lock, Peter. Good luck with your VTX, mate.

  26. Tim Pope  April 14th

    I love all bikes, im glad to see anyone enjoying the freedom of riding, i caught the 65th sturgis after cruising through several western states and stayed in Deadwood S.D. great place with lots of hisyory, I currently ride ride a 03 1800 VTX that I love, it does have custom fenders and a few other things that were on there when i purchased it from a HD dealership where some dude traded it in, they gave me a hell of a deal on it, the bike at that time only had 3500 Miles on it, after the trip out west, multiple poker runs and trips to the local pool hall for a cold one it now has 26000 on it, she’s only let me down one time after riding 14 hours through a toad strangler of a rain storm across Tennasee (sorry for the spelling), i guess moisture got into the EFI system and began to run poorly on the interstate, but cleared up after letting it sit for a few minutes in the sun, while on my ride out west i developed sever carpal tunnel syndrom in my right wrist, after riding 500 to 700 miles a day with no criuse control when i would lay down at night my right arm would hurt like hell to the point of having to make a ER visit in Deadwood S.D., I guess all the years of abuse to my body is finally catching up with me, if any yall have had simarliar problems with carpal tunnel please email me.

    Thanks T. Pope

  27. Hugo  April 18th

    HEy all,
    I am currently thinking of buying a VTX1800, this weekend in fact, but I’ve heard so much controversey between getting the 1300 or the 1800. I intend to do a lot of 2-up riding so I am leaning towards the 1800.

    Can anyone enlighten me as to whether this debate has more to do with personal comfort than actual good-versus-bad facts about the bikes?

    Also, can anyone tell me what kind of fuel mileage the VTX1800 gets when ridden civilly? My Vulcan 1500 had respectable mileage unless you rode up around 70mph. I hate always lookin for gas stations with worry about makin it.
    Thanx :)

  28. iburnrubber  April 19th

    I am torn what to tell you about the differences on the 1300 & 1800. I have the 1800 and love all the power, if you have a passenger ther will be absolutely no problem with power, however the 1800 in my opinion isn’t good on gas. I admit, I drive fast on the freeway, and I have a shield, so my mileage is not that good. In the city my low gas light goes on about 115 miles, driving on the open road, it goes on about 130 miles. I am not sure how far you can go on the reserve tank, I’m guessing around 25 miles. This is my biggest gripe about the 1800. I test drove the 1300 and there is a big difference in pure power. I’m sure there will be no problem with a passenger, but you will not have the go as with the 1800. The good news is the 1300 does great on gas, over 40 mpg and cost much less. Hope this helped…Good luck

  29. Hugo  April 19th

    Thanx for the input iburnrubber.

    Yeah it’s that same thing with me. I want power and great fuel mileage while I drive hard!!!! lol

    But in fairness, I’ve had 51 different motorcycles in my life and I remember a ton of older Goldwings that I had with bad gas mileage when ridden around 70mph and the 4 cylinder bikes didn’t even have great power.

    If you’re riding where gas stations are few, you want the range.
    My V-strom DL1000 had fantastic mileage ridden civil and even good mileage ridden fast, well, under 90mph!

    But in a laid back cruiser, if you’re not working it hard, just, well, cruisin’, I would like close to 40-ish mpg if at all possible. My Vulcan did well if you babied it, otherwise you’re looking for gas.

    I am tempted just for the power, to go for the VTX1800 and just accept that you can’t have your fast rides and great mileage. I’ll only have the bike for a year or so before I sell it I’m sure. It’s what I’ve done with all the other bikes I’ve owned.

  30. iburnrubber  April 23rd

    Is it just me, or was the 1800T disappointing? Don’t get me wrong, I think the VTX is the best looking bike on the rode ( I own the F model), but I couldn’t believe the T model was the touring model. No color matching, locking hard plastic saddlebags , or a trunk,there should have been at least a 6 gallon gas tank, and a gas guage, and a built in cruise control. I know the Gold wing hase all these features, but that is too much bike for me and too expensive! Ok, that is my gripe for the day.

  31. VTXMike  April 24th

    Hugo, I’ve got an 03 VTX1800C. Just cruising the backroads or hiways at less than 80 or so, I get 42 mpg. I’ve got a Hondaline windshield on it too, so that brought me down about 1.5 to 2 mpg. I wouldn’t worry about the mileage…go for the 1800.

  32. Hugo  April 25th

    Yeah that 1800 looks strong. Just lookin for some real numbers to help me decide.
    Thanx Mike.

  33. Ken  April 28th

    I purchased a left over 2005 VTX 1800 Retro spec 2. A great deal at just over $10,000. However, after market accessories are expensive. To get the bike as a real cruiser I had to spend an extra $4,500. Still less than a Harley but I think Honda could give you more than just a naked bike for those who pay MSRP. I love the power.

  34. george  May 9th

    this is a test

  35. george  May 9th

    I have been riding for 30 years now{thank you God},in those years the wind has carried me on all of the metric brands made at one time or another. The last bike that was purchased was an 01 Sabre 1100. This is s sweet bike and we still have it.
    To celebrate my years of riding I went off the deep end of the pool of life and purchased the 2005 vtx 1800N,back in may of 06. Whew…this is the best bike that I have ever owned. The 1800 met all of my expectations of what a motorcycle should be. My hat goes off to the design team at Honda for producing such a terrific bike. Added a set of the cobra slashcut pipes and the fi200 fuel manager and, Ya better hold on when you twist the wrist. This bike has taken me only 6000 miles so far ,but I have enjoyed every mile of it. True the 1800 is big bulky and a little top heavy,but after a week or so it fell right into place. Only one thing left to say,for 11,000 You can buy one of the best bikes on the planet.with liquid cooling and shaft drive. OR you can pay 20,000 plus for an Air cooled drived by a rope hardly. Now I doo need to be explained again how you justify that?.
    PS now that most of the towns surrounding daytona beach now have their own version of bike week,daytona has turned into a ghost town. Do yourself a favor…dont spend your hard earnred money with people that discriminate against you for the brand of bike you ride.THAT MY FRIEND IS UN-AMERICAN.

  36. Alan  May 16th

    I’ve had my VTX1800 now for just over a year,2003 model with 5000 miles on clock .
    Its the best purchase of my life ,I have had it chromed up full luggage kit clip on screen, moulded side panels ,dyno tuned ,etc etc,and I never get tired of riding it. It haas fantastic fantastic torque and unberlievable power ,in fact great all round. If you need time to relax de stress and get away into a world of you own ,buy one of these bikes and hit the road.I am fifty one now and every time thunder starts up and I hop on,my heart misses a beat,fantastic.
    12 out of 10,oh by the way ,tuned up with dyno 42 /43 mph

  37. Alan  May 16th

    Sorry I meant to say 42/45 mpg on a good run at around a steady 80mph

  38. Bryan in Missouri, usa  May 20th

    I’ve riden motorcycles since 9 yrs old. My vtx 1800c is the most awsome cruiser i’ve mounted. I used to build custom showbikes growing up. My father had a 48 knuckle head 80, & an Indian. I love high tech,looks, performance and power. Try a power commander on your vtx 18 some time & mount a 200 series dunlop on the back. Just can’t understand why more people haven’t tried a test ride on one of these gentle giants. I suppose not all of us ride for the same reason. Oh, one more thing. A Susuki Hyabusa is also one awesome bike to experience before you leave the planet. It would be a shame for a bike lover to go thru this life and not have riden either one of these bikes. That’s plumb ironic. Hey. safe driving everyone. God bless. Bryan

  39. Rev. J. W. (Bro. Chip) White Jr.  May 22nd

    After several years of discussing with a friend of mine the thrill of riding we both enjoyed in the past, he purchased 2nd hand a VTX 1300 only because it was a great deal. More than a year later, after months of looking and riding several sizes and brands, I stumbled onto a VTX 1800. It was more bike than I was looking for but was too good of a deal to pass up. My thoughts were to sell it for a small profit and purchase an 1100 (perhaps a shadow) that I knew would keep right up with my friend, and use the difference to accessorize. It was a beautiful bike. 04 VTX 1800 C, 3555 miles, Honda windshield, Honda passenger backrest, Vance & Hines exhaust, Grey w/Titanium Flame paint. Garage kept, never laid down or even dropped. A long story made short, I rode it home, polished it up (though it did not need it) rode it around town through the week end, Sunday to church (I am the pastor) then Monday to work. I have ridden off and on all my life all types of cruisers, and this is the finest machine I have ever straddled. It is no longer for sale. I get 38 to 41 MPH on the open road and about 35 just around town. My next bike (years from now) will be the VTX 1800 or its equivalent. My imagination suggests to Honda I would be interested in a VTX 2100 C.

  40. Rev. VTX  May 22nd

    PS. My VTX will soon carry me to south Texas where I am originally from, to see my daughter and grandbabygirl who have resently moved there. Ironically it will be an 1800 mile round trip.
    God bless you all as you keep me in your prayers. Bro. Chip

  41. Alan  May 23rd

    Totally agree with Bryan , power commander on your vtx 18 and you have an awesome bike,I am so jealous of the REV J. W a trip like that is my dream,enjoy and let us know how you got on . Regards to you all from the UK.I am now of to Newcastle upon Tyne ( Uk) with my mate he is trading his VTX 1300 in for a new Kawasaki VN 2000 what a waste of money eh ? £10.000 and it has no extras need his head looking at lol. Have look http://www.kawasakidirect.co.uk/


  42. Ben  June 1st

    I read good reviews for the vtx 1800, thinking about getting one. The catch,
    I am 5’7″ tall at 175 lbs. 41 y/o and never ridden a motorcycle before. Although I had a mini bike for a while in my youth and currently a fit road biker on peddle power, I will deffinately take ridding classes before purchase. Sat on an 1800 before in a showroom once upon a time and was able to lift without a strain and keep balanced. Would you advise a first time rider this bike. Love cruiser style. If so, can someone give me advise on choosing a ridding school?

  43. Jesper  June 1st

    Ben, you should beyond doubt try to find a good deal on a used VTX. I’d go for the 1300 to start off with. Scope the used market for a while and find one you can part with again without loosing to much on it.. Better to start on a smaller bike, and sell it if you want bigger. Instead of not getting much riding done because you bought a behemoth of a bike you don’t have fun riding.

  44. Rev. VTX  June 1st

    I am (roughly) 5.8 / 175 / and am 48 years old. My VTX 1800 took me about three days to get used too, (after a few years of not riding) and three full weeks to feel comfortable and confident. Now I am back in the wind, BUT I have ridden off and on all my life.
    For a first time rider I would recommend a smaller bike (like an 1100)(or even a 750) then work your way up through the 1300 to the big bore 1800. It sounds like a lot of trouble, some bikes you would trade up very quickly, but I have seen several “would be” riders start big and get frustraited to the point of giving up their dream.
    Riding in and of itself is no more dangerous than any other activity, but with todays traffic one needs the proper automatic skills in order to keep your attention where it needs to be. On Traffic. With the 1800 first, your attention will be on it and you. Not where it needs to be, on them.
    Be careful, stay safe, and God bless regardless of your choice. CHIP

  45. Ben  June 2nd

    Thanks for the heads up guys. I think I will take your advise and drop down a notch to an inexpensive used vtx1300. Are there any good ridding school programs out there for me with good reputations . I don’t mind paying for it or the time well spent, and like you said Rev., considering todays traffic. As one who rides a peddle bike to commute at times, I am keenly aware of the “old ladies” who do not see me. The difference is I can always stop my bike with my foot or simply jump off as I have done in the past. I would really like police/DOT bike training for beginners and advanced.

  46. Rev. VTX  June 4th

    I certainly do not want to discourage you but, there is very little difference between the 1300 and the 1800 for a beginner. A big bike is a big bike is a big bike to anyone who has never ridden. In Texas we have a safety course program through which non-licensed persons can obtain their motorcycle license. The operating portion of the program provides the participants with a 250 cc motorcycle (Honda Rebel) with which to be certified. A 250 is a relatively small bike, and easily handled by almost any size person but the skill of ridding is obtained only through experience (practice). It is not impossible for a person to start their ridding years on a large powerful bike, but it is not advisable. I would not recommend any first time rider to begin on anything larger than a 750. As I shared about myself on my on purchase, It took me three full weeks to feel comfortable again, and I have ridden all types and sizes all my life. This time with an absence of only three years.
    J. W.

  47. Ben  June 5th

    Thanks for the info. J.W., I do know where I can use a friends dirt bike that is much smaller than the VTX for about a month or so. I will persue my formal training first and then go play around with my friend. He’s been wanting me to ride for some time. Again, I appreciate your advice and hopefully when I roll thru Texas we will meet eachother in the VTX world.

  48. Rev. VTX  June 5th

    Take care, and God Bless. I want only the best for every brother rider I know. J. W.

  49. Doug  June 11th

    Read all replies and enjoyed them all. I sold my BMW1200LT last month and I am picking up an 1800r Tomorrow. I am short – Is there a way to lower the seat hight?? I know itsa lot lower thsn the Beemer but it doesn’t have reverse. Please help. Thanks Doug

  50. Smitty  June 11th

    The VTX 1800 is bar none the best big boy bike out there ! I have 23,000 miles on mine and never had a single problem. Thank you to the honda peeps for building one of the best bike’s out there. Texas forever.

  51. Rev. VTX  June 13th

    I arrived back at work Monday morning from my week exscurtion only to find my phone out. It remained so for the last three days. This is just a short note to advise all I made a safe and enjoyable trip to and from Corpus Christi. Datails follow, after I’m caught up on my faxx’s. J.W.

  52. WYOMAN  June 14th

    I have owned a few motorcycles in my 53 years. The last one I had was a Suzuki Intruder 1400 that I bought to go back and forth to work on. Loved that bike but at 6’2″ and 250lbs I needed something bigger for the hiway. After looking at the big Susukis, yamahas and even a few Valkys…I accidently stumbled on a very welol cared for 2003 VTX 1800R. It had everything I was looking for so I decided to take it for a 300 mile test drive through the Black Hills of South Dakota. On the way back I stopped at my bank, drew out the cash and bought it when I got back. It is the most awsome bike I have ever rode. Great, smooth throttle. More stability that any of the other big bikes I recently drove and I averaged 41.8 mpg over the 300 mile trip through the hills. I cant stay off my VTX 1800. I cant believe anyone who has rode this bike could really say much bad about it.

  53. Rev. VTX  June 14th

    6-14-7 Greetings All,
    I left last Thursday before noon south bound for Corpus Christi, Texas. I got into Houston ahead of rush hour traffic, but the construction held me up allowing rush hour to catch up with me. It was tight, and some cage dwellers look at us as if we shouldn’t be on the road, but I kept my distance, used brakes and torque (and horn) appropriately and had no mishaps. Arrived in Corpus at 8:40 pm.
    I visited my grandfathers old church lot (where the church (North Beach Baptist) once stood) the next morning. The parsonage is still standing and being used as a functional office, hall, and rec. room. Bro. Rusty Maddox is the pastor of the current facility and new church building renamed Harbor View Chapel.
    After visiting for the better part of an hour (he new my grandfather) He and his associate (Charles) were interested that I had made the trip on two wheels. They walked me to my bike to get a look at my ride. It was a very enjoyable visit. I will have to return later this year upon request of Bro. Maddox. He recalls that my grandfather played a musical saw and missed the experience. I informed him I had picked that ability up from my grandfather and would return to play it for his church.
    I then visited several points of interests in Corpus, Portland, and Aransas Pass that I remembered from my childhood. Then, (after my windshield deflected an aggressive seagull) I pointed my VTX North for the journey home. It performed flawlessly and turned a few heads in the process (including the seagull). Three days, 1450 miles, averaging 39.5 MPG (41 Hwy/37 city). GOD, I love to ride. J.W.

  54. Alan  June 15th

    Hi rev
    I am so envious of you American riders ,thousand of miles of open roads to ride ,state after state.
    Here in the UK its a matter of hundreds of miles and journey over. Plus!! you have the good weather to go with it we nearly always have cold and rain..I am going to make it my ambition to ride from one end of the USA and Australia when I semi retire at 55 in 3 years time .
    That is if I can hire a 1800 vtx to do it on.Take care all.
    Any photo of your bikes journeys etc please drop me a line at Alan@corner2.orangehome.co.uk

    Regards from the UK Alan.

  55. MIKE  June 19th


  56. MIKE  June 19th


  57. Robb  June 19th

    Does anyone know of the differences between the 2006 and 2007 VTX 1800F bike? I’ve had the fever to buy a VTX since last summer and this time I’m going through with it, but before I buy I would like to know how much of an upgrade is the 07 model.

    Your feedback is appreciated.

    Robb in Atlanta

  58. Dave  June 21st

    Looking at buying a 1800T. This wont be the fist time riding (93 FZR 600 was what I learned on). But have not really been on a bike since 94. Is this to big to go back to. I dont want to get the 1300 and then when I get used to it want the 1800. By the way Im 6’5″ and 250 dont you think the 1300 is to small.

    Dave in Panama City Beach

  59. Rev. VTX  June 21st

    The only difference between the 1300 and the 1800 is the size of the engine. (Displacement) Other than power and fuel injection they are near identical machines. And the 1300 has plenty of power and to spare. My ridding partner is at no disadvantage what so ever. The 1800 simply has bragging rights. I would recommend the 1300 to any formerly experienced rider. Just take your time in getting back up to speed.
    I let a truck driver sit on my 1800 a few days ago who was 6.5 and 230 lbs. He fit very well of course and was impressed with the feel. The 1300 is the same in that respect and I told him such.
    Besides engine displacement, the only remaining factor will be price. The 1300 is less expensive and worth every penny.
    If I had not stumbled onto the deal that I got on my 1800 I would now own a 1300 myself and would be thrilled. You never miss what you never had. However, be warned. There’s no going back. The gentleman that sold me my 1800 said it would spoil me. He was correct. It has.
    J. W.

  60. Dave  June 21st

    I dont think I can pass up the out the door price of 11,700.00 USD for the 1800T. The real thing that Im worried about is the throttle. How touchy is it?

  61. Rev. VTX  June 21st

    I would discribe the throttle response as solid. Not “touchy” in the least. It is however ready to go when you are. I have not had the least bit of trouble with either getting used to it versus other machines nor have I experienced any short comings on the road. It is very “even and easy flowing” until at which point you (lets say “need”) to goudge on it. The engine mearly response in kind. ENJOY. J. W.

  62. John  June 26th

    hate to do this but I gotta…
    I bought a yamaha 1300 a few weeks ago and it is by far a big upgrade from the VTX. You just gotta ride this thing- EFI dual discs, great seat, belt drive, multi mesh clutch, great balance and power.

  63. Alan  June 26th

    My friend has the 1300 and my other friend has bought the new Kawasaki Vulcan 2000,see my post last month,I have ridden both bikes and can honestly say not a patch on the VTX 1800.I am not trying to say other bikes are not good rides but ,they just don’t seem to be able to match up to my VTX. I ride with a group of friends with every type of machine ,the new triumph rocket a 2000+ bike ,but it hasn’t the balance or the feel of the 1800,its engine looks like a car block welded into the frame ,others have Harley’s,Kawasaki’s and they all just don’t ride or sound like a VTX 1800? my bike is fully tuned with power commando installed it sound and looks awesome,put it amongst other bikes and it seems to draw bikers to it.
    Alan @ UK rider

  64. Alan  June 26th

    A question for all you riders,In your opinion what bike old or new? looks rides and handles as well as our VTX’1800s, We are having a discussion here in our local pub,my argument is ? the 1800 vtx has a beautiful engineered proper looking bike engine,is a solid ride ,never ever breaks down,and looks fantastic!AND!! most of all for your £ or $ you are getting real value for money compared to what you get, lets say on a Harley? Is there anybody over the water that point us towards a better machine,or can argue the case against buying a VTX1800. Alan @ uk VTX 1800 Rider

  65. Jesper  June 26th

    Value for money is kind of a tough one when it comes to motorcycles. You’re right that the VTX certainly has all the modern and reliable features you could ask for in a cruiser.

    But it’s not like that other bikes don’t ride or are poor in one way or the other. In the end it’s what appeals to you that matters most.

    Who cares about having a bike that’s the best value for money, if you really wanted another. Or buying a specific brand of bike because that’s what the cool kids ride, when what you want is a steady workhorse that’ll take you to the end of the world and back on every occasion.

    Personally I’m not that fond of the VTX design. It’s a bit too modern for my taste. But it’s a bloody good ride no doubt about it.

  66. Rev. VTX  June 28th

    Hey Crew,
    I will never degrade anyone because of what they ride. Either they prefer it, or are dependent on it. I have ridden a couple of bikes out of necessity myself.
    Assuming that funds are not a problem, it is true that a value is not a value if after you get it home your not fully satisfied and happy with it. Since I was 20, no one could talk me into anything I didn’t want to begin with.
    Jesper is not fond of the style of the VTX cruiser look, as I am not fond of the old school bobbers, though I love old and new style choppers if they are not TOO chopped or extreme. These truths are simply a matter of taste.
    Alan – The VTX is a great value for all the reasons that you mention. As for a comparative counterpart, I am doing some investigating along those lines to make an honest assessment. The VTX does have its shortcomings but they are few and minimal when compared to all its positive attributes. Based on my current level of experience I believe my investigation will confirm what I have already concluded for myself. There may be several bikes that would almost and nearly equal my VTX 1800, but all factors being assessed and taken into consideration, none could be called superior to the VTX at this time. It will be bettered or “one upped” as it were, but not anytime in the very near future. That brings me to the next issue.
    John had made mention of purchasing a 1300 Yamaha and called it an upgrade to the VTX (I assume also 1300). I have not ridden the Yamaha 1300 (2007 V-Star ?) yet. Mainly because of the power issue involved. No 1300 could dare to dream to match my 1800 in relation to performance and I will not be unfair nor unkind. But John did mention a few of its components. Fuel injection is a sure advantage over most standard carburetion systems, but it is not the end all be all of performance. Fine tuned carburetion can perform almost if not as well as fuel injection in terms of pure response. However, emission control (where fuel injection is essential) is a different matter altogether.
    The one component mentioned by John I am concerned with is the final drive. The term “upgrade” and “belt drive” can not be mentioned in the same sentence in relation to one another. The existence of a belt drive demands the obvious other necessity. Maintenance. Shaft drive (baring any manufacturing defects, or unusual wear or abusive use) needs merely a regular check and/or change of the axle casing oil. If well maintained it will out last the machine it performs on.
    The Yamaha 1300 (V-Star ?) may be a very smooth ride and have many fine qualities as well as be a probable candidate for the title of near equal to the VTX, but at face value it is not superior therefore can not be referred to as an “upgrade”.

  67. Jesper  June 28th

    Thanks, for the very well written and thorough comment, Rev VTX. If you care to write a short article about your comparison discoveries, I will happily upload it as a post. So others with the same questions can benefit.

  68. Italian Stallion  June 28th

    Hi guys… Read all the threads and am really excited about a VTX 1300. I currently ride an “07″ Shadow Spirit 750 with alot of custom upgrades and it’s a fun street cruiser but at 48 years old, I feel it’s time to hit the road a bit. I have bben toosed up between the VTX and the Kawasaki 1500. The reasons are that the Kawi is fuel injected and a very comfortable bike, but I like the looks of the Honda. A friend of mine said his was a little top heavy so he insatlled a set of Progressive shocks on the rear and had his seat shaved to lower the center of gravity and he absolutly loves it. Have any of you rode the Kawi 1500.?

  69. Hugo  June 28th

    Hey all…
    I owned a Kawasaki 1500 Classic. After a windshield, pipes and a few extras, I was very happy with it. It was the carbeurated model and I had no difficulties with it.

    It steered very lightly and really slow traffic crawl was no problem. I had to make up a small driver’s back rest for it but otherwise it was just a great bike.

    No it didn’t have that snap-your-neck-back power but the extra cash to have it wasn’t worth it to me.

    I cruised mountain roads and dragged the floorboards on tight switch-backs and hairpins.
    It was the 51st motorbike I’ve owned.

    When I read all the assessments for different bikes, I see some people get frustrated over lack of this or that. I bought the Kawasaki for what it was, not for what I would have prefered it to be. I’ve had every style of motorbike there is out there.

    When I wanted speed, I bought accordingly.
    When I wanted sport-touring I did likewise.
    When I bought the Kawasaki 1500, I did so because I wanted a low cruiser with a big twin that kept the rpms low at normal highway speeds. While I missed the speed and power of my other bikes, I loved the easy handling, the sound, and the feel of this gentle giant that I couldn’t get from a GSXR or FJ.
    I would have a 1500 Kawasaki again if I could afford two bikes.

    I looked at the 1800 VTX and it was beautiful, had power, but it sounded too smooth. I love the irregular sound of some twins, kinda like Harley’s potato-potato sound and the VTX I took out for a ride was just a bland sounding even beat. Not much turns on that I know but my carbeurated Kawasaki sounded like a big heavy twin engine, while the VTX sounded like some smaller displacement 2 or 4 cylinder Japanese bike.
    Don’t get me wrong. The power of the VTX is addictive but if it was just power I wanted, I’d get a different bike altogether, not a crusier.

    My Kawasaki was comfortable on long trips, handled like a lighter bike even at very slow speeds, sounded great, looked great all dressed up, my wife was very comfortable as a passenger, it got decent fuel mileage, was very affordable, and never gave me a stitch of trouble.

    A fuel injected model might be superior to carbeurated but I didn’t miss it. Mine started at the slightest hint of the starter.

    One of the things to remember about deciding on which bike to buy is that everyone’s opinion about bikes is to some degree, biased. Some people love Harleys and even if a superior motorcycle exists they’d never admit to it.
    Each person is built differently and has different physcial needs to be addressed. Each person has different riding experience, riding style, money to spend, expectations, and fears!!

    When people ask me about which computers to buy I ask them, “what do you want to do with it and how much money can you spend”. The same goes for bikes.

    If you want a low slung cruiser and only have “X” dollars to spend, then certain bikes will fit your bill. If you want comfort, speed, torque, protection from wind and rain, fuel economy, great handling, all the chrome and leather bells and whistles, then you’re not gonna get it all for cheap.

    There are enough after-market parts to change your ride to suit most of your needs, (kinda of a scam I think cuz they’re so expensive) so making a bike “your own” isn’t necessarily a problem.
    My Kawasaki answered nearly all my needs just sitting on the show room floor, and what I spent on it afterwards didn’t break the bank.

    When I priced out the VTX 1800 and then looked through the catalogue for parts to make it better for me, I thought it wasn’t worth taking out a second mortgage on my home to get it. The Kawasaki did fine, really fine and I smiled every time I rode it.

    There are trade-offs to every choice.
    I am not loyal to any one manufacturer. I had great Harleys, Hondas, Suzukis and Kawasakis and I had some not-so-great bikes by all those manufacturers.

    Make up a list of what you want in a bike first in order of priority, from price, comfort etc etc, for the things you think are most important to least important, then go shopping.
    If price is an isue, then the list of bikes gets smaller right off the mark. IF super power is all important, the list might even smaller yet. If fuel economy is what you want, the list just got bigger again… and so on.

    With some bikes you don’t have to look very hard to see things you don’t like but every motorcycle will have some thing that could be better but you may have to look harder on some models.
    I am not a “Kawasaki man” but I rode many miles on mine and loved it.

    I’ve been through many motorcycles and several wives but not for the same reasons! So I can give you this advice…. changing wives costs a helluva lot more than changing motorcycles! So maybe on your list of wants, put “comfortable for wife” somewhere near the top of that list! Safe riding :)

  70. Rev. VTX  June 28th

    Hugo, You said,

    I looked at the 1800 VTX and it was beautiful, had power, but it sounded too smooth. I love the irregular sound of some twins, kinda like Harley’s potato-potato sound and the VTX I took out for a ride was just a bland sounding even beat.

    That is very true of a stock VTX. I got a look at one off the show room floor, but only after I had purchased my second hand 04. I was surprised at the difference. The owner of the 07 model was shocked at the dissimilarity himself. The only variance is the exhaust pipes. Upon purchase, my 04 already had after market Vance & Hines Big Shots. I couldn’t tell you how many times comments have been made to me on the sound of the rumble. Also, when left to idle they are not TOO loud. Best of both worlds I suppose.
    I might add, to be honest, that I lucked out in that respect. I was just looking for a nice ride for the cash I had in hand (that had taken me several years to put back for this specific buy) and happened onto a deal. Turned out to be even a better deal than I thought at the time, after I looked up the cost of those pipes. J.W.

  71. Rev. VTX  July 6th

    Hope everyone had an enjoyable and safe 4th of July. I pray the week end will turn out the same.

  72. Kurt  July 11th

    I haven’t ridden in about three years
    and want a Honda VTX but I am torn between the 1300R and 1800R. I am 6’3″
    220 and the mrs will be on the back most of the time. I won’t be taking long runs but may ride half a day or so. We do live on a dirt road that gets soft and sandy and want a bike I can handle. I even considered a Sabre
    1100 but the dealers won’t let us test drive them in Michigan. Any advice will help. Thanks

  73. Alan  July 11th

    Hi Guys just sold my 03 VTX1800 this weekend and ordered a 1800N import from the USA,as the only stock model we can get over here is the 1800C. Looks a really nice looking retro style bike looking forward to it arriving,looking for a good custom parts exporter ? any suggestions, Kuryakyn Hypercharger Kit,
    2up easy on/off screen retro sissy bar& back rest etc.

  74. Italian Stallion  July 11th

    Alan…Congrats… I was just looking at the “N” model last week at a local dealer here in Phoenix… My gosh… that has to be the nicest bike Honda ever built in my opinion as far as cruisers. This burgundy model was an S3 which means it had every available option from Honda already installed on it(except saddle bags)… the price tag of 16,999.00 scared the hell out of me but if I were to win the lottery tomorrow, that would be the one for me as well.I wish I could give you a list of upgrades to install but for me, just riding a 1800 would be more than plenty especially compared to my current 750 Shadow Spirit.

  75. iburnrubber  July 12th

    I am so tired of my beloved VTX 1800 being called names like “tank”, “extreamly heavy”, “massive”, etc….. It’s an 1800, what do you expect, all cruisers that are around that size are heavy…all of them. I think this bike is so impressive, critics have to say something fairy negative about it. I like to use the word solid and smooth

  76. Alan Corner  July 12th

    Thanks for reply It looks a fantastic bike spec 2 burgundy model .Really looking forward to it coming.I want a good retro sissy bar and back plate ,a set of engine protection bars and A National Cycle Switchblade 2-Up Clear Windshield and fitments for now but I am having trouble getting replies to my mail from dealers in USA ,was just wondering if you guys could point me in the right direction of a decently priced good quality product and dealer,not a great deal here in UK.After all it was the USA what started the trend back in the 40′s& 50′S

  77. Rev. VTX  July 12th

    Kurt – The 1300 is not a small bike. It is a full sized and more than sufficiently powered riding machine. It is very capable of accommodating your height and weight, in addition to your wife. The issue here might be your dirt (that gets soft and sandy) road. The 1300 is lighter and a little more maneuverable under the conditions you describe. The only power deficiency in the 1300 is in direct comparison to the 1800. It is a downsized version of its larger counterpart, but it can do everything that the 1800 can do – legally.

    Alan – I’m willing to bet you made someone a very happy camper in the sale of your 03 VTX. Congratulations on your replacement. I hope it arrives sooner than expected so you will not be without a ride for too long. My partner finds his accessories in one of three catalogs, (two of which are J&P Cycles, and Dennis Kirk) then orders them off the internet through phatsperformance.com. He has had little to no problems I understand.

    Iburnrubber – I believe the “names” attributed to our 1800’s stem from a touch of jealousy. The most complimentary title I am aware of being used was “gentle giant”. I like that. I have not had anyone personally or directly insult my VTX. All onlookers have only admired and complimented me on my possession of it. The critics on the other hand have adopted a paradox of sort in their philosophy. They can continue to refer to my bike as an “extremely massive heavy tank” if they wish. My response is, “Think of it this way. Imagine a fully loaded 18 wheeler tractor trailer rig weighing in on the scales at a HUMONGUS 84,000 lbs. Further imagine meeting this monstrosity on a genuine two lane highway at over 70 MPH. (Not a very inviting picture – unless your on a VTX 1800) Most riders instinctively grasps firmer on the grips, grit their teeth, and get ready to hold on (literally) for dear life. Not so with my ride.
    Because of the “moderate mass” of my bike, I can only feel his passage by way of the after draft he creates. I am no longer in any danger of being “BLOWN OFF THE ROAD”. That can not be said of smaller, lighter motorcycles. J.W.

  78. Xtreme Rider  July 13th

    Congrats to all who own and ride the VTX 1800. I thought about a 1300 but my wife told me I looked like a big kid on a tricycle (6-2 and 230 lbs). Thanks to her comment, I have an 04 N model that I purchased from the dealer in 2006 for $9K out the door.

    Someone posted that the only difference between the 1300 and 1800 is the engine size. The 1800 is also fuel injected and the 1300 is normally aspirated carbs. A minor point I’m sure; but it can make a difference if you have to store the bike for long periods.

    Like others I put hundreds of miles on the bike in the first month after I bought it. The bike accelerates nicely and motors right along.

    The 1800N has nice clean lines and I don’t want to spoil the aesthetics. I added a Memphis shades windshield (color matched) and am thinking about adding caliper mounted Motolights for more visibility.

  79. Kurt  July 16th

    Can any of the Honda Sabre riders or owners tell me what the shift ratio is on the Sabre. I heard the Honda Spirit
    1100 has a high geared ratio, does the
    1100 sabre have the same or is it geared lower? I am torn between the
    Sabre and the VTX1800R. I love the
    feel of the 1800 but wonder if it will
    be too heavy or fast?

  80. Pete  July 17th

    Yes, the 1800 is heavy, but you get used to it in 1 day…i wouldn,t say I am the strongest person around, but at 175 lbs, I have absolutely no problems with the weight of this beautiful machine. As for it being too fast, it doesn’t have outstanding acceleration like a sport bike, but it does move, going 100mph is effortless (with a shield) Buy the vtx, you will luv it

  81. Martin Hancock Jr  July 19th

    All I know is that When I ride my VTX 1800r/3, I change into a differant person. My day can be rough, but a ride on my “gentle giant” makes me feel like no problem is big.
    I love the power it provides, and the pride that gleams from every pore of my body. I love the atention it gets when among other people, and other bikes. I am constantly in search of OEM replacement parts, so that one day, when I need to restore worn out parts, that I have them on stand by. I search for them on Ebay, as the various parts come up for auction.
    Mostly I look for parts that someone has removed for an aftermarket project. The part is still brand new, and no longer wanted by the owner,so it is sold of prety cheap. These parts will sit in my shop, till I need them.
    In short, I hope to never own another bike for the rest of my life, unless it is for my wife, or another VTX 1800, or bigger. Size means a lot to me, since I am 5′ 10″, 240 lbs.
    I dont’t feel as though the bike is too small for me. It was an impulse purchase, but I am excited beyond measure to own one. I was shocked when at the Myrtle beach rally, I was asked to pose with the bike, for a picture, even among all the beatiful bikes that were surrounding me. It is diferant enough that it takes e few minutes to get used to, but once you do, You never look back. It is the most beautiful bike in the world to me.
    Ride safe, and stay alert

  82. Pete  July 19th

    I agree with everything you say. I have owned 6 motorcycles in my life, but I have never gotten the attention I do on my 1800 F model. It is strange how many people go out of their way to compliment the VTX. Although it is the new kid on the Honda line block (compare to the hona workhorses, shadow, magna,nighthawk, goldwing) I think the VTX is making an name for itself! Happy riding

  83. Dan  July 20th

    I am new to riding by myself but I can remember the days when I was a kid on the back of my dad’s harley and I wan’t to get into riding. I am 27 years old 240 lbs. and am 6’6″ tall. I just love the look of the honda vtx 1800 and I want to get on. I am taking a riding course and am getting my license in a few weeks.

    My questions is I love the vtx 1800 and haven’t seen any other bike that I like as much, after a year of looking, but is it to much bike for a first timer even though I am 6’6″/240. I would appreciate any input please… I really like the way this bike looks and feels when I sit in one but I don’t wan’t to make a stupid decision with such a large purchase.



  84. Alan  July 20th

    Hi Dan
    To be honest unless you have some experience I would bye a run around for a while first ,as these bikes are big machines ,when you feel fully confident after a few months think about it then,
    Maybe try a shadow or simmilar.

    regards from UK Alan

  85. Alan  July 20th

    Sorry meant to say buy .

    bye bye from UK

  86. Todd  July 20th

    I went looking for a new carry over, and found a brand new 2005 VTX 1800N with bags, windshield, and a light bar for 9100.00 that included tax and license. My son did the same thing, he bought his over the internet while in Iraq. you can get a great deal by shopping carry overs warrenty’s are the same as current dated models our bikes had less than 10 miles on them. Todd

  87. Todd  July 20th

    To you big guys out there asking about the 1300 or the 1800 vtx My brother has a vtx 1300c and I have the VTX 1800 N and his bike is smaller than mine. I am 6ft 230lbs. my son has a VTX 1800 c and he is 5’6″ 180lbs and has no trouble at all with the big bike and he made no changes. If I was over 6′ I would go with the 1800. Be safe. Todd

  88. Italian Stallion  July 20th

    Hi Dan
    They all have basically the same wheelbase. I am 6′ 230 and I ride a Honda Shadow Spirit 750.So I think the 1300 or the 1800 will fit you just fine.The difference in wheelbase between the 750 and the 1300 is 1″ and the difference between the 1300 and the 1800 wheelbase is 2″. the seat height on the 750 is 1″lower than the 1300.So to me . all the bikes are about the same size… It all just seems to be “How it feels” that makes the difference… and of coarse how much more power you need. I don’t ride 2 up so for now, the 750 fills the bill…and at 4999 bucks for a brand new “07″, thats a hard deal to beat.I’ll ride it for a year before I trade up to a 1300 or an 1800.

  89. Pete  July 21st

    I understand your hesitation about buying such a big bike. I own an 1800F, and like you, think it is a beautiful bike. I know how much you must want one, but it is a big heavy bike, however, I easily made the transition between my 750 Magna and the 1800. Like any other big bike, you have to really pay attention when you are makeing slow u-turns, as to me, that is the only time you feel the 800 lbs.I would go for it and buy the 1800, otherwise you will never be happy with the smaller bike you bought, just take it easy with those slow turns!

  90. Dan  July 21st

    Thank you guys!

    I appreciate the input. I think that once I get my license I will borrow one of my friend’s bikes and practice for a few months….but I am sold on the VTX 1800. Thanx again everyone.

    Dan from California

  91. Martin Hancock Jr  July 23rd

    I agree, that would be a great Idea, to ride a borrowed bike, and then when your ready to spend the hard earned cash, you won’t have the regret of having bought the smaller bike, while wanting the other bike.
    Ride safe, stay alert.
    Stupid Hurts.

  92. Kurt  July 24th

    I made a decision. I called and emailed over twenty Honda dealerships and found the best deal in Chicago. I went to our honda shop in Grand Rapids MI (one that has a nice inventory) and
    asked the salesman if I could ride two off the showroom floor. He said we usually only allow people to ride our used bikes but if you are going to buy one of the two; he said I could. I rode the VTX1300R and the VTX1800R.
    I immediately fell in love with the 1800 and then dropped the Chicago price on him. He went to his manager and came back and actually beat their deal. To me there was no comparison
    between the bikes and the 1800 was
    smooth and rode like a Cadillac. The
    engine idled perfect, engine was quiet,
    the bumps in the road disappered with the radial tires the 1800 has, the
    shifter and clutch were smooth and I
    didn’t find the power anything other than perfect. Thanks to everyone who
    wrote back comments. Mr. Jerry
    Paladino (who has video’s out RIDE LIKE
    a PRO) owns three 1800 bikes. I had
    written to him also and he said he loved his VTX 1800s. Thanks again to everyone, this is a great site and BE
    SAFE. Kurt

  93. Kurt  July 24th

    I would highly recommend the “Ride Like
    a Pro” video. There are video’s to help new and experienced riders learn to safely handle and manuver their bikes like the police motor officers do. Other videos on the web site will train you to watch for hazzards at intersections, help you watch for potential traffic hazards, with other
    helpful information about trailering bikes, riding in soft sand, etc. The videos are created by a police motor officer and he has condensed what he learned in the expensive police motorcycle training schools and his experience into a video that is highly recommeneded. You won’t be sorry you invested some money in these. Check
    them out at “Ride Like a Pro” Jerry
    Paladino (the price is very reasonable)
    I am not connected with this business in anyway and only recommend this because it helped me and my friends so much. Thanks

  94. Rev. VTX  August 25th

    Just a short note to touch base. Haven’t seen a new post in a few weeks. In the next couple weeks I plan a trip to New Mexico. Wish me well as I do all of you. God Bless. J.W.

  95. Jesper  August 27th

    Have a good trip, mate. Ride safe. If you like, you can send me a few words of your trip with some photos, and I’ll be happy post it on Helmet Hair. Mail is helmethairblog@gmail.com

  96. iburnrubber  September 19th

    Just returned from a 1,700 mile drive on my 1800 VTX. The bike performed perfect in the 114 degree temp in Death Valley, performed perfect in the 10,00ft pass in Yosemite, started right up on a cold morning in Yosemite, and left all cars behind in terrible Los Angeles freeway traffic. Ahhh the 1800 VTX, what a machine

  97. Wayne Hunt  September 28th

    Hi guys,

    First, thank you all very much for a long and very informative thread. By far the most helpful I’ve read on the VTX.

    I have some questions and needs some help please. I haven’t ridden in about 15 years and even then it was smaller standards like the Suzuki GS 550T (great bike).

    Since then, I’ve gotten old, and larger. I’m 6’4″ and about #300 or so. I’ve also been bitten by the bug and want to ride again, a cruiser or tourer rather than a sports bike.

    Initially, I had fallen in love with the looks of the Yamaha Vstar 1100. 12 years ago, 1100 was a HUGE bike. Now, not so much, because when I actually got the chance to sit on one, I found my crotch to be riding on the tank (due to the seat).

    Now, having sat on each, I am in hot and heavy debate over whether to buy a VTX 1300 or a VTX 1800.

    Both are plentiful and affordable, but — as a “renewed virgin rider” — should I opt for the bigger bike for my mass (sacrificing low-end maneuverability) or for the smaller bike which seems more reasonable to an old fart who might be a bit skittish at the thought of manhandling an 1800cc bike?

    (strangely, insurance is about the same either way)



  98. Kurt  September 29th

    I tried both the VTX1800 and the VTX1300. I chose the 1800 because I do a lot of two up riding and the 1800
    is fuel injected, has radial tires, hydraulic clutch whereas the 1300 does not have those features. After buying the 1800 I love the power and the nice
    ride you get from a heavier bike. It cruises down the highway like a Cadillac. When I drove the 1300 I could feel every groove in the roadway so maybe the radial tires help smooth that out. I was reading owners epinions and comments on both bikes and no one complained about the 1800 but the 2006 1300 had a lot of engine noise and the wrong bearing in the steering so that helped me decide on the 1800. I am sure not everyone has these problems, but with my luck, I would. If you have any questions, please ask away.

  99. Wayne Hunt  September 30th

    Hi Kurt,

    I cannot thank you enough for your input. I spent the last 24 hours pretty much sleepless and looking to make a decision when I found “the one” that hit my button.

    Stopped in Madison, AL at a Victory store I didn’t know even existed. Outside, they had a 2006 Burnt Orange, 1300C and it was damned pretty. I made the guy what I considered an insane offer and he took it, so looks like I’ll be getting back into riding on a VTX 1300C.

    Insane offer aside, as a “newbie” I took it around the lot, and it just seemed about twice as easy to control and half as heavy.

    I know that’s not true, but may be the result of the changes between the 2003 1800R model I had been looking at, and the 2006 1300C.

    Time will tell, but here’s the kicker (insane offer aside). If I ever find that I’ve outgrown the bike after I get more comfortable riding, I can always sell it and move up.

    I want you to know that I did take your opinion into serious consideration and I sincerely thank you for it.

    This was just “the one” that everyone is looking for in their own way and “had to be done”.

    Wish me luck..


  100. Kurt  September 30th

    Enjoy yourself and ride safe. If you get any shake in the front end have the proper bearings put in. Remember since you are getting back into biking
    that most accidents occurr because of
    two things; people turning left in front of you and bike operators that think they can not negotiate a curve and drive off the road. Most bikes will make the curve and if you have to brake in a curve, use the back brake.
    Be safe and let us know after you put a few miles on, how things are going.

  101. Alan Corner  September 30th

    Hi Guys just like to say I have found a terrific Honda dealer in Lawrenceville USA I have just bought a new 2005/6 N Model 1800 in silver for $9000.00 out the door. I had to get a friend who lives in the USA to buy it for me as they will not export to UK . But what a deal !! The only model available here in the UK,is the C and in Black ,I have been try to get one of these Models for ages.Its took nearly three months to find my replacement but what a find ,first week in November I,ll be back in the saddle ,safe riding to all you guys over the water in the good old USA.
    I hope to come over next year for a couple of weeks and hire a VTX and ride through the Rockies any help find a good dealer who hires bikes or suggested routes would be appreciated ,not looking for great hotels but decent stopovers and good food.Maybe meet up with some of you guys on the road.


  102. Wayne Hunt  October 1st

    Problem! Help!

    Ok, today I was going over the bike, fluids, etcetera. I warmed the bike up, turned it off, checked the oil, etcetera.

    Then I get on it to go somewhere. Pull in the clutch (appears to be working), put it in gear, bike goes dead. EVERY SINGLE TIME. This happened about a dozen times just now. What am I doing wrong, or what is wrong?


  103. Jesper  October 2nd

    Did that happen while the kickstand was out? If so there’s your problem. There’s a safety switch that shuts off the engine when you put it in gear while the kickstand is out to prevent you from setting off and crashing on you first turn left.

  104. Wayne Hunt  October 2nd

    Ok, ok, ok.. Have you ever felt like an idiot?

    It’s 1:16am, but I have the distinct feeling that I feel very much like an idiot right now.

    Regarding my last post, I am hoping this is a case of RTFM, because if I’m lucky, the manual just resolved the issue above.

    Troubleshooting guide. “Engine quits when you put it in gear”. Solution: raise the kickstand.

    Sigh… /me slaps head and does pitiful imitation of Homer Simpson. Doh!

    Saturday night, I threw out my back. Today, since it was warmed up for checking fluids, and since I was only going to move the bike a few feet from driveway back into garage, and since I had NEVER owned another bike which had such a feature, it never once dawned on me that there might be a safety kill switch attached to the stand. Now I can sleep (been furiously brooding all night over it..) and will test my newfangled theory first thing tomorrow morning…

    Sorry for interrupting the sane conversation with such a stupid newbie thing. At least I hope you’ve all been able to get a chuckle at my expense.. :)


  105. Wayne Hunt  October 2nd


    Thanks to you as well. I’m almost 99% sure that’s the cause.


  106. Jesper  October 2nd

    Ha ha, Wayne. Good going. Done it a few times my self, so I know the feeling – “alright, off we go, CHUD!! What the f%&#… ahh! kick stand up, restart engine, and then off we go”

    Never got as far as to ask people for help online though *chuckle* But better that than your mechanic right.

    Happy riding, Wayne, glad we where able to help you out.

  107. iburnrubber  October 2nd

    If any of you get a chance to drive up the Mt. Whitney Portal road, in Lone Pine, Ca, do it. It is well worth it. A small 2 lane road , no guard rails, that climbs, and winds up to over 8,000 ft up to Mt. Whitney. It is only a 15 mile road, then it ends, in this beautiful wooded parking lot with a big waterfall, and pond, hiking trails, trust me, this is a short, nice ride!

  108. Rev. VTX  October 8th

    I’ve been out of pocket and away from the computor for a bit. Hello to all and new alls. Good work, Wayne.

  109. Jesper  October 9th

    Hey Rev, nice to have you back.

  110. Pete  October 25th

    I am not a religious person, but I thought I was going to meet my creator Sun. While driving my 1800 VTX in San Diego, I got caught in the terrible fire and smoke that went along with it. As I tried to turn around, I found all roads into San Diego closed, so I headed to the desert where I was greeted by 85 mph Santa Anna winds gusts, absolutely horrifying. I did’t want to pull over because I thought the debrit flying around would get me standing still, and that my bike would blow over. After 2 hours of hell, made it to Palm Springs, nerves rattled, nose bleeding, VTX covered in ash. VTX performed flawlessly, thank God it weighs 800lbs. Made it back to SD 4 days later!!!!

  111. Jesper  October 25th

    One hell of an experience, Pete. Sounds like a close one, good thing you made it. In a situation like that there’s no arguing having a rock solid bike like the VTX is “preferable” to say the least.

  112. Rev. VTX  October 25th


    I am a religious person. Very much so. Prayerfully I am thrilled you are all right. I’ll have a book published in 2008 along thoughs lines in fact.
    Jesper is correct, our VTX’s are advantages in situations as you discribe. Sorrowfully, mine is in the shop at the moment. I have had a problem with its stator (generator) system. My mechanic is going to have to run the wiring harness to find what is shorting them out.
    Its getting cooler in the mornings here in Texas, and we are beginning to gather up our cold weather riding clothes.
    Again, thankfully you made it through your experience relatively unscathed. Be careful & God Bless. JW.

  113. Kurt  October 25th

    We need to trade states if you want to feel cold and come up here and ride in
    Michigan. LOL. The one thing that keeps me going with that VTX1800 is the engine gives off so much heat, it
    keeps the underside of my legs warm anyway. I have enjoyed mine all summer and I love the power.

  114. Pete  October 27th

    Yeah, we are spoiled here in Southern California with the weather. Still riding in short and Tee shirt and probably will for another 2 months. But, I would love to see the 4 seasons, which do not exist here. Would love to open my front door and see my lawn covered in snow…which will never, ever hapen here.

  115. Alan Corner  October 27th

    Guys finally got it,and I am over the moon with my new Honda 1800 absolutely fantastic.AS I noted sold my 1800 c model back in June,as I had ordered a new VTX 1800n from you guys over in the states,but when bike arrived,it was a unused 2003 R Model!! Thought we didn’t know our bikes over here in UK back it went. I was gutted lost my ride for the full summer due to someone trying to make a quick buck .
    Anyway persistence has finally paid off!! Yehaa my new Honda VTX 1800N docked in the good old UK last Tuesday,exactly what I have wanted since the N Model came out a beautifull silver VTX1800N . Our season is almost over as winter is setting in but I have her for next year. Got the clip on windscreen new hard bags ,new grips ,light bar and engine bars waiting as soon as she passes SVA( a test here in the Uk to prove UK road legal.(I have to remove running lights in indicators and refit into headlight.) Then when it passes register her and I am on the road .
    What a journey to buy what I wanted ? Why Don@t Honda take the Hint”” we want the same Bikes and choices you have in the USA not just one model and not!! one color,It dos’nt matter what they do or what restrictions they put on the dealers we will find a way round them to buy the bikes what we want. anyway finger given to Honda ,But must say a thank you to them too .For building my dream bike.

  116. Alan Corner  October 27th

    P’s my ever patient wife is sitting smiling at me,I have a grin from ear to ear :-) anyway I am planing a ride through USA next year looking on the map the rockies look the favorite,any dealer hire info suggested routes ,stop overs for about three of us UK riders would really be appreciated,Blame the Rev ,his last long ride made me so enviuos of him,I am going to do it next year. Alan

  117. Jim  November 9th

    Hello, Riders. This is my first visit to this site. I’ve enjoyed reading all your comments. I am a relatively new rider. I’m 59 years old. Last year I bought a 50 cc scooter. I last rode one more than forty years ago! Then this spring my brother in law introduced me to a used Kawasaki Vulcan Classic 800, which I loved, for a few months. I’m now riding a 1998 Honda Shadow Aero 1100. We’re calling the Shadow a “tweeny” because a friend has agreed to sell me his 2003 VTX 1800 Retro. Winter is almost here in Manitoba, Canada, so I won’t be riding it until spring. I should not have read all your comments about this splendid machine because all I can do all winter is wait like a little boy waits for Christmas! Oh, I forgot something – my brother in law and I are going on a “bikers’ holiday” this winter to Arizona, or Texas, or somewhere warm so we can ride all day every day for a week or two!! Maybe being 59 years old isn’t so bad after all. Thanks for reading. I look forward to reading more of your messages.

  118. Jesper  November 9th

    Welcome aboard, Jim. A few weeks in a warm place where you can ride all day during winter, sounds like a brilliant idea. Have a nice trip.

  119. Jim  November 11th

    Thanks for the welcome, Jesper. I’ll return to this site from time to time to see how all you guys are doing.

  120. jon besaw  December 30th

    hi all, Im 62 yrs old and have been riding since I was 11. All kinds of bikes. I ve had allstates to BMW’s but the best and most awesome bike ive ever had is my 04 VTX1800C.I mean what can I say ,the bike speaks for itself.big powerfull,good looking and very comfortable to ride for long or short rides.I l and love the power and handling .It handles great fron low speeds (10 mph ) to the fastest i have taken her (132mph…thats all i could get but I have a windshield and bags)
    The only thing i dont care for is that i dont have the fuel range I would like (130 mi.) I had a kawasaki voyager zn1300 (6 cyl) that had a really large tank (7 gal) and I could go forever without stopping except at speeds over 70 mph when it would eat up the gas ,so when i got the vtx it took some getting used to by having to stop ever 2 1/2 or so hrs for fuel,but on the other hand ,at my age im supposed to stop then to p.ee ( LOL).only kidding but i dont mind stopping in a couple of hrs to rest now that ive gotten used to it.Gives other people time to admire my VTX at the pump.
    Well thats just a note from an old timer to encourage those who are constantly harrassed by those dudes riding obsolete ,rope driven,air cooled ,trailer queen bar hoppin scooters.(had them also and got tired of oil leaks and brake downs).So ride on on your modern state of the art low cost ,highly efficient low maintenance motorcycles but when you see one of those other’s on the side of the road ,do stop to help because its only the right thing to do.LOL

  121. jon besaw  December 30th

    Sorry for the typ’os but im a far better rider than typer anyhow …LOL

  122. Jim  December 30th

    Hi, Jon, and all the boys and girls. I’m glad, Jon, you spoke so highly of the VTX because I just bought two of them. I’ve never ridden one before, other than to drive my new ones from garage, up the ramp and into the trailer. I have the worst decision to make, and I don’t know what to do. One of them has to go. One bike is a blue 2005 1800N, so beautiful I can’t take my eyes off it. It’s stock, except for the windshield I bought for it. The other bike is a candy red 2003 1800R with matching red molded Corbin beetle bags and almost every extra you can think of. I’m going to take the red one on a trip early in January to the Corpus Christie area and ride for about ten days. Then I have to come home again to the north country, put it away until spring, and make the decision on which bike to let go. Don’t you wish all problems were like this? If anyone has any advice, I’d like to know what it is. Happy New Year.

  123. Alan  December 30th

    Can I ask why bye two??:-)

    I have had a 2003 1880C and spent two years getting it up to pristine condition adding every extra possible only to sell it and import a N model from the USA . It is fantastic in every way and all over these holidays have added loads and loads of new bits it looks magic and rides like a dream. I wont be letting this go anywhere ,to me there’s no better looking bike the the N version VTX and I can honestly say as a long time rider there is definitely no better ride than A 1800VTX SO!! in my opinion for what its worth keep the N version get rid of the other now!! no point in keeping it . Donate it to a harly club as a club bike ,after a while they will all want one. Alan

  124. Alan  December 30th

    Sorry meant to say 1800 C model

  125. Jim  December 30th

    Alan, I’m a Canadian; you must be one too. I bought the extra bike in South Dakota (the N model) to bring it back and resell it, hopefully to make a small profit and have some fun in the process. Recently, Honda Canada reduced its MSRPs on these bikes new, by $5000 in Canada, so it looks like my profit will not be very large. Be that as it may, I couldn’t have imagined a bike being more beautiful than the R model, all dressed up. But now, after looking closer at the N, I’m having second thoughts. You might be right, that I should sell the R model and keep the N. After all, the N is a 2005 and the R is a 2003. Both bikes have extremely low miles, so they’re both like new. I hope others offer their opinions too. Both bikes are so lovely, I think I’m going nuts!! If you know anyone who wants one of them, ask them to write to me at this site. Thanks.

  126. Alan Corner  December 31st

    Hi Jim

    Sorry I am from UK not Canada but i have been there when in the army.

    If you read the posts above you will see I have purchased a N model from the USA a couple of months ago and it arrived here November. There half the price in USA than in UK but we have import tax and Vat tax to pay on arrival .But if you want something the only way to get it is go for it. Good luck with your bike sale it would sell over here in a crack as R and N models are practically none existent the only model we can bye is the 1800C in Black.


  127. Jim  December 31st

    Sorry, Alan, I didn’t read far enough up the list of messages. Otherwise I’d have known you’re from U.K. We only have about six months of riding here, and during the winter it seems as if it will be forever before spring arrives. We have free trade with the U.S. in automotive products, so there was no duty or import tax to pay. There was, however, a $206.00 “fee” to be paid at the border for each bike. This was an administrative fee charged in connection with getting the bike approved for Canadian environmental and other standards. Then there was a 6 per cent tax to pay, the notorious Canadian Goods and Services tax. Then there’s a $40 fee to have the bikes’ safety inspections, and a 7 per cent provincial (Manitoba) tax to be paid when the bike is registered. I paid $8,000 U.S. for each of these bikes at a time when the Canadian dollar was at par. Even with all the charges and fees, I’ll be in good shape when it comes to selling either of these bikes. My dilemma remains: which one to keep. I’m going to ride the red R model in Texas for a couple of weeks in January and make my decision on my return. Maybe by then I’ll be happy to keep the blue N model, perhaps for the rest of my life. If all the comments by other riders above are true, it seems that will be all I’ll ever need.

  128. Rev. VTX  January 2nd

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone.

    I received my bike back from the shop twice. The second time appears to have done the trick. Haven’t had any “more” trouble and I’ve put some serious miles on it since.
    I’ve been out of pocket finishing my book. It has been received by the publisher. All the final steps are being taken in the next couple weeks.
    I had an idea to put my bike on the front cover. Looks like that will work out fine if I can get the graphics done in time. JW

  129. Dan Throne  January 3rd

    Rev VTX I’m wondering what the problem was with the stator (generator) system. Your mechanic was going to have to run the wiring harness to find what is shorting them out?

  130. Rev. VTX  January 4th

    He ended up changing both the regulator and the stator after he could find nothing wrong in the wiring harness. It running (or starting) fine now. But I will have to change the turn indicater light mounts as they have cracked from some type of vibration. Just found that today.

  131. Todd  January 16th

    Does anyone no where I could get a hitch for a 2005 VTX 1800 N ? I cannot find a single hitch company that makes one. Thanks Todd

  132. Alan  January 16th

    trying not to look an idiot but what?? is a hitch.
    Here in UK never heard of it,I have imported A VTX1800N from USA and bought loads of things for it but never heard of a Hitch.

  133. Todd  January 16th

    I’m looking for a trailer hitch so I can pull a small trailer. Thanks Todd

  134. Wayne Hunt  January 16th

    Hi Alan,

    He’s asking about a trailer hitch so that he can hook up and haul a trailer behind his bike. Something far more suited for a Goldwing, but I’ve seen it done before.

    Trouble is, I don’t think there are any manufacturers who build trailer hitches for an 1800.


  135. Alan  January 16th

    Just about got my new VTX1800N on the road Passed its UK import SVA test ,Spent the Christmas Holidays in the garage with my friend and fully kitted it out with loads of extras ,awaiting registration documents from DVLA should be arriving soon then fully on the road. Its took me since June to get it here but hopefully the wait will have been worth it. Take a look guys and let me know what you think.Alan

  136. Todd  January 16th

    Hello Wayne, Im curious why is it more suited for a gold wing. Due to the weight differance of the bikes? Thanks Todd

  137. Alan  January 16th

    another couple of pictures

  138. Alan  January 16th

    oh I see a tow hitch,not sure id like to pull anything with my VTX back end built so different than a Gold wing.

  139. Todd  January 16th

    Hello Alan, I just looked at your VTX very nice machine. I have the 1800 N in silver also. You will love it. I also have a 1800 C and I pull a trailer with that bike with no troubles, i don’t even know it’s back there. I pulled it threw the black hills in South dakota last summer with a combined trailer/ load weight of 490lbs (trailer has brakes also) and it performed wonderfully. The N model is just alot more comfortable for long rides than the C model. I like your saddle bags, can they be painted ? if so could you provide info as to where you purchased them? Thanks, ride safe. Todd

  140. Wayne Hunt  January 16th

    Hi Todd,

    This is strictly my opinion, but it has to do with not so much the weight difference as much as the distribution of the weight and suspension.

    They are both 1800cc bikes, but the ‘Wing is a 6 cylinder while the VTX is obviously a v-twin.

    I just sold my VTX in favor of a Goldwing (wanted a touring bike) and while you can’t compare apples and oranges, the Goldwing has much, much more usable power and is simply smoother across the board.

    All of which lends me to the belief that while there is absolutely nothing wrong with a VTX for cruising and even touring, a Goldwing would simply be more well-suited to hauling around the extra mass of a trailer.


  141. Todd  January 16th

    I think your absolutly right Wayne. I don’t think anyone does make a hitch for the N model. I’m going to start taking it apart and build one myself I guess a little project while waiting for the winter to pass. thanks for the input though. Thanks Todd

  142. Alan  January 16th

    Found this site they reckon they have a hitch for every bike.
    This link take you to the retro model told it is the same as N model.

  143. Alan  January 16th

    Sorry wrong link try this one.


  144. Alan  January 16th

    Todd ,I imported them from Hong kong $525.00 .this included all fitments and chrome brackets.Mine are covered in leather but they do a huge range painted and unpainted very good quality.
    hope this helps.

  145. Alan  January 16th

    sorry price included air freight delivery as well good luck .

  146. Rev. VTX  January 17th

    I was going to upload a photo, but am unfamilar with the proper procedures.

  147. Todd  January 17th

    Thank you Wayne and Alan for your info. Todd

  148. Nick  January 19th

    Hi all,
    I have a 2005 1800c here in the north of Queensland, Australia, where the only hassle is the weather being too hot for a few months and wondering whether to pull the jacket on. Oh, and hitting kangaroos or cows at night time. It’s a hand full to commute on but I still end up smiling every time. Had a Suzuki GS1000G for 13 years when I was younger but no-one seems to make comfortable shaft-drive tourers any more, at least without 2 screens, 3 panniers, 4 seats and an intercom (sorry Honda and Kawasaki). The VTX fits the bill really nicely, but in reality it is not as comfortable as that tall GS1000G for long trips. Jon if you got yours to 130 mph you must be good at hanging on, I feel like a wind sock at 100 mph, and I don’t really want to part with $1000 to get a sleek looking fairing when most of my riding is in warm or hot weather. I will try putting an aftermarket seat on soon to see how that goes (when they make a bigboy seat for 2005 model 1800c), but there’s a lot of wind in your face above 80 mph (130kph) that no screen seems to deal with very well. I discarded mine (can’t remember brand, it got OK reviews from others) after one ride, vibrated too much and made the wind worse. Jardine slip-on pipe makes the ride jerkier in 1st and causes mild back-fire gurgle but definitely way more power mid range, though slightly too much noise to avoid disturbing neighbours if you have strange sleeping/waking habits. wouldn’t go back to the original pipe though. reliability is amazing, handling is too good because the scraping of the flexible footpegs on a bike this size is a bit more scary than scraping the pegs or pipe on the old suzuki for some reason (maybe i’m just chicken-sh*t old), girlfriend loves it, and I think I’ll hang on to it for about as long as the suzuki, or until fuel is so expensive that someone makes a hybrid H-powered battery diesel turbo fuel miser comfortable fast shaft drive AWESOME BEAST! like this VTX1800c. Have a good friend in Seattle who rides a mean Kawasaki 1300 sports bike; he took the VTX for a spin recently and came back shaking his head in amazed disbelief. All the fun is just after you’ve changed up a gear instead of at the top of the revs just before a change. Haven’t been done for speeding yet but that’s mostly because there’s not enough police here. Shame that, I always used to like forking out the cash when I lived in the big city……

  149. Alan  January 19th

    Hi Nick
    Sounds a fantastic place to be if your into bikes,took my winter bike out today for the first time this year, thermals and then lightweights trousers followed by thermal jacket neck warmer and helmet wind reduction.heavy duty gloves and heated grips on as well BUT!! enjoyed the ride lol .I use a pan 1100 wintertime. My son is over your neck off the woods at the moment he started in Sydney then Ayers rock ,Aliss springs then Witsunday island and now Cairns . He and his mate have another nine months travelling before they are even thinking of coming back absolutely love the place . I,m trying like hell to make a trip of it with my wife and daughter on a visit ,they can fly up to Matthew and ill hire a bike for a couple of weeks and follow on and have a week with my stepson and wife and fly back home ?? not sure if its a goer yet but lets keep everything crossed.

  150. Nick  January 20th

    phew, Alan, thermals! You can have them. I have to go to the really wierd parts of websites that deal with hot-weather riding clothes. I bought one of those mesh jackets which is great, but made the mistake of getting a black one (to try to look cool) which is still really hot sitting at traffic lights.
    So Cairns is pretty close to us, 250 miles north. Your son will have been having fun lately because its hot and wet with local flooding here and there. Good wet season this year, just think of Florida on steroids. If you come over for your trip and are mostly in the north of the country, try between April and October; if at least partly in the south (Sydney, Melbourne etc.) the best months are November to June. The roads here aren’t as good as the USA but there’s a lot to see on a bike!

    cheers, have fun

  151. Nick  January 20th

    Hi again Alan, why the pan 1100 in winter? VTX too big/powerful/jerky at low revs? Or pan starts up better in the cold? just curious. I never have to warm up the bike here, crank it over then ride off….. I spent a year in Washington DC including partly in Vermont in winter 1988/9, but no bike…..


  152. Alan  January 20th

    Hi Nick
    The reason I ride Pan during winter is that over in Uk they spread road salt onto roads all the time to stop ice forming,it eats into you chrome rubber etc. and ruins look of bike. The VTX handles wonderfully well in cold starts first time etc. but if you look at the link above about four up it will take you to pictures of my new bike I have just imported from USA and fully kitted out,there’s no way on gods earth its getting salt all over it.Ill take it out around end of February after the rains have washed all salt away. My son has mentioned the lightning storms and rain over there at the moment,and a couple of weeks ago But! he was glad as it reduced humidity a little ,also stopped the bloody big bugs biting him.Alan

  153. Jim  January 20th

    Hello, gentlemen, I’ve just returned from my trip south and thought you might like to have a report. My Alberta brother arrived in Brandon, Manitoba with his truck and Yamaha Silverado 1100. We hooked on my brother in law’s trailer and loaded the Yamaha, my brother in law’s Harley Electra Glide, and my VTX 1800 R (also known as Ruby because of her candy red colour). We then headed straight south to Corpus Christi, Texas, a 30 hour drive. We took turns sleeping and driving, arriving in Corpus Christi on a Wednesday morning. We got an early check-in at the hotel, unloaded the bikes, and began riding. For the next six days we did nothing but ride, eat, ride, sleep and then ride again. We rode until the weather turned cool, and then we checked out. My brother in law was having some allergy problems, so we loaded his Harley into the trailer, and my brother and I biked behind the truck and trailer all the way to Oklahoma City. That first day in Corpus Christi was the first time I had ridden my VTX. I was a bit nervous at first, especially at low speed and in close quarters. I’m getting better at maneuvering in tight spaces, and with practice I’ll get better still. But at 60 m/h my bike seems only to be idling. I didn’t want to make too much of it, but I’m sure my VTX would outperform the Electra Glide any day of the week! The people of Texas were friendly to us everywhere we went, and the weather co-operated too. If we were to do this trip again, we would do it in February or March, when the weather would be warmer still. Even so, we enjoyed ideal biking conditions, excellent roads and very kind people. We had no mechanical problems whatsoever. Having ridden my VTX more than 1500 miles in a short space of time, I can understand why it’s called the gentle giant. I’m 59 years old, and you’d think my back would have acted up. Not so. Ruby has a Mustang seat with a driver’s backrest; I could ride for hours without needing a rest or a change of position. Depending on how I was driving, my gas mileage ranged from 37 to 42 m/g. Going north from Llano, Texas to Oklahoma City, the wind was at our backs; mileage was even better on that day. I absolutely love Ruby; the only issue I’ll have to address this coming summer is whether she’s too big for small spaces. I’m not a big man, and not too strong either. But she’s so beautiful, I just can’t see myself trying something else, unless it’s a VTX 1300. If I can figure out how to attach a picture, I’ll do so in a subsequent post. Thanks for reading, guys. I’m sold on my VTX.

  154. Jesper  January 20th

    Sounds like a good trip, Jim. You can’t really attach pictures in blog comments. But what you can do is shoot me and email with the photo and describe a bit about the bike, and how you got it etc. Then I’ll put it up as a readers ride.

    Infact, if all of you guys want to send me photos of your VTX’s. We can do a regular readers riding VTX post. Be fun too see the other peoples bikes wouldn’t it.

    Send it to helmethairblog@gmail.com

  155. Alan  January 21st

    Hi try this site it is totally free,click on link and it adds free pictures to site . you just add link to your blog and everyone can look at any pictures you post ,see my bike pictures Link above.



  156. Copperhead  February 16th

    I have the same problem as some of you. I am a fairly large guy 5’10″ 230, big barrel chested, bald headed, broad shouldered, weight lifting dude. I have sat on both vtx 1300&1800. The only problem I have is that on the 1300 I feel like “the fat guy in a little suit”. The 1800 seems to fit my frame better but there is a very noticable weight/ handling difference. The 1300 I can toss around alot easier and feel a little more at ease on one but I feel that in a year I’ll be kicking myself for not getting the 1800. I also am planning a “epic cruise” in 2009 from SC to NOVA SCotia with some buddies and they all feel that for cruising bigger is better. They also said that since the 1800 is fuel injected I will experience alot less problems in altitude (mountain riding). Any thoughts or comments. I would consider myself an intermediate rider as far as skill (got married, sold bike, lived vicarously through my friends…you know the deal).

  157. Jim  February 16th

    Copperhead, I know the thought process you’re going through. I’m going through the same thing. I haven’t ridden a 1300, so I don’t know how it measures up to the 1800. I’m completely sold on my 1800 for highway riding, but still entertain a small bit of doubt about whether I should really be riding a 1300. I guess I need to look into this further. But now that I’m the proud owner of an 1800, I think it might be worth the effort to keep it for a season and see if I can get thoroughly comfortable with its size and weight. These are pretty nice problems to have, I think! Imagine the pain of having to choose between two first-class riding machines! If you’re going to Nova Scotia, I hope you’re planning to ride the Cape Breton trail. I haven’t done it yet, but I understand it’s famous as a motorcycle riding destination.

  158. iburnrubber  February 21st

    I own an 1800 F model, I have had the VTX for 14 months now, have put 20k miles on the bike, and here are my thoughts on the bike…I love it. From over 10,000ft, to below sea level(Death Valley), freezing weather, to 118 degree temp(Death Valley), to 70mph winds, to popcorn hailstorm, the VTX has never let me down. Hail the mighty VTX!!!!!

  159. iburnrubber  April 22nd

    OK, 24,000 miles later my VTX is still one bad ass machine. I am saving my $$$ for the $585, 24k tune-up.

  160. Unionturf  April 26th

    Check out the Honda VTX forum, they have tons of members from all over the world, great members too.

  161. mike  May 6th

    Hey guys i am new to this forum but was hoping someone could help me out. I have been riding sport bikes for sometime and i have an opportunity to possibly by a used VTX 1800. I am very interested in a cruiser at this point since i am getting older and the sport bikes are not forgiving to the body. So what is the difference in the models C,F….? is it performance or appearance.


  162. joe garza  May 31st

    Hello I own a honda vtx and was wanting to know if you could help me troubleshoot. I recently purchased a jardine light bar and I have installed it,but cannot get the lights from the light bar to come on. I have already soldered the main wire for the headlight that does work. The instructions call for me to disconnect a wire from the turn signals and connect it to the black wire coming from the light bar, that is done also. There is one more green wire that pigtails off of the black wire coming from the light bar but every thing that I have connected it too will not make the lights from the light bar come on. I have been told that it is just a ground wire, the instructions donot state that. The reason I question that is that the green wire has a male end to it that makes it seem like it goes plugged into something. The instructions also state that the green wire is black. If you can help I would sure appreciate it, anybody else doing this project would probably have installed 10 of them by now but I learn as I go. thank you Joe G.

  163. DAVY  June 6th


  164. Jesper  June 7th


  165. Martin  June 24th

    Ive got a honda vtx1800n spec3 2004 Ive broken one of my mirrors and in South Africa icant find an origanal type can someone help me find a pair please email me any advice

  166. Mario  July 3rd

    Hi Everyone! I have really enjoyed reading all the postings. It sounds like once you own a vtx, everything else is…well there isn’t anything else. I too have fallen in love with the 1800. However, after reading your comments, I feel that maybe the 1300 might be better for starting out. I am 5’11″ and 200 lbs. I used to rid many years ago an d nothing of this size.
    The problem that I am having is that here in Nova Scotia, Canada, these bikes are hard to find. I found a 2004 1800 done up really nice but the owner wants 14,000.00 for it. I feel that it is too much. There are many vtx’s for sale in the United States but I worry about getting the bike back to Canada. Has anyone from Canada actually purchased one in the US? What were the fees at the border? It would be very helpful to hear from someone who has gone through the process.

    Well, take care everyone and hope to hear from someone soon. Till then, I will continue reading and enjoying your comments.

    VTX owner Wannabe.

  167. J. Mule  July 9th

    Greetings all. I stumbled on this website and have spent a few hours reading every post. I am amazed that other’s comments are my exact feelings. Have owned many bikes, and ridden many other bikes, but none compare to the VTX1800. Truely the best bike ever.
    Common issues frequently discussed between VTX1800 owners are fuel consumption and size (weight or height). The VTX1800 is a “hotrod”. Think of it as a 1969 Z-28 on two wheels. Is fuel consumption an issue with a muscle car? You easily adapt to the weight of the 1800 within a very short period of time. Seat height easily adjusted by changing the seat. A Danny Gray gunfighter seat lowers height and provides a wider support system for middle aged behinds (though the “patch” for a rider is less than substantial). I am very close to 50, 6’2″ and 285 pounds. This setup on the VTX provides a ride more comfortable than my Goldwing (1985 LTD).
    I enjoyed reading your posts from around the world. Really cool that we all share this common passion.
    Be safe.

  168. Rev VTX  July 9th

    I haven’t written in some time. My 1800 is in the shop. (McKinnon Honda of Texarkana). I am really tired of not riding. I “pray” this is the last of my problems.
    I haven’t been on a rode trip since the fall of last year (2007) since my bike was also being worked on in January 2008. Maybe all will be well after I get it back this time.
    My January post mentioned that I had an idea to put my bike on the cover of my book. That in fact is exactly what was done. Have a look on line and get take gander, (its so cool) if I do say so myself. For those of you uninterested in the actual subject matter, just overlook that long enough to have a look. Rev. J W. White, Jr.
    Author: The Partial Rapture Theory Explained / Escaping the Coming Storm
    Published by Xulon Press. It can be found on their website or all the major book retailers on line.
    I Should have it back by this week end. Here’s “hoping” and “praying”
    RevJW / REV VTX

  169. Jim  July 12th

    Hello, Mario and Mule. Mario, I’m from Manitoba. Last winter I imported two VTX 1800s from the United States. I’m riding one of them and trying to sell the other. My impression is that a low mileage 2004 model, well equipped, could possibly fetch $14,000 in Canada, but more likely it should go for about @12,500. You might try offering that amount. I have a blue 2005 N model (breathtakingly beautiful, in my view) with only 3,000 miles. It’s stock, with a brand new windshield. I’d let you have it for $11,500, if you can find a way to get it home. When I imported my bikes, I paid $206 each, at the border, as an importation fee. I also paid GST on the purchase price. To licence them in Manitoba I had to get them safety checked, and that’s when the provincial sales tax kicked in. I hope this is helpful to you. My 2003 R model is totally loaded with stuff, and she had 9,000 miles when I bought her for $8,000 U.S. If you can get a good bike in the states, it’s certainly cheaper to do it that way. I lucked out. I got two really fine machines with nothing wrong with either. By the time I paid all the fees and taxes on my N model, I paid $9500 Canadian, a real bargain for a bike like this. Now I need to get it sold before I fall further in love with it and keep two VTXs!! Mule, I’m 59 years old, five feet nine inches, 195 pounds. I have a Mustang seat on my 1800, with driver’s backrest. Very comfortable. At first I thought my bike was heavy and thought about getting a VTX 1300. Don’t let anyone be swayed. The 1300 is a fine bike, to be sure, but it can’t hold a candle on the highway to the 1800. I’ve ridden both, so I know. I love both, but the 1800 will get my vote ten times out of ten. Mario, you’ll soon get used to the weight. I did, and I have no regrets. Let me know, Mario, if you want an N. Maybe I could ride it out to Nova Scotia for you?? Email me direct, and I’ll send pictures. jasmac@wcgwave.ca. Safe riding, guys. Jim

  170. Rev VTX  July 21st

    I picked up my 1800 July 16th. I had to carry it back on the 17th for a coolant leak. The machanic had failed to tighten all connections during the final re-assembly. I have been riding ever since. Everything seems to be okay for now. It does run great (finally). I am relieved to be back on two wheels. revjwwhitejr@aol.com

  171. Austin Aggie Sabre Rider  August 3rd

    Great blog and thread to read through. I bought a secondhand 2003 VT1100 Sabre, about 3 years ago. Had only 900 miles on it and now I’ve got about 8700 miles on it. Was mainly a weekend warrior when I got it, but now I ride it to work with gas near $4/gallon. I get 36 mpg on the bike versus 13 on my pickup truck.

    I’ve got the itch to move up to an 1800N (probably a 2006 model to save $$$). I’ve looked at Woods Fun Center in Austin and I think they suck–their sales staff is unmotivated and ignorant about their products and they are arrogant with their prices because they’re the only honda gig in town. Can anyone recommend a dealership (preferably in Texas, but I’ll travel out of state for an awesome deal) that could give me the best price on a 2006 1800N Spec2? Also, I tried sitting on a friend’s 1800C and the seat was terrible compared to my Sabre. He had a stock honda seat and it felt like I was sitting on a block of wood compared to my stock seat on the Sabre. How do you 1800N owners out there like your stock seats? If you swapped it out, can you recommend a brand name seat/website to go look at? Thanks!

  172. Jim  August 3rd

    Hi, Austin Aggie. I have a 2005 VTX 1800 N, blue in color, 3000 miles on it. I love it, but I also have an R model, so I can’t keep both. I have a Mustang seat on the R model, which I love, especially because of the driver’s back rest. I’ve only ridden my stock N model a little bit, but if I were you, I’d think seriously about changing the seat because on big bikes like these the back rests can be oh so comfortable. I’d have to agree the stock seat feels a bit hard. Good luck shopping. If we were closer, you might have considered buying my N. Until a few days ago I also had a Honda 1100. Coincidence? I think not! Have a great day.

  173. Todd  August 13th

    Does anyone no where to get aux gas tanks for bikes? I love the vtx but I have no range I have to stop every 125 miles for gas. Thanks

  174. Todd  August 13th

    I just rode straight (only stopping for gas)back from mexico to minnesota 1749 miles and I had to stop 16 times for gas. It’s hard to make miles having to stop that often.

  175. Terry  August 26th

    I enjoyed reading all the comments. I am getting my new 2006 1800r tommorrow if it quits raining. Worried a little about the weight,but it felt pretty good when i tried out a used one… Going from a 1100 Sabre to 1800. Wish me luck.

  176. Jim  August 26th

    Hi, Terry. Congratulations if you buy that 1800R. If you’re like me, you will not regret the decision. The weight can be a bit of a challenge,at first. I went from an 1100 to my 1800, and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the 1800 to anyone of my size and weight. I’m five feet nine inches and 195 pounds. I love my machine on the highway. Sometimes I wish for less weight in confined spaces, but I love having power when I need it, and the VTX 1800 certainly delivers. I like and respect the exquisite balance offered by the Harleys, but they can’t keep up with me when it’s time to go, go, go. Like Todd, I wish my VTX had a bigger gas tank. Either that or better mileage. However, I have a comander chip in mine which helps some. Hope this helps, Terry. Good riding. Jim

  177. Terry  August 26th

    Any thoughts on buying the Honda extended warranty on my new 1800. Do i really need it. Its about $600. for 4 extra years.??

  178. Jim  August 28th

    Hi, Terry. Just as a matter of policy, I never buy extended warranties on anything I buy. It’s a gamble, of course, but Honda builds a very reliable machine. If there’s anything wrong with your bike, you should find out in the first few hundred miles, I’d think. Jim

  179. Jesper  August 28th

    I agree with Jim on that.

  180. Todd  August 28th

    I bought the extended warranty on my 1800 and 2 years after purchase, the starter went out 517.00 and I had a oil leak that required removel of the motor. 900.00 + glad I had the warranty. The starter went out while on a trip, Honda paid for the shop to pickup the bike and hooked me up with a rental car for the day at no cost to me. Its only 150 dollars a year. In my opinion its well worth it.

  181. Terry  August 29th

    Well the dealer gave me a lower interest rate if i took the warranty so the payment turned out the same, so i took the warranty.. LOve the bike,, drives much nicer than my 1100 saber and just feels better all around. The wife and i have put 280 miles in 3 days and hope to do a longer trip this weekend. I got 38mpg the first tank which i didnt think was too bad from all the comments I’ve heard.

  182. Rev VTX  August 29th

    Well, as most of you know, I bought mine used, three years removed, 3555 miles. 04 model in March of 07. $8500 show room floor condition. No warranty.
    After two batteries $180.00
    Two stators (alternaters} $650.00
    An engine cylinder overhaul $4600.00 Two fuel regulators $280.00
    One more stator $???.00
    When I come into possession of the revenue.

    I am currently riding every day (work, home, church, home, work, home, office, home, work, home.
    I just have to throw it on the charger at every stop.

    16300 actual miles,, JW White, Jr.

  183. Jim  August 29th

    Congrats, Terry, on your new bike. How could you not love that bike? I’m glad you got the extended warranty; it’ll give you more peace of mind, even if, as I hope, you’ll never need to use it. I get about 38 mpg too. If my bike wasn’t perfect in every other way, I wouldn’t have anything at all to complain about, so I’ll complain about gas economy and the size of the gas tank. Other than that… perfection! Great riding, Terry. By the way, what colour is it?

  184. Terry  August 29th

    Silver Vtx 1800R. Wire wheels, Leather like saddle bags, Memphis 21″ windshield and a back rest for my sweetie.
    The first thing she said after a car clipped the front tire on our previous 1100 Sabre at 70mph (and totaled the bike) “when are we going to get another one?” She loves the new bike too…

  185. Jaideep  September 1st

    Hi Folks,

    I have a choice to make between a VTX 1300 & a 1800 and need to decide by tomorrow. I just love the 1800 but wanted to know if it is easy to handle for a guy who hasnt riddent for the last 5 to 6 years. I have ridden sports bike before but it is my first time with a cruiser and just wanted to know if I should start with a 1300 or go with my heart for the 1800. BTW I am a very stocky 5’8” and weigh 240 pounds ( if that is any consideration).


  186. Jim  September 1st

    Jaideep, if you go with the 1300 – perhaps using your head because of cost – later on your heart will still remind you that you might have been happier with the 1800. How old are you? Are you strong? If you’re an agile, strong person, you can handle the 1800. I’m neither agile nor strong – I’m nearly sixty – and I’m doing fine with mine. Jim

  187. Jaideep  September 1st

    Thanks Jim.

    At 41 I am not athletic but am quite strong, so hopefully I will be able to manage the bigger bike.

    Since both the bikes are second hand the cost difference is about only about US$3,000/- so that really isnt the consideration.

    I think my heart will rule in the end!

    Thanks again Jim, I’m just looking for more people to tell me the same!


  188. Terry  September 2nd

    I just went from an 1100 Sabre to an 1800R and I think the 1800 is far eaiser to ride. Better balanced and smoother take off with the hydrolic clutch, Really stable on the road. Go with the 1800, you are plenty big enough to handle the bike., I’m 190 and 5’10″. Good luck and let us know how it went..

  189. Jaideep  September 9th

    Hi Folks,

    I took delivery of my VTX 1800 today! The feeling was next only to taking my children home from the hospital after their birth!

    I need some advice on the biking gear that i should pick up for myself and my wife. Helmets, gloves, jackets the works. I live in the Philippines but am traving to the US this Friday. Will spend a couple of days each in Dallas, Austin & Chicago. Can anyone recommed some stores in these cities that I can buy the stuff at.

    Thanks & Regards,


  190. Terry  September 10th

    Glad you got it .. Your delivery comments made us laugh.. buy rain gear and foot booties as its huricane season and is raining here and there, we got dumped on suddenly last night in Chattanooga. Took 5 miles before we could pull off safely.
    Whats the details on the bike??

  191. Steve  November 20th

    I am a beginner rider (I only have my permit currently) I’m looking at a beautiful 02 1800c 388XX miles… After doing some research the price seems right.. I am 5’8″ 170 lbs the question I have is are there any maint. issues or any suggestions as to whether this is a good bike to start out on? I don’t wanna buy a bike thats too small or have to upgrade right away.. Thanks

  192. Bikkin Again  November 27th

    After years ogling bikes as I sat in my minivan, my wife got tired of me seeing bikes go by and hearing me sigh. so she has a VTX 1800r Delivered on July 4th and I haven’t sighed since. She knew what I liked and it has all the bells and whistles. I know most people put theres up for th winter but I don’t see that happening with mine. I live just south of Atlanta, Ga. and I just love going around through the city just going anywhere on it for me no better choice!!!

  193. Robin  December 12th

    Nice bike. What lake is that in the background?

  194. Jim  December 14th

    Hi, Steve. I’ve had my VTX 1800R for more than a year. I’ve ridden it in Texas, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The only problem I had was a battery that died. It died because I left the key on in the garage for several days and killed it myself! I can’t say enough good things about my bike. I’m five feet nine inches and near 200 lbs., a little overweight, I’m afraid. I’m sixty years old, and I’m finding the bike extremely comfortable and manageable, especially on the open road. It’s a bit big in small spaces, however. I’d go for a VTX 1300, except I don’t want to give up the highway performance. Once you’re used to the size and superb performance of an 1800, you’ll be one happy biker.

  195. Steve  December 14th

    Thanks for the info Jim…I’ve delayed purchasing it due to finances..I just hope it’s still there in 2 months…..

  196. Steve  December 14th


  197. Alan Corner  December 14th

    I’ve just received my second VTX 1800N from the USA and in all its my 4th 1800 . I can honestly say its the most enjoyable bike to ride, out of all cruisers, ( in my opinion ) I have ridden most others including the new K 2000 and nothing comes close to the comfort power reliability and handling of the VTX. The only thing I wish is I had the roads, weather and the open space you all have over there in the USA & Canada.I honestly really envy you all as you need space and long long roads to really appreciate enjoy and feel your machine perform!! . Here in the UK it snowing icy and cold ,all year its never stopped raining but I continue to hope it will be better next year. My ambition is still the same as per my post 6 months ago ,To come over to the USA ? Canada with a couple of friends ,hire a VTX and just ride and ride for a couple of weeks . Hopefully before I’m 54 which is a year come February. Any suggested routes bike hire etc would be gratefully appreciated, as you know your country and as fellow bikers the best and most enjoyable rides . Finally I wish you all a fantastic and merry Xmas and I hope and wish you all,a enjoyable and prosperous and healthy 2009 . Take care& enjoy your riding .. Alan
    Ps A message to Honda you are fools for stopping the sale of this bike in the Uk !! At least Now !!let the dealers in the USA legally export!!or loose sales to other manufactures,the choice is yours..

  198. Steve  December 14th

    Alan If you do come to the US Alot of where you go will depend on the time of year you come ..Right now in MN there is snow and the weather this timer of year in my part of the US is cold and unrideable.. Although during the spring summer and fall It’s beautiful.. I don’t have my bike yet, But I think it will really suck to have one in the garage for 4-5 monthes out of the year :( … Good luck

  199. Jim  December 14th

    Alan, I love the N model. I had one earlier this year, but I also had an R at the same time, so one of them had to go. If the R had not been gussied up with a Mustang seat, Corbin beetle bags and a million other goodies, I’d have preferred the N. I hope Honda keeps on making them because I think the N will be my next bike. My riding partner rides a HD and wants me to get one, but I still like my Honda way too much.

  200. Martin H  December 15th

    I noticed some threads mentioned that the mustang seat was great, because of the driver backrest. I agree that a driver backrest is a real plus, but there is no need to get rid of your OEM seat, and pay an outrageous price for something you already have. I shop on Ebay a lot, for accessories. if you type in “VTX” in the Ebay search field, you should find an aftermarket backrest that works with the OEM seat. It is mounted to the passenger seat mounting bolts, and I love mine. The cost is about $80.00. and is a lot cheaper than a new set of seats.

  201. Jim  December 15th

    Martin, you’ve made an excellent point about the cost of Mustang seats. Mine was on the bike when I bought it as a used bike, so that’s a moot point, but I had not realized you could mount a driver’s backrest on the stock seat. The driver’s backrest is what will allow me to be a biker for many more years, all else being equal. I can ride longer on my bike than in my car before my back gets sore.

  202. Jim  December 15th

    P.S. The Mustang seat I have retails for $675, so your point is all the more well taken, Martin.

  203. Alan Corner  December 15th

    I ordered a back rest of ebay that bolted straight on to my stock seat cost me $95.00 delivered to the uk from USA and its a great fit ,unfortunately somebody stole the actual rest but they couldn’t get the bracket as it bolted under the seat, so I had another back support made by a local upholsterer.What a difference it makes,along with my clip on off screen,just lean back and relax no aches or pain .Really good quality and a brilliant man to deal with. see link

  204. Alan Corner  December 15th

    Also have a look at this screen its fantastic all our local riders have them ,its a national 2 up easy on of ,takes 30 secondss to get it of and on ,truly a great screen and very safe.

    Regards Alan

  205. Derek Clark  December 27th

    Hello Everyone,

    I bought an 02 vtx 1800 R/S last summer and what a bike. Power looks and handling are all top notch. I am 6’3″ and 210lbs and this is the most comfortable bike that I have been on since my father used to take me on his Goldwings. I found this bike in a small dealership in Windsor, Nova Scotia, while I was getting my kawi LTD safetied. Suprised to see this bike as it is a Triumph dealer. Looked at the tag and the price was good. On sale he dropped 3000 off the top and it was mine. As the Rev VTX said “it will spoil you”, He is so right. I can say that I am spoiled by this bike, and will probably drive it for a long time. This bike has 57000 klm on ot now and starts at the first push of the button easily. I plan on going places with this bike and believe I will have no problems there and back. If you see a red VTX1800 R/S with a Nova Scotia plate smile and wave because I will be smiling back. If any of you are looking for some beautiful country to ride, try out the maritimes. Good food, good people and biker friendly


  206. Derek Clark  December 27th

    Just read your blog and if you come to Nova Scotia, The Cabot trail through Cape Breton is a must. Be careful of Old smokey though as it gets very narrow. Follow the Gloosecap trail around and if you get to Cheverie, Ask for me at the store and they will know me. (small village). Hope you have a great trip!

  207. Howard Entman  December 28th

    I’m torn between buying a new VTX1800N or a Vstar Stratoliner. Any thoughts?

  208. Jim  December 29th

    Howard, I believe you’re faced with a tough decision. I don’t know much about the Stratoliner, except that it looks like a beauty. I do know the performance of the VTX1800 is more than satisfactory. I also know I’m very taken with the neo-retro design of the N model. I had one last year for a couple of months, and I hated to part with it. The N is fairly rare to see on city streets, so it tends to turn a few heads. I’m not too sure about this, but the N model feels like it rides slightly lower to the ground than the other VTXs. The bike I had was royal blue, and I wish I had it back. How many ccs does the Stratoliner have? Have you ridden both? Surely it can’t be more powerful than the Honda. Have fun choosing, Howard. And have fun riding, whichever bike you choose.

  209. Scott Anthony  January 25th

    I bought my VTX 1800S last spring (2008)in the states and had to drive it home…24 hr ride in less than two days. This was my first personal motorcycle and I love it! My only complaint is that my butt was sore for 4 days after getting it home (actually more numb than sore). It’s performance was outstanding and on the open road the power and stability it delivered was well appreciated and loved!

    Who wants to buy it? SORRY…not for sale…EVER!!

    Whoever is looking to buy one of these awesome machines…what are you waiting for?

  210. Norris  February 22nd

    I bought my 2003 VTX1800S a little over 18 months ago. It had 8500 miles on it. I bought it to go back and forth to work and I DO use it as my primary vehicle,I live in Arizona and ride it everyday. It now has over 46,000 miles on it with no problems at all. At conservative speeds (50 to 75) I’m averaging 39-41MPG.sometimes I wish it were a 1300 because I’ve talked to some that get over 50MPG, but I love my 1800S. It is a very nice, solid bike. It has a retro look I think the ’03 looks better than the ’08!!(My opinion);-) ride safe guys!!!

  211. Jim  February 22nd

    Norris, your experience with your 2003 model is similar to mine, except that you’ve ridden many more thousands of miles than I have. I have a 2003 R model. It had just over 9,000 miles on it when I got it. It was like getting a brand new bike, and it’s still like that, with only a few more thousand miles and tires that are wearing a bit. I’ve looked at the idea of a 1300 too. I’ve ridden a friend’s 1300, and it felt really good in the city. I just felt better on my 1800 on the highway . I might yet look at a 1300 if I ever trade my 1800 at all, but I doubt I’ll be happy giving up the power and the comfort. It’s clear we both like our bikes. My riding partner has a Harley and thinks I should “step up” to a Harley. I really have a hard time seeing that as a step up, especially when I look in my mirror and see so many Harleys behind me. That ought to get some attention from some readers!

  212. Greg SC  February 26th

    What with the Honda folks (I have a 1800S & and I’m more than happy) thinking discontinuing the VTX 1800?? Does anyone know??

  213. Jim  February 26th

    Greg, what an outrageous idea, as outrageous as getting rid of the Oldsmobile! I haven’t heard anything about it. If it’s true, I wonder what Honda will come up with to replace the 1800. Let’s see if we can find anything out. I’ll do some research.

  214. Greg SC  February 26th

    Thanks for responding Jim, I was at the Honda Dealer’s last week and asked one of the guys that worked there if it was true?
    Has Honda discontinued the 1800 (he has a 1800N) his response was YES…
    Honda is talking up a new ride.. The Fury a Chopper (in 1300) real nice looking bike, so is the Rune…we’ll have to see where it goes…

  215. Norris in AZ  February 27th

    I read a while back that Honda was moving the big bike manufacturing(the article in “WingWorld” magazine specifically said VTX and Goldwing)back to Japan. I hate to see that bc I like the fact that my 1800s was made in the USA and is prolly more american than Harley is.;-)Iheard they were coming out with a chopper type bike, but I didn’t think it was to replace the VTX. That’s too bad, oh well maybe it will up the resale value, as if I EVER want to sell mine. :-j take care guys, again, ride safe!!

  216. Greg SC  March 2nd

    How much does the Power Commander and a better Air Filter help a stock bike with horse power? (1800 S) I mean, how many horses, and will it hurt the dependability of the bike, or do You have to do extra to the bike, after adding these things? I’d like to keep everything else stock. Does anyone have any ideas…I’d appreciate any help given, thanks

  217. Steve  March 5th

    I heard they are discontinueing the 1800 and have the new Fury 1300– I heard rumblings of an 1800 fury in the future

  218. Greg SC  March 5th

    I don’t think the front tire would stay on the ground….An 1800 Fury..that makes me smile..imagine that!! I guess I’d have to get another Honda…

  219. Scott  March 7th

    Ok…someone help me out…..why has Honda discontinued the production of the 1800?….I was told the 1300 was more popular….great looking bike the 1300….kind of a mini-me…but the power of the 1800 as we all know is excellent….any thoughts?

  220. Greg SC  March 7th

    Well, I asked for a second time, and a salesman at the Dealership (Honda) Stated that there is still a lot of 2008 VTX 1800′s at he warehouse…that makes as much sense as anything else..

  221. NE-PA DJ  March 13th

    Hi Guys, I have a 2005 1100 Honda Shadow Spirit,(VT1100C) – and I am seriously considering buying in the next few days – a 2007 brand new in showroom (0 Miles) Honda VTX 1800 C The price seems OK at $9,000 but the Kelly Blue Book value is only $9,300.00. My first question to the experienced guys is:I am 6’4 395Lbs, and I have serious back & hip problems, stemming from a bad fall in my younger days(when I thought I was invinceable) Do you honestly feel that I will be able to handle the “extra weight”, compared to the 1100, ESPECIALLY If my wife or son is riding on back? Right now I am overloading the vt 1100 which is why I wanted to jump to the 1800, especially for safety, but also power. 2- My next question is is there anything, – besides special gadgets, or extra chrome that will affect Perfpormance”, between the C model compared to the F,R,N,T models?
    And question #3 –
    Is it worth the price? ($9,000.00)
    I would REALLY appreciate your feedback. DJ in PA

  222. Scott  March 13th

    Hey NE-PA DJ!
    First off the VTX 1800 has, am I’m sure you are aware of now, a lower seat pan and thus allowing for a lower center of gravity with rider on board. The VTX 1800,at a curb weight of about 750 lbs, sounds like a lot of bike right off the hop but it really is not. It is a well balanced bike and the weight is not noticeable(to me anyways). I’m 6’10 and 285 lbs and my 1800S is just fine for me. In short, is it hard to balance and does the weight have a noteable bearing on it’s handling?…no. I think you will find that the added weight is a blessing in disguise. I have found that I can feel more “relaxed” on a bigger, heavier bike than a lighter, smaller framed machine. I’m sure someone out there has a contrary position but this is my findings. On a further note, I am also an advanced police motorcycle instructor and the only time my students have had any problems with big heavy machines is if they drop them during their training. They have learned how to pick them up (as every rider should know should they have the unfortunate mishap of dropping their machine)and even the heaviest of cruisers out there are not problematic if they learn how so as not to cause strain or injury.
    Regardless, if you have sound basic riding skills, it is my firm belief that weight of the machine does not matter unless you enjoy “fighting” the bike on every turn.
    The C model has foot pegs as you know. The question is, does this cause you any grief with your acquired medical conditions? Other models do not have pegs but footboards instead. I have found that foot boards are much more comfortable than pegs, some say no. Performance wise they are all about the same. Loads of power and very enjoyable to ride. I purchased my 2005 1800S last May brand new (zero miles) in Washington State for $8900.00 and I thought it was a good deal. BY buddy bought an ’06 same machine for $500.00 more at the same time. I say go buy it.
    Hope this helps a little.

  223. Norris in AZ  April 5th

    If anyone would help me out, i do want to put a hitch on my 1800s and i dont really see how it would bolt to the frame. If there is someone that would be willing to send me pics of thier hitches i would appreciate it. My email is rebweb.us@gmail.com. I am hoping it might be something i would be able to weld up myself. Thanks, u guys take care, ride safe.

  224. Matt B  April 22nd

    Hey guys, been reading all the posts above about 1300 vs 1800. Lots of good info! I’ve been riding only about 5-6 months and I have a Shadow Spirit 750. LOVE that bike, but I’m itching for something bigger and trying to decide between VTX 1300C and 1800C. I am 6’2″ 180 lbs. Very rarely ride 2-up. I’m leaning toward the 1300, but I don’t want to have to trade up again in another year… Any suggestions?

  225. Norris in AZ  April 22nd

    I have talked to a few ppl that have the 1300 and they really enjoy theirs. They say they get over 50mpg with them. As far as I know the difference is, other than size is the clutch on the 1800 is hydraulic and the 1300 is cable. The 1800 has 2 disks for the front brake the 1300 has one. You prolly already r aware of this. ;-) Either way both bikes r bigger than most “Hardly’s” lol I ride a 2003 1800S and I love mine. I am not a weekend rider, I am on mine everyday and most of the time i am getting between 38 to 41 mpg. Either way u choose i think u will be happy, but I still love my 1800. ;-j Good luck, be well, and ride safe

  226. Bob in CA  May 24th

    I have ridden an ’03 Valkyrie for the last 5 years, bought it used for $9k in ’04. Can anyone compare the Honda 1800 to the Valkyrie for me? Appears the mpg on the 1800 is 38-41, for me the Valk is only about 32-33mpg. I owned a VTX 1300 for about a year and put 9k miles on it and really liked it but had to move up to the Valk. I’m wondering how the 1800 performs? The Valk has plenty of power and is very smooth. Sounds like I would not be disappointed with the VTX.

  227. STeven in D/FW  May 30th

    I ride a ’04 Honda ST1300 – my second bike after a few years on a ’97 VFR. I thought my next ride, a few years on, would be a newer Gold Wing, but… I never thought I’d say this… I’m considering a V-twin cruiser?!

    I’ve always loved the VTX looks, but never thought it was my riding style. Went to Al Lamb’s Dallas Honda, today, and stumbled across an ’06 new VTX 1800 spec 3 on the floor. [They say you only fall in love when you aren't really looking for it!] The tag was just under 12K and this baby was nicely loaded: Floor boards, wind-screen,chrome highway/crash pegs. No bags. I don’t know the letter model of this bike.

    I’ve never shopped cruisers, but this bike has a nice geometry for my 5’11, 185lbs. The original sticker was about $18k. It took some will-power to walk away, but I managed to. I figured I needed to research some more.

    Long story short [too late] I stumbled across this thread and started to read. I really like the tone, here. Lots of informative comments, and respect that you often find lacking on other sites. I think I’d enjoy riding with each of ya’ll. You obviously love the 1800. Maybe you can give me some ideas on what I should pay for such a ride, probably lightly used, or if that $12K was really as good as it seemed. I don’t think I’m ready to retire to a GW. I want to feel the control I have with the ST, but would not mind a more comfortable position.

    It doesn’t matter what you ride… how you see is more important than how you look!


    STeven [STOC#7167]

  228. Scott in Canada  May 31st

    Hey Steven in D/FW! I really like the VTX 1800. I have ridden an ST 1300 (liked it too) as well as the Harley Road Kings and Electra Glides. The VTX 1800 has plenty of power and quite responsive for a big ‘ol cruiser. A guy of your stature will have an awesome time riding that machine….it won’t disappoint you that’s for sure! 12k is not a bad price….did you try to chisel them down at all? Try to a bit. My brother-in-law and I each picked up an 1800S that are a brand new ’05 and ’06 respectively and all said and done we paid just under 10k each (zero miles). That was in Bremerton, Washington last year. They had a bunch and were getting rid of them at the time….no more there now though…all sold out. The 1800 doesn’t have the smooth of the ST 1300…it’s a V-Twin after all but it is still very smooth….a little throaty when you thump on it (sounds great!) and a ton of power and torque for the Cruiser world. Like it way better then the Harley’s for feel and it doesn’t rattle the shit out of you on idle like the Harley….very smooth for a BIG V-Twin! Has a nice low center of gravity and is very well balanced…..buy it…..you’ll like it!

  229. Alan N  June 2nd

    I just stumbled across this group and have enjoyed all your postings. I too have been mostly considering a VTX 1300 but somebody locally just put up an ad for an 02 1800R at a pretty compelling price.
    My next door neighbor is a Harley fan and complains of the “plastic” quality of the Japanese bikes. (side- covers, etc.)
    Has anyone had any problems with cracking or any other issues with plastic trim, etc? I have test ridden a 1300 and really liked it. I have also tried out a late model Vstar 1100 too. That was nice as well, but I did notice the plastic.
    I am really drawn toward the reliability and the smoothness of the VTX and it sounds like the 1800, even though it is large is still fairly nimble at slow speeds and on back road curves. I may have found my bike, but it also does not sound like the maintenance has been all that great and it has 30K miles on it. Any advice as to what to look for at that mileage and are there any potential expensive gotcha’s to look for that may make the compelling price not so compelling after fixes?

  230. Almeda  June 3rd

    I’m one of the biggest fan of honda vtx especially the 1800cc, exactly like what mentioned in the topic we’ll feel like u cruising on (50 MpH) but suddenly u’ll find ur self at least at 80 MpH. actually it was my friend bike. now am having a honda steed 400cc and i travel any where with it i just wander what am gonna do or where am gonna go if am having a mobster with 1800cc … i just visit the states twice in my life now am livin’ in Egypt so, if any one can help my out with the prices of the vtx 1800cc and if there is a shipping for Egypt i’ll appreciate that.

  231. Saddle Up  June 5th

    Just a bit about prices… Several of the dealers within 200 miles of Fayetteville, Arkansas have new 2007 VTX1800s still. This is as of 6/5/09. Looks like I can get a fully loaded “T” model for $9985, and probably a few hundred less if I bargain right. That’s for the all black version. This will be my second bike ever. It’s been a few years, but I had a Honda Shadow 750 for a couple years. I feel I’m ready to step up signfificantly. The thing I’ve learned is don’t be too hasty in your new bike purchase. I’ve made some offers on some used bikes over the past few weeks and have been shot down. That’s okay. When I find the right bike it will be at the right price… especially in this economy.

  232. Saddle Up  June 5th

    Oh, and there’s even some new 2006 models out there. Not loaded with saddle bags, shield, etc.. but for $8399 out the door price! I cannot wait to get back into riding!

  233. Greg SC  June 6th

    I have a 2006 1800S (VTX) I’ve been riding since last Year (almost 9000 miles)…I really enjoy the BIKE…I think You’ll enjoy Your’s too…

  234. Saddle Up  June 6th

    Today I almost bought a 2008 VTX1300R from a private owner locally. The price was nice $6,500. It was basically new with only 400 miles on it. He bought it new a year ago… The only catch was that he never registered it or applied for a title in his name. In order for him to sell it to someone properly he needed to do all that. He never assessed it and never paid property taxes either… He did some checking and found that it was going to cost him a nice chunk of money now in order to get the proper paperwork done. He backed out of the transaction because he needs to charge more for the bike. Oh well… Now the good news…

    I’m super excited to say that I just reserved a NEW 2007 VTX1800T (black) over the phone. $9,985 out the door price. The dealership’s a few hours away. I will go down in nine days to pick it up! I’m stepping up from a Shadow 750. The day started off as a headache because I really like the price of the VTX1300. Ultimately I am getting the bike I really want anyway.

  235. Bohunk SD  June 9th

    Love the comments from all and their are some real good points and travels. I have and 02 1800C and would not trade it for anything. Have to agree with the gas issue but the fun out weights the gas use. Live in the Black Hills area and see all the bikes each year at the rally and I like to play with some of them who think they have the badest bike on the road and they only paid lots of money for the paint.
    Did a 1300 road trip accross the state and I just do not see some of the HD’s doing it at 85-90 + all of the way like that thing will do. And being heavy like it is that works great for this area of the US, we have some high winds and I had a CB900 a few years ago and I see the smaller bikes get tosed around a lot but this thing is like a rock on the road. When the HD’s die in the road at the rally at 90+ degrees in trafic I just love my water cooled monster. See you at the Rally

  236. Bohunk SD  June 9th

    To Allen N 2 June, What is the price at 30k? I picked up and 02 last May 08 with 4517 miles and clean as can be, for 6300. so at 30K and bad maintance you may want to look around. If the bike was taken care of you should not have many problems with it, I have a friend out this way with and 03 1800 F with 45K and he keeps the oil changed and all of the services done and has had very few problem, it as he says has never left him on the side of the road like a HD will.

  237. Scott in Canada  June 14th

    So here’s a question to all of you guys that were thinking about buying and “hadn’t” decided yet…..DID YA?

  238. Bohunk SD  June 17th

    I have been to all of your comments for each bike, and I find it funny that you rated the VRod the highest, but you have the most and best comments from all of the VTX owners, Don’t figuar. You made as a start a good eval of the VRod, but all of the followers never commented on it other than it’s mine, and the rest of the hype was about the high cost, and I loved the maintance pun from India. VTX owners must like their bikes more than the VRod owners we have a lot more good comments and info so rock on VTX.

  239. Bohunk  August 11th

    The end of the 2009 Sturgis Rally in South Dakota has come and gone, and I want you all to know I saw a real good turn out of VTX owners this year, it was great to see that many of them on the road and taking their place. The riding was great, but sence I live in the area it is great almost year round. even in the winter we can ride most of the time. One item of interest I saw was that the Geico Insurance bike was the best, it is a realy beafed up VTX 1800. it was something with the fat tire on the back, and the paint job. What a bike I was told it is bored out to 2200 what a ride.

  240. Greg SC  August 16th

    Hey All …I wonder if anyone has heard this before: “Put a metal rod down Your exhuast (stock pipes) and hit the end sticking out with a hammer to open the baffles for a better sound” Has anyone heard this before? Let me know something if You have…

  241. Norris in AZ  August 16th

    A friend that works on Goldwings in Apache Junction, AZ has told me about taking an 18 long 1/4inch drill bit and drilling a hole in the baffle. I tried this and havent heard too much difference. He says sometimes it takes a while for the glass wrap or whatever it is to burn out. But he says do one hole at a time, u cant go back and undo it. He has done this to Goldwings and Valkries (sp) and it makes them a bit louder without making them obnoxious. ;-) I used a wood bit and had to sharpen it a couple times, im going to wait for a while and drill another hole when I can find a metal bit 18″ long. U must do each muffler. Hope this helps ur decision. (I am using my phone to type this so please excuse grammer and spelling lol) have a great day and always ride safe….i love my VTX 1800 ;-)

  242. Norris in AZ  August 16th

    ;-) when i am talking to others about bikes and they mention about a harley (or as call them hardleys) I tell them, Well if i wanted to ride a SMALL bike i might consider one of them haha, really tho anything with two wheels is cool. AND everyone has to ride …..something. Ride safe everyone, be wel

  243. Rev. VTX  August 17th

    There you go. What I tell people is,, what does a guy on a VTX 1800 say to a harley rider at the light?

    Nice little bike you got there, buddy.

  244. Jesper  August 17th

    What do Vulcan 2000, Triumph Rocket, and Boss Hoss riders say to VTX riders at the light? :-)

  245. waleed  August 18th

    I want to buy a motorcycle
    VTX 1800 HONDA 2006 OR 2007
    To be new or used good use and simple and has not been any accidents or fall
    I would like to know the price + freight to Saudi Arabia
    Please accept my greetings and appreciation

    P.O. BOX 2647
    TAIF 21944

  246. Greg SC  August 20th

    I think that Your best deal will come from checking with the Dealers…Good Luck..

  247. Greg SC  August 20th

    Norris in AZ thanks for sending the information (14inch 1/4 drill) concerning the exhaust…

  248. Kurt  August 22nd

    I posted on here around 2007 and made a decision to buy the VTX1800R after my dealer let me drive a brand new VTX1300R and a brand new VTX1800R. I could not believe the difference. I thought the 1300 was rough riding and I felt every bump. The shift pedal and other parts are thinner and smaller than the 1800. The 1800 rode like a Cadillac and I love the power and fuel injection. I also read the 1300′s have had front end wheel shake and wobble. there are quite a few complaints about this on the internet. I read that Honda had the wrong bearings in the steering head on the 1300. The 1800 did not have this problem. I really enjoy my 1800 and am planning to upgrade from a 2005 1800 to a 2007 VTX1800T in the next week or so. The 1800 is a heavy bike but if you take any trips or drive the freeway, the weight keeps you in place.
    I live along the shores of Lake Michigan and the winds can be fierce. I rode my 2007 Spirit 1100 on the freeway last week and even though I love my bike, I felt like a small boat in rough seas between the semis and the wind. My vote is for the VTX1800.
    I also wanted to add that the 1800 is better for riding two up. We load the saddlebags with our clothing and the Mrs. and i take the bike on 700 to 1000 mile trips. The 1800 does not even know it has a passenger, it just goes. I was nervous at first that the 1800 would be so powerful that touching the throttle would toss me off. The bike throttle is gentle and you always have complete control of how much speed or power you want. If you get the chance, drive both and decide for yourself. It is hard for me to get back on my 1100 after being spoiled with the power of the 1800.

  249. Norris in AZ  August 29th

    Hey I am just wondering, is anyone having probs with there fork seals for the 1800? In two years I have had to have mine redone 3 times. I do ride mine a lot, I have 59,000 miles on it. I have to admit the roads are rough here, and I don’t ride real slow, but I do try and find the smoothest spots in the road. I just had them redone recently and hate to think about another time. I LOVE my VTX!! You guys take care, ride safe….be well.

  250. Rev. VTX  August 29th

    Yes, on the front forks. Both mine are out right now. Except for a 1/4 mile gravel into work, all my riding is Hwy. Both are just stiff thought. I don’t know how you got more miles on yours in 2 years than I got in almost three, since I am a daily rider. Guess you have farther to go.

  251. Norris in AZ  September 6th

    UHey rev, yah for a while work was 100 miles round trip. Plant closed down, and still average 70-90 a day (still have to get out and ride on the weekend ;-) ) Just got back Long Beach CA helping out a cousin at his company, going back next Tuesday nite. It turned 60,000 miles this trip. I’m hoping I get the longevity of the goldwings haha

  252. Norris in AZ  September 6th

    Hey loyd, this is norris from the gas station at beaumont, CA. Did u find this site? How was ur trip? I am sorry to hear about ur VTX lol. It is going to be lonely now that u got or wing. That is a fine machine u have, u will have lots of fun with it. Oh u might want to join goldwing riders for info email me at norris.reber@gmail.com

  253. Norris in AZ  September 6th

    Oh jesper, I don’t know what they would say to me, but I haven’t seen a boss hoss or triumph on the road here (boss hoss only on a showroom floor) there t a couple kaw 2000′s here, never had the pleasure of stopping at the light with them just seen them parked…but I would tell any of them, “nice bike” ;-). I am really someone that feels…..”as long as it has two wheels”. If eeven a scooter waves at me I wave back. I just get a kick over some of these harley riders that if its not a harley they don’t wave, THAT’S NOT OLD SCHOOL lol take care u all…ride safe

  254. Kurt  September 7th

    I picked up my new 2007 VTX1800T Sept 4 and I now have around 200 miles on it. I truly love the bike and can honestly say this is the “Best” bike I have ever owned. This bike handles much better than my 2005 VTX. I am not sure if this bike is different or if I have improved after watching Motorman’s videos (Ride like a Pro) on how to handle a big bike. After the 05 VTX 1800 I went to an 1100 Spirit of which I still have. I was nervous that I would have a hard time getting the 07 VTX1800 down our sandy road. I actually found it easier to get this bike down the road because it is geared lowered than the 1100 Spirit and the 1800 went right down our dirt road with no problems.

    The four things I really appreciate in this 07 VTX is the fuel injection, hydraulic clutch, radial tires and the floorboards. Every time I rode my 1100 on the freeway’s of Michigan, between the winds along the Big Lake that seem to roar down the freeways and the semi’s passing me or when I pass them, I was tossed around like a small boat on a rough sea on the 1100 Spirit. Operating the 07 VTX1800T on the freeway was a dream. The bike just travels in a straight line on the freeway. The winds were fierce yesterday heading north on US31 and the bike felt very solid. I passed semi’s and I let them pass me to test the bike and it felt very solid. I do not feel the need to white knuckle the handlebars like I do on the Spirit. The VTX takes the bumps better and
    between the weight of the bike, the larger radial tires and the longer frame, the VTX rode like a Cadillac. The Mrs and I took the bike up to our favorite small town on the shores of Lake Michigan and she was impressed with the smooth ride and the extra room she has compared to the spirit. The larger engine was nice too, the 106
    horsepower Vtwin has ample power for riding two up. I believe this is my 8th Honda since 2003 and this bike has the smoothest shift sequence of any of them.

    I hope to do some touring on this bike. Next summer I would like to take a bike trip out to Colorado. I also would like to ride around the upper peninsula and into Canada.

    Because of my height, the windshield sits about an inch or two low, but other than that, the bike seems perfect to me. I really like this bike and could not be more pleased with it.

    Mike and I are leaving for our quick trip to the upper peninsula next week. For those of you that have never ridden over the Mackinaw bridge, it is an enlightening experience. If you have a big bike with a fat tire you don’t have the scare you have with a thinner motorcycle tire. The construction crew was working on the paved lane crossing the bridge so we were forced to ride on the grating.
    The grate work on a normal bridge doesn’t affect bikes but the Mackinaw bridge has such large grates, the steering literally feels like it is falling apart. We were told not to fight the handlebars and just let them shake violently as you cross the bridge. It felt like you have no control of your steering but crossing the bridge was unique and the scenery is great.

  255. djfoxsr  September 16th

    Hey guys. New to the site. I love the way you all have spoken so dearly of your VTXs. I drive a wrecker in Hot Springs, AR.
    I have never owned a bike in my life.(everybody insert a cringe here)
    Anyway, my boss also owns a car lot, and wholesales to other lots. We had a bike rally here in town this past weekend, and with all the attention on bikes in the area, he went to the auction in Dallas last friday and picked up 13 bikes. Three Harleys, one VTX1800, two VTX1300S, a few shadows, a couple m50s, and a few other smaller metric cruisers.
    I have always wanted a bike, but after a couple years of prying them off the pavement at wreck scenes, I have noticed that the cruiser owners seem to be physicaly able to come retreve the bikes and the c rockets tend to get left for really sad resons.(probably because of the speeds they tend to travel at)
    I decided to get one of the bikes he brought back. I sat on and rode every one of them except for the Street Glide. I’m not much on the big cowl and stereo. One thing I should mention is that there is a difference in the way I fit on the 1300 vs the 1800. I am 36yo 6’3″ and 235lb. When I sat on the 1300s the bars would hit my knees at full turn, and on the 1800 my knees sit half way up the much wider tank. I should tell you the 1300s had floorboards and the 1800 has pegs,,,,could be the difference there.
    After a lot of playing on them, I, the new biker having never owned a bike, and probably having not ridden a total of 400 miles in my life decided on the 03 VTX1800C. It is beautiful. Burnt Orange with Mustang seats, sissy bar and bags, shield, and a few aftermarket items.(pegs, a little extra chrome and such)
    I spent the first night wondering if I had made the right choice. I am just like the rest. I didn’t want to get a smaller bike and outgrow it in a couple months. The whole night I was having a lot of trouble with low speed turns and taking off from a stop. I was convinced it was the size of the bike. The next morning a friend was talking with me about it and asked if I had checked the air in the tires. Turned out I had 15psi in the front and 21 in the rear.
    The rest is history. The bike is awesome. I have no real trouble with the weight of the bike. I know that if I had chosen one of the 1300s I would have been riding today wondering if I should have gotten the 1800. I don’t think I would have ever been satisfied.

    I do want to add though. I am in good shape. I have always been a good driver no matter what I was in. Weather it be a big truck, off road rig, sports car, race car, or whatever. Maybe others are not as quick to adapt to vehicles as myself, and I’m just a natural opperator of vehicles. I do think though, that if someone thinks they might can handle it, they probably can. The bike just feels good. It is so smooth and responds to every move I make with it.
    Today I did get on the 07 Street Glide. If my boss offered to trade me that $14,000 bike for my $4,000 one, I couldn’t do it. I think the only thing I liked better about it was a fuel gauge. LOL
    Thank you for letting me rant on, I’m just still a little stoked about the bike. No regrets at all.
    Please be safe all. I don’t want to peel any of you folks machines off the side of the road in my daily work schedule.

  256. Jesper  September 16th

    Hey djfoxsr,

    Welcome to the madness. Thank you for ranting on. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell us your story.

    Good luck with your new bike. Ride safe.

  257. Terry @ Tennessee  September 16th

    I have had my 2006 1800S for 1 year and 16,000 miles.. No complaints and I have been very happy with it. Its a sweet ride and super dependable..

  258. Norris in AZ  September 16th

    Hey guys, I am wondering, on my trip to Long Beach and when I am riding around here I am getting only around 30-33 mpg. Of course everyone drives like a bat out of hell here, freeway speeds are 65-80 mph. When I was at home I usually putted around at 45-70. I got 38-44 mpg. I am going back home this weekend and will change spark plugs and put in a new K&N air filter, and hope to get better gas milage when I come back to Long Beach Sunday night. It is a big bike, so I don’t expect to get 50+, but I don’t like the 30-33mpg. :-( If some of you guys would let me know, at 70-80mph is it normal? (in two years this is really the first time for constant high speeds, so I am just wondering) You guys take care…..ride safe, be well.

  259. Rev. VTX  September 17th

    djfoxsr. Great post. Always good to here of new recruits, if in fact they are capable and careful. Hope you continue to love to ride. The most important thing to remember is to never let your guard down. Make being aware of your surroundings (traffic, idiots) second nature. They think we’re crazy for riding. I’d go crazy if I wasn’t.

    Norris in AZ. I have never gotten more than 38 MPG and am currently getting about 33. But I have after market Vanes & Hines pipes. My co-worker and buddy has a 1300 and gets 55+ with stock. But that’s the 1300 for you.

    Here’s one little tidbit, I posted a message on my windshield after the third incident on the subject. It was a close call, but I avoided her. Could have been anyone, of course, but it was a her. In reflective letters bought at Wally World,


    Also, I have a new message board. (Concerning my ministry) Feel free to stop in and just give it a look.

    Ride safe.

  260. Rev. VTX  September 17th

    Mispelled it, as usual.

    I am in the process of placing a biker/rider/motorcycle thread on it soon as I can.

  261. SloMoShun  September 27th

    Still enjoying my surprise!!! Last 4th of July my soon to be wife Hopfully, surprised with a trip to the local Honda store. After getting tired of me sighing every time a Motorcycle went by or me commenting on them wondering where they are going we walked in and she asked me which one I liked the best it is a Red and black Vtx 1800R chromed out. I have been on it in the cold and in the rain and I enjoy every minute of it. I haven’t tackled the Mountains yet but maybe this week I will head north. I did a tour from Atlanta down and up through florida and over to New Orleans and Back. Now it’s her turn does anyone have any suggestions she is 5 feet even and weighs 105 soaking wet.

  262. Rev. VTX  September 27th


    Congratulations. Enjoy. There is very little you can do about the rain. If you stay in it long enough, no matter what gear you use, you will get wet. Most of my rides are shorter than ten miles so I bundle up and just go on. I always wear chaps and a jacket unless it is just too warm to stand them. Just as soon as it cools in the fall, on they come. Winter? I drag out my duster. A heavy leather duster one size to big, and it fits perfectly over three layers of cloths. Long sleeve T-shirt, long sleeve heavy work shirt, Heavy leather motorcycle jacket with the winter lining zipped back in. I ride most of the spring, summer, and fall with a 1/2ed bandanna tied over my face. Winter I use two, and it holds my breath onto my face and the wind at bay.

    I suppose one could use a leather face bandana, but I already wear a leather skull cap to hold different colors and styled bandanas hung from the back and over my face.

    Keep twisting, stay safe.

  263. dbrace  September 27th


    Congads on the bike and the wife! I would recommend a shadow spirit or aero depending on her taste in style. This bike has plenty of power (750cc) for the highway but has a low seat height for short riders. It is an all around good mid size bike for either beginners or shorter riders. Be safe and enjoy the ride.

    Dan from California

  264. Kurt  September 27th

    Too bad you are so far away, I have a Honda Spirit for sale and it is like brand new. I also purchased the four year extended warranty with roadside assistance. My cousin has 89,000 miles on her Honda Shadow 650 and sat on mine the other day and said she could touch on mine. She is 4’11″

  265. SloMoShun  September 28th

    Thanks for the feedback. She sat on my sisters HD sportster but she isn’t feeling that style likes the Cruisers more well I’m off and Gone Fish<<< I mean Shopping!!!

  266. Mark Clement  October 1st

    Hey guys,
    I’m putting in my 2 cents on the VTX 1800X, I bought a beautiful 2003 model, used, with about 30,000 miles on it, but asides from a tiny paint scratch on the tank, looks absolutely new. I traded in my 2002 750 spirit for it. I’d been away from riding for about 20 years when I got the spirit, have to say it was a great starter bike, to get used to riding again, and was great for short trips around town. But it was buzzy as h@ll on the interstates. I live in an area with lots of winding. Twisting hills with steep roads. Loved how it handled, and fit my short 30″ inseam legs, hated dropping to 3d gear, revving to 5000 rpm to pull my 250# butt up a
    steep hill at only 50 mph!
    I’ve wanted a bigger bike for years cuz of the power issue, loved the VTX curb appeal, but was intimidated by the size of it, and was worried about handling those twisties.
    Well I am kicking myself for waiting so long to try the 1800! It holds a line thru the curves perfectly, much better than the 750! It does take a hair more effort, but making the adjustment came natural and effortlessly. And the power? WoooooHooooo!!!!! It was great with all stock, except for V&H Bigshots. Then I added a K&N intake kit, which is like an overgrown Baron’s BAK, and added the power commander3, USB. Holy cr@p! Runs like a scalded gorilla! And the ride quality, throttle response, is all so silky smoothe. Unless you yank that throttle back! Kapow! Hang on to your butt! Hits redline a lot faster now!
    Anyway, I’m a 45 year old man, 6’0, 250#, with short 30″ inseam legs. Wearing harness boots I can sit at stoplights both feet flatfooted. In sneakers, only 1 flatfoot. But when the engine idles, that 40+ pound crankshaft acts like a gyroscope! It makes the bike ridiculously easy to balance at standstill or parking lot speeds! I’m glad I finally made the switch to this very well mannered beast of a bike.
    And so are my lady friends who like to ride with me also. They can’t wait to go riding again with that super smooth ride and much bigger, wider, better padded

  267. Derek  October 2nd

    Hey Mark
    Congrats on the VTX, Aren’t they the greatest bike? I have the same setup except for the air filter, but its coming soon. The Big shots and power commander 3 make all the difference in the world for power. Big difference from stock. Enjoy the ride!

  268. SloMoShun  October 2nd

    Hello all, been reading the posts guess I made a good choice on my VTX1800R Red/Black it listed for 15,9 wife got it for 10,. I am looking to upgrade my air intake I read on one of the post that mike made a hole on the back if the aircleaner does anybody know how to do this step? M eand some friends went riding this weekend and of course they were on HD’s and they were in awe of my VTX evrytime we stopped nothing but questions. Mhy sister has a HD Sporster with the Scraming Eagle upgrade we went to the mountains and she wanted to ride mine,(Hated to tell lil sis no, but she got me into enough trouble growing up). she or her husband can’t get over the power it has stock he rides a HD RoadKing. Don’t tell the wife but we leaned on them on the way home. They got the Jump on me but he says when I passed him he was doing 120 and I came out of nowhere and I have plenty of throttle left I haven’t topped it out don’t know if I ever will. I dont do that often I am a Cruiser to the Core, I normally hardly get over 80. The Mountains in Ga. are beautiful. I wasn’t lacking for power in them either she just rumbled rite on up and down. This is Great machine a thrill to ride just sit back and let it work for you.

  269. Brendon  December 8th

    For anyone looking to buy a brand new 2007 Honda VTX 1800R please give me a call. It is a Spec 3 bike with Hondaline tall windshield, Hondaline adjustable backrest, Hondaline chrome rear luggage rack, chrome license plate holder, upgraded two-tone silver and blue paint job and a new tank bag. The bike has a full 11 month factory warranty left (expires 11-25-2010) and this beautiful bike has only 286 miles on it. I just bought it a few weeks ago but already need to sell it for several reasons. I paid $12,500 for it and then added the accesories. I will entertain all offers. To request pictures or make a deal, please call me at (847) 477-8467.


  270. Derek  December 20th

    Hey SloMoshun,
    To dril the hole in the air box, you have to drill it so the air will go through the filter or you will get dirt into the engine and cause a whole bunch of problems. I would sugest changing out the whole thing for an aftermarket air cleaner assembly. S@S make a whole box and aircleaner, that will also give you more power and torque (up to 6hp and 10ft/pds of
    torque depending on your setup.)
    If you change the air input without a fuel adjustment you risk leaning out your motor too, and that will burn it up. Talk to your mech before any adjustments. I run V@h big shots, Powercommander OBD3, and the S@S air intake. A major difference in power, (140hp,175torque. Dyno tuned.)Fuel mileage also came up by about 3-4 mpg. Hope this helps.

  271. Norris in CA  December 21st

    Hey, I used to be in AZ, I am still where I can ride about everyday, and I do and about once a month I do take the 420 mile trip back to check mail. My ’03 1800S has a little over 69,000 on it and runs pretty good. I just changed my rear tire and want to brag a little about it, I put a Kenda tire on and got 17,242 miles out of it. The last Dunlop I had only got around 8,000 on it. I have a Kenda on it again now.
    oh well…just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. You all have a great Holiday Season, Ride Safe, Be Well…….

  272. Darrell  December 27th

    I have owned my VTX 1800 for about 6 months and I love it. I moved up from a Honda Magna 750 and there is no comparison. The only thing I miss from the Magna is the quick accelaration. I can ride on my VTX for hours and never get tires. A very smooth ride that looks sharp. It’s by far the best street bike I have every owned.

  273. John D.  January 23rd

    Brother in Law Has 2 HD’s Rode My 2003 VTX- 1800R Could Not Believe The Handling And Power After Putting New Big Boy Ultimate Seats On It I Can Stay on It For Hours Love My Bike

  274. rusty  January 24th

    i ride a 2003 vtx 1300sr since last jan when i got run down by an idiot in a suv totaled my 1100 aero broke my heart an some other parts of me. found my 1300 the next month an man what a bike. pipes had been drilled. what a sound giant carb unbelievable acc. even from 80mph to 100mph almost scary need to change jets to match pipes. as now it doesnt like cold weather but starts fine a little longer to warm up. i can hardly imagime the 1800′s power

  275. Jake T Snake  January 27th

    From what I hear from a Honda dealer,if you want an 1800(NEW)you’d better hurry.Honda has moved back to Japan and will no longer produce the 1800.

  276. Chris B  January 31st

    So i walk into the Honda Dealer on saturday with 5k in my pocket and looking at a used VTX 1300 (2007) with a 5995 Price tag on it… After trying to strike a deal (remember, i got 5k cash on me) i walk over and look at the new bikes.

    3 Furys, 4-5 VTX 1300′s and 1 VTX 1800 R, all brand new, leftovers from 07/08.

    The fury’s were 12k, 80 miles on a tank of fuel, Nice looking, totally uncomfortable to my 6’5″ 300+ lb frame.

    The 1300′s were $9599, and then the VTX 1800R (spec 2) stared at me from the corner… Brand new, 1 mile on it. ITs the Spec 2, Black, etc etc….15 Minutes later i plunked down 5k on that bike and owned it-BRAND NEW- for $9480.00 With 4k incentive and 1K instant Honda Bucks.

    All i can say is WOW. I’ve been thru any bike you can imagine (just about) and havent rode since a cheap CBR 1000F last year (600 bucks-it was ugly, but brutally fast) I was thinking about my last keeper, a 99 Ace Aero 1100, beautiful bike, a whopping 45 HP, and the single pin, shake you to death cant ride for more than 20 minutes engine.

    I am so happy Bruce over at WNY Cycle had ONE 1800 Leftover… The deal was incredible (i see used ones, 05′s going for 8K with 20k miles- im sure thats kinda high) But anyhow, I bought A brand new, 1 mile on it, 2007 VTX 1800 R Spec 2 for 9500 bucks! Didnt even fire it up, looked at him and said ill take it…

    Hopin to find accessories for it, bags, windshield etc.. can anyone recommend decent ones at a decent price?


  277. norris in CA  January 31st

    Chris, I think u will really like the 1800r, I ride the 1800s and thoroughly love mine. I do wish I had the gas mileage of the 1300, but mine is too cool to complain about, lol. As far as accesories Dennis Kirk catalog has lots of ‘em at somewhat resonal prices. Enjoy ur bike, RIDE WITH PRIDE, and always ride safe. Be well!!

  278. Mark Clement  February 1st

    To Chris B.
    Yes , Dennis Kirk is pretty good.
    I’m partial to CruiserCustomizing.com. They have an excellent selection also, from a variety of vendors.
    J&P is pretty good.
    And as a VTX owner you definitely need to look up VTXOA.com and check out the message boards.
    Between cruisercustomizing.com and VTXOA you’ll get a pretty good idea of what mods and accessories to go with, and which to avoid.
    Which I found invaluable for selecting my airbox and exhaust, and fuel injector chip. If you do an aftermarket exhaust and airbox, by far the best way to go is get a Dynojet power commander. ( 2003 VTX 1800C)

  279. Mark Clement  February 1st

    BTW Chris,
    I use Amsoil full synthetic oil. It makes the bike shift even more smoothly than organic oil. And you have less downtime due to longer intervals between oil changes.
    Good luck!

  280. Chris B  February 1st

    I plan on going synthetic after the first 500 miles… Prob Mobil one or Royal Purple. The price they want for amsoil is too much (IMO) and im kinda funny about oil changes -pretty much once a month if it needs it or not…

    Thanks for the advice people! checkin out bags now…

  281. Bushwacker  February 15th


    Hey, I just found this site when looking for information on a VTX 1800. I’ve gone through a bunch of messages, none of which had the year. It appears that the site’s participants have changed over the past five years or so. Is the site still active?? If so, what happened to Jesper, the writer of the article at the top of this site?

    In case you’re still active, I’m riding a 2006 VTX 1300C, that I bought new last July and now have over 8450 miles on it. I love the bike. Hadn’t ridden in over 35 years. I’m thinking about adding a 1800F and was wondering what others thought when I found this site. I found a 1800S1 with 1700 miles on it that was traded into a Harley dealership. Don’t know the price, nor the condition. Don’t like the fenders, but it’s silver, which I do like. Has bags, a shield, sissy bar and luggage rack, and even an engine guard, but no highway pegs. I’m in correspondence with the dealership for some answers, but I find it seriously strange that someone would buy such a great bike, put some serious money into accessories, oh yeah, it has Cobra pipes on it, I think, and then dump it in trade for a HARLEY after riding only 1700 miles.

    Any thoughts?


  282. Mark Clement  February 15th

    I guess it depends on the kind of riding you do. If you like daytrips for a couple hours on the backroads, that might involve some minor twisties, the VTX1800 with it’s responsive power would be a great bike, if you’re cruising around 55-65 mph.
    But the VTX1800 is only a 5 speed, and it eats gas fast at interstate speeds of 70mph+.
    A lot of the bigger Harley’s are 6 speed bikes, that probably have a longer cruising range because of lower RPMs at Hiway speeds. So, like, if you do a lot of riding on interstates where speed limits are 70+ mph, and gas stops are farther apart, a Harley might be a better bike than the VTX1800.

  283. norris in CA  February 15th

    Hey bushwacked, I ride a 2003 vtx1800s and really love mine. It has over 79000 miles on it and I have made several trips from southeast of Phoenix, AZ to long beach, CA and I have to admit at 80mph the gas mileage isn’t what I would like, I get around 30mile per gallon. But I WOULDN’T even think about buying an overpriced Harley. I have only been on Honda’s and kawasakis but I like the looks and feel of the VTX.I wish it did have a sixth gear, it has the power to maintain speed without lugging the engine, but oh well I survive. I am working now in long beach and ride rain or shine everyday to work…….I might be a little bias, but i don’t even want to think about owning a different bike ;-) ……but two wheels r two wheels.
    Be well, ride safe

  284. Mark Clement  February 15th

    Norris and Bushwhacker,
    what Norris was describing was about a 400 mile trip on mostly level not very winding route at all. Except for the final stretch coming into L.A. where there’s a huge steep long twisty stretch of interstate.
    Doing that several times a year wouldn’t be so bad.
    I live near Hot Springs, AR. I’ll easily rack up 400 miles in 1 day, on winding twisting roads with lots of steep hills. Sometimes with a passenger. Between me and her that’s over 400 pounds! I’m 270. Nothing like loping through a series of double S curves or coming out of a switchback to a mile long straightaway with the throttle wide open! And the VTX, IMHO executes 2 up back road driving beautifully! No problem pulling a really steep hill, or holding a line through a curve. Even if there’s a few bumps. VTX feels solid and predictable. For my riding needs, the bike surpasses my expectations. And the chicks love it too!

  285. Jesper  February 15th

    The site is still very active. I only reviewed the VTX, I never had one. So there’s not much I can contribute to the ongoing debate about specifics to the VTX models.

    But I do oversee every comment left here. To keep an eye on things. I’, very happy that you guys discuss and exchange all the information you do.

  286. Bushwacker  February 15th

    Jesper, Norris, and Mark C.:

    Thanks for your responses. I agree with Norris about a Harley’s price, but more so with the reputation for repairs. A friend of mine picked up a Sporster and lost his gear shift’s peg on a short trip. Helping him tape a screwdriver into shift to make to an HD dealer, was not a good marketing day for HD.

    Norris and Mark, I greatly appreciate your advice. My VTX 1300, likewise, only has five gears, and frankly, I’m constantly wanting to keep shifting to a higher gear. I ride regularly here on the border pass and believe the higher ccs would help. We’ve got mountains and staight and level roads. Going to Nevada in the late spring, College Station in April, and to the Panhandle in September thereafter. The VTX 1300 brought me to and from Houston easily last October and to the Panhandle last September. I’m more into retro/sport than say a Road King, just too damn refined for me, though 6 gallon tank (54 hwy) and 1500+ ccs and the all important 6th gear make it a reasonable choice for the long trips.

    Jesper, I appreciate your interest despite your abject failure to buy the VTX 1800. I guess until I have one though, I’m a bit premature on bragging rights. Greatly appreciate the site.

    I’m going to look at the S1 bike today. Anyone want to hazzard a guess why it was dumped after 1700 miles and futher what it was traded in for? I’ll keep you posted.


  287. Kurt  February 15th

    I bought a brand new 2007 VTX 1800 t solid black just before winter. I only had time to put 300 miles on the bike so far, but I love it. I had a
    2005 VTX1800, went to a Spirit 1100
    and now to the 2007 1800. I will be taking this one to the upper peninsula of Michigan this coming summer. I really enjoyed the ride because it feels real steady, expecially when passing semi’s. My 1100 would blow around but this bike just stays in place. My friend and I take our annual ride around the UP every year. I love every minute of it except crossing the Mackinaw Bridge. When I cross grated bridges I usually don’t even notice until it is the Mackinaw. They have one lane of solid cement, but they are always repairing it in the summer and shift traffic to the grating. The grating is longer and wider than normal bridges and your handle bars flop back and forth and you feel like you are riding on shear ice. If you want a thrill, cross it sometime and let me know; especially as you look down at the water some 200 feet below. RIDE SAFE

  288. Bushwacker  February 16th

    Think I’ll pass on that look at the water, Kurt, though the trip sounds great. I know what you mean about the semis, and my VTX 1300 blows past them w/o much disruption, but it’s there all right.

    Went to LC, NM to see the 1800 S1 only to find it was warehoused in EP, TX. Ces’t la vie. Did stop at a Honda dealer and look at the 2008 VTX 1800 N. Don’t like the fenders and the handle bars brought my hands back a bit more than I like. Did straddle a HD Fatboy Lo in LC. Like the feel though it’s only 1584 cc (96 ci). The S1 is $11,999 with only 1700 miles and a lot of accessories, and the Lo is $18000 with no miles and no accessories. Hmm. The dealership said I could have the N for $11K, no accessories, but very pretty black.


  289. Mark Clement  February 16th

    El Paso isn’t that far a drive from Las Cruces. When you said that the S1 bike was warehoused there, I was wondering if there’s any way you could go there and see it.
    Definitely sounds like we’re in agreement about getting the most bang for your buck with the VTX.
    I’m biased towards the 1800 over the 1300. Many riders do aftermarket pipes and intake on either bike, which calls for rejetting or retuning. Put a Dynojet power commander on it, play with a few maps or get it professionally tuned, and it gets EVEN BETTER!

  290. Mark Clement  February 16th

    I probably should have elaborated on dynotuning, and you may already know about dynotuning already, but with dynotuning, you can perfectly and precisely tune your fuel injection program for your exact setup across the entire rpm/ gear spectrum.
    You can’t do that with carburetion.
    The result is a more power, smoother power, from idle to redline.
    Now the 2009/10 Fury line has injection on the 1300 engine, and Dynojet has a new power commander for autotuning! Regardless of altitude, temperature, and other variables, the new power commander V, will keep your bike consistently running with a 13:1 air/fuel ratio. To my knowledge it can’t be retrofitted to VTX1800 models. Hopefully they’ll come out with that sometime in the future.

  291. Kurt  February 16th

    I am so jealous of you guys that live in warmer temps where you can ride year around. Our summer starts in June
    and we usually have snow on the ground through March, April and sometimes May.
    At least our part of Michigan. Someday, I will be living in a warmer area and riding my heart out; on my VTX of course.

  292. Mark Clement  February 16th

    I can’t honestly say you can ride year round in Hot Springs, Arkansas, since from November thru March there will be a lot of days you can’t ride.
    Unless cold wet weather doesn’t stop you.
    But if you like to ride, and enjoy beautiful scenery, hilly roads with lots of long sweeping curves, a couple rallies each year, fishing, hog and deer hunting, camping, and did I mention awesome bike friendly backroads? Then central Arkansas is a great place to be!

  293. Bushwacker  February 17th

    Kurt and Mark:

    I’ve ridden the past four days in a row, Sat., Sun., Mon., and now Tuesday. Rarely wet here and it’s a only a matter of cold and occasional higher winds, that is, if you find 50 at the low as cold. Pair of chaps, good leather jacket, and I’m good to go. Rare to have a really high wind, though it happens. My disappointment is the Mexican drug cartels dismantling of the tourist trade in Juarez and Mexico in general. Cannot cross the border to the South unless one wants to risk being the next of 4500 killed here in just two years.

    Great ride this afternoon and evening.


  294. Kurt  February 17th

    My inlaws are currently traveling around Tucson in their motorhome and they just came from the borders of Texas and they told us the same thing. About the people getting shot from the cartels. Machine gun wars. I wouldn’t care for that. But the weather sounds great and in Arkansas. If I had 50 degrees, I would be riding. We actually ride here to about 40-45 degrees but anything colder makes you numb-well at least at my age. LOL

  295. Rev. VTX  February 17th

    I’ve been receiving all your posts via e-mail. Great traffic.

    I have a worker that just got back from a two week vacation from his home town in Mexico. He said the same thing. He wouldn’t take his wife and three children to see any sites away from town, and didn’t go to town much either.

    And about riding, that’s every day for me. North East Texas, 20 miles South of Texarkana. Three weeks ago, Friday, Saturday, Sunday,, 18, 16, then 17 degrees.

    Then this past weekend it snowed with mixed sleet, Thursday and Friday. Never got below 25 though. The boss asked, “Didn’t see any Harleys out, did you?”

    I didn’t see any bikes out,, go figure.

    Bro. Chip

  296. Bushwacker  February 19th


    You should have told your boss, unless that was the big guy, that you didn’t see any other bikes because you were concentrating on keeping yours on at least one wheel.


  297. norris in CA  February 19th

    well with the weather here in CA, it usually is around 50 or so for the low, but when I go back to Florence, AZ on my bike this winter I use my heated clothing. I have the Gerbing outer pants, jacket liner and heated insoles and gloves. Keeps me fairly warm down to about 30 degrees. It does get cold running across the dessert over night. I found out the bike has a hard time keep up with the charge when I do have the heat controller cranked up all the way lol. Anyway, during the winter, heated clothes r the only way to go haha. U guys take care….ride safe, be well.

  298. Greg SC  February 19th

    I have a couple of questions for anyone… I own a 2006 VTX 1800S, and have been thinking about using a Power Commander… and keeping the stock exhaust and having VTX exhaust.com work on them for better sound and flow. Also wanting to get a better Air intake filter , and Power Commander for my bike.
    Are there any down sides side to these kind of modifications??(for this already wonderful running bike).
    How much will this help in boosting performance???
    Also any ideas concerning the best type of exhaust, air filter, and power commander…Any help would be Greatly Appreciated

    Ride Free & Safe…

  299. Mark Clement  February 20th

    check out the message boards at vtxoa.com and product reviews at cruisercustomizing.com that are written by riders like us.
    I would also recommend getting phone numbers of authorized tuning centers at Dynojet.com.
    Talk to tuners and ask them if they have insights into what the best performing setups might be.
    The Barons BAK is excellent, as are the Thunder Mfg. airboxes. I use a K&N airbox and filter.
    I think it’s hard to beat the coolness factor of a hypercharger,but there are many other intakes that perform better, if only by a few HP.
    If you’re not racing,I’d just tell you to go with whatever fits your style and has hi quality fit and finish. Once you’re tuned, you’ll have a good performance bump.

  300. Greg SC  February 20th

    Mark Clement…Thanks for responding, and the information provided…Its all very helpful… I’ll take Your advice..its in my note pad.
    Again Thanks.

    Ride Free & Safe

  301. SloMoShun  February 22nd

    Me and My VTX 1800R Just here reading the posts. I have squeezed out 150 miles on mine and I was sweating it out. I went from Phenix City, Al to Dothan and alomost all the way back bit that dang light came on out in the Middle of nowhere. It was me and my daughter and combined weight of about 310lbs. I was the bulk of it at 240lbs. riding around 70-75 Mph and no accessories on my bike. I have been wanting to put some hard Saddlebags on but those things are expensive and I can’t find any Leather ones I really like. O want to make it look like a Touring bike with the Batwing, trunk and hard saddle bags all matching ofcourse. Been Laid off for a year so that is on the back burner. But if anyone here knows of a company that has some good prices for accessories let me know.

    Be Safe out ther!!!

  302. Mark Clement  February 22nd

    I know what you mean about the hard bags- expensive! I’d love to get hardbags paint matched to my metallic candy orange 1800C.
    But between the cost of the bags and the painting, it’s just too expensive.
    Bought my bike used, and it already came with leather saddle bags that are working out OK
    But try this website.
    They have a large selection of very affordable leather and synthetic material saddle bags. They might even have a few hard bags- but I won’t swear to that.
    Just about everything they’ve sold has customer reviews, most of which are very positive.
    I bought a pair of leather pants from them for crazy cheap. As well made as anything at the HD dealership, for 25-30% of HD cost! Couldn’t be
    Anyway, check out leatherup.com. If they don’t have leather saddle bags that you’ll like, chances are nobody will.
    Good Luck!
    Ride Safe.

  303. Johnboy  February 26th

    Just put a deposit on a 2008 VTX1800Tspec2 and will pick it up 03-06. I haven’t even sat on the bike and I am 5’5″ tall. Will I be able to touch the ground. I had an 1100Yamaha ’05 and had no problem.

  304. Mark Clement  February 26th

    height has nothing to do with how well you straddle the saddle.
    It’s all about inseam length.
    I’m 72″ tall, but only have a 30″ inseam.
    My exwife was only 60″ tall, 29″ inseam.
    No problems here sitting flat footed with knees slightly bent.
    You can get aftermarket saddles to drop your seat height, or handlebar risers to bring the grips closer to you.

  305. Johnboy  February 26th

    Thanks Mark. My inseam is 29 so I should’t have a problem. Now to get the bike home thru all this snow. May have to rent a truck. Thanks again!!!

  306. Mark Clement  February 26th

    Hey Johnboy,
    yeh, worst case scenario is you might have to slightly tiptoe if you’re wearing sneakers.
    You should be flatfooted for sure if you’re wearing some kind of boot.
    I’m a little concerned about you’re riding position to reach the grips. You may have to lean forward a bit more than you might be comfortable with for longer rides. There’s a HUGE aftermarket selection of risers available for handlebar risers that will solve that issue.
    When you pick up your bike, I’m sure you’ll sit on it first before you load it up. Wear whatever footgear you normally ride with, see how it feels. Maybe your dealer can swap risers for you on the spot if you think it’s necessary. It WILL cost, though.
    If your roads are snowy, yeh, a truck or trailer would be highly recommended.
    Congradulations on selecting your beautiful beast of a new bike!

  307. Rev. VTX  February 26th

    I am five foot eight inches with an inseam of 32, and 175 lbs. I have no problem reaching the ground flatfooted.

    My only concern for you is, the 1800 wet is about 800 lbs. 200 lbs heavier that the 1300, and about 350 to 400 lbs heavier than mediums size bikes.

    It is very managable, and as nimble as any large bike on the road, but the weight can be a facter for a new rider of the 1800. Be careful, and ever mindful of the mass.

    Bro. Chip

  308. Rev. VTX  February 26th

    Oh, and open a savings account for tires.

  309. Norris in CA  February 26th

    hey Rev and Johnboy, I still recomend the Kenda tire for the the 1800. That is all I am going to run on the back of my bike and the Metzeler 880 on front. The last Kenda on ran 17,242 miles on it. Last Dunlop I had ran around 8,000 miles. I am completely sold on the Kenda tire, and at around $80 much better price. Any way, John, congrats on the bike, I have over 69,000 on my ’03 1800S and still going strong, and I am loving it. I work just around the corner from West Coast Choppers, and when I go by their shop I let them get a glimpse of what a “real” bike looks like hahahaha. (just kidding, anything with two wheels is cool). Take care u all, ride safe……..be well.

  310. Norris in CA  February 26th

    oh, the price on the Kenda fluctuates. It has been in the Dennis Kirk cat for as low as $51 then it went up, then back down, last one I bought was around $80. Oh and John, I am about 5’8″ and I have no prob standing flat footed, I had an 85 Goldwing and had to be on my toes a little, that was the heaviest GW made I think was close to 1000 pounds. If u have to pick up ur bike, turn around, lift from the seat and the handle bar and do more like a dead lift like in high school weightclass lol. (if that makes sense to u) ;-)

  311. Johnboy  February 26th

    Hey Guys Thanks a lot for all the input. I really feel better about the bike and I am really wanting to get it bad. I think I’ve got Bike Fever lol. I live in WV and the bike is at a dealer in Ohio. It’s brand new still in the crate. The price was fantastic and I couldn’t pass it up even though it’s winter. Thanks again.

  312. Rev. VTX  February 26th

    I’m due for tires in a couple of weeks (maybe four). I have never run a Kenda before but the price quoted above is much lower than I have paid in the past three years. I’ve run Metzelers, Dunlop, Avon, and Bridestone. I never got more than 9000 miles out of any of them. It’s worth a try, thanks.

    Last summer my rear Avon gave out a 65-70 mph. An experience I do not plan on repeating if I can help it. I wouldn’t recomend it. It was very early in the morning (5:30 AM) and no traffic. “Thank You Lord”. Ended up on the far left full width shoulder with two inches to spare.

  313. Johnboy  February 27th

    Hey Rev: Check out the KRUZ tire @ jc whitney.com. I bought a tire for my 1100 Yamaha for $73.00. The reviews given by other customers who have used the tire were really good.

  314. Rev. VTX  February 27th

    I will add that to my research. I have to find a cheaper way to go. I am a daily rider. Right now, my 2004 1800 custom is my only transportation and has been for two years. I’ll have my 1984 Chevy pick up back running this year, but I will not drive it much. then I’ll begin work on my 1976 El Camino.

    Bro. Chip

  315. Rev. VTX  February 27th

    By the way, about the way this site appears on my screen. 30 and 30% of my screen is blank on either side. Can I widen the comment area?

    I do a lot of message boarding and even have my own, and am use to the posting or comment filling the screen.

  316. norris in CA  February 27th

    hey johnboy, the Kruz is the Kenda Kruz, I have been running those for around 2 years, I was running Dunlops but only got 8,000 miles on them and at the cost it just seemed like they should get more. I started running Kenda Kruz tires and the last one I got 17,242 miles on it. You can’t match that with any other tire. I ordered mine from DENNIS KIRK catalog, last one I bought was $81, price does fluctuate, but I will only run the Kenda on my bike from now on, I wish they made one for the front. I do run the Metzeler 880 on front, the tires seem like a good combination. REV VTX, likewise my VTX is my only mode of transport, especially since I moved to CA here. AND I am kind of cheap!! I saw the Kenda tire in the catalog for $51 and decided to give them a try, when I ordered them, it was an old catalog and the price did increase, but it was still better than the name brands. Anyway I don’t mean to go on and on, and I need to get, You guys take care……ride safe, be well.

  317. Jesper  February 27th

    @Rev VTX. Sorry you can’t widen the area. Blogs and message boards works a little differently that way.

  318. Rev. VTX  March 5th

    First,, I am alright. Nothing damaged permanently (as far as we know, yet) no broken bones. There was a motorcycle wreck on 59 in between the traffic light in front of McDonalds and the driveway of Pizza Hut. I was headed to Pizza Hut where my daughter had made me a sandwich I had called in. The driver of a pickup pulled out in front of me (having never seen me). My attention for that split second was focused on the location of the driveway of Pizza Hut, (not familiar with its exact position).

    Long story short, I broke (brakes, all) to lessen impact having no where to go. (All this happened in a fraction of a second.) My front tire hit his right rear wheel (on the third inspection Atlanta, Texas police found a dent, and a scratch) that slapped the bike, and of course me, to the pavement. I rolled to a stop, then knowing I was in the Highway, rolled off onto the shoulder.

    Rev. J. W. White, Jr.

  319. norris in CA  March 5th

    hey Rev VTX, I hope u r OK after that, I hate to hear of stories like that. I am glad u r not tooooo hurt, at least it sounds like u aren’t. Wish you the best in healing up, u and ur bike. ;-)

  320. Greg SC  March 5th

    Fellow Brother Rider….Its good to hear that Your Okay…life is full.

    Peace & Blessings…
    Ride Free & Safe

  321. Johnboy  March 7th

    Glad to hear your ok Rev.Angels always watching over us.
    Picked up my VTX1800T2 today(03-06). Rode from Brilliant,Ohio to Clarksburg,WV. Awesome bike!!! I fell in Luv when I sat on it in the show room. Everything fit very well and the bike is very well balanced. It was a cold ride but I was dressed for it and seen 6 bikes on the way home going in the opposite direction. It good to know I wasn’t the only crazy one!!!!

  322. Oscar SAtown  March 8th

    Does anyone know how many miles these bikes can go before needing a rebuild? I’m interested in a vtx 1800 that sounds and rides really smooth. But it has 75,000 miles on it. The owner babies it and changes the oil every 6,000 miles. He claims these bikes are good for 150,000 miles. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks.

  323. David Packer  March 11th

    Read all the posts, thanks to everyone. So, I went 20 years with no riding, got the itch again, mid forties….. Bought an old Nighthawk 750 to get my feet wet. Just sold it and was determined to get a new VTX1300C at a dealer, an ’07 with no miles for $7K. I thought the 1300 would be a good upgrade for me. The dealer just told me he has a VTX1800C, also an ’07 with no miles, for the same price. I don’t know what to do. I am afraid the 1800 will be too big and powerful for me but its hard to resist at the same cost as the 1300. Please help me decide….

  324. Mark Clement  March 11th

    I rode a 750 Shadow Spirit for about 6 years after not riding for 15 years. I live in Central Arkansas where the roads are very twisty and hilly. I was reluctant to get a bigger bike for fear of not being able to negotiate the curves as well on a smaller bike, but I was getting sick of shifting down to 3d gear and revving the motor up to near redline so I could pull a long steep hill at only 50mph.
    Figured what the hell, and test drove the 1800, and was immediately berating myself for not having made the switch sooner! It’s an adjustment, make no mistake about that, but you’ll be amazed at how easily you’ll adapt.
    If I remember right, the 1800 has nearly a 30 lb crankshaft. It acts like a gyroscope in helping you stay balanced, which is really helpful at lower speeds. Like if I have to move my bike just 20-30 Ft from the garage, around a few obstacles, into the driveway, I’ll crank it up and straddle walk it to where I want it. It’s much easier to keep balanced if you have to turn the bike. That wasn’t an issue with the 750!
    BTW, I made the switch at 45 years. I’m 6’0″, 270, 30″ inseam, not half as strong as I was when I was 20 years younger and 50 pounds lighter. I’d be surprised if I could do 20 push ups.
    So if I made the switch with NO PROBLEM, I think you can too.
    IMHO, go get that 1800 and be done with it, and NEVER EVER be needing a bigger bike for lack of power.
    Do I miss my 750? H$LL NO! LoL.
    Enjoy your new VTX and ride safe.

  325. David Packer  March 11th

    Thanks Mark. I too live in a hilly area. I know I will mostly ride it locally so I need to know I can handle it well. My hope is to take some road trips on weekends and also hopefully will move in a few years to another state with better roads and climate. So, whatever I buy now, and I hope I will keep it for a very long time, will be an “about town” vehicle. Based on that, you would still go for the 1800?

  326. Mark Clement  March 11th

    Never did I ever wish I’d gone with the 1300. I don’t know how well a 1300 pulls a long steep hill with 450 pounds of 2 passengers, but the 1800 does it easily all day long.
    I live just outside Hot Springs, AR. It’s an older town, with it’s share of stoplights and intersections and twisty residential roads. You’ll be amazed and pleased with how easy the transition will be.
    I had the same concerns as you.
    Now-go for it! Get that badass 1800 and ride it with confidence and pride.
    If your single, and you tell a woman you want to get to know better that your bikes engine is bigger than a lot of car engines- well, I haven’t been told ” no” yet, when I’ve asked any lady acquaintance if she wants to ride with me. On the 750, “no” is about all I heard!
    A VTX 1800 WILL help your dating life!
    I strongly recommend a windshield as your 1st most important accessory.

  327. David Packer  March 11th

    Thanks Mark. Too funny. Just an FYI, I am 6’0, 180 lbs, so the weight issue well, is not an issue for me, although leg comfort is. I took a spill in 1986 that broke an artery behind my knee so I always need to stretch that leg out. I like the forward controls on H-D’s but would never spend that much money. I need to sit on both the 1300 and the 1800 to see which is more comfortable but I am assuming they both would be. And I am married, to a woman whose comments to me when I decided to ride again, was, “just don’t ask me to ride it and don’t ever let the kids on it”. I have no problem with either of those requests/demands. This is my baby. Thanks again.

  328. Mark Clement  March 11th

    I recommend the windshield for several reasons.

    1) no bug splatter in hair, or on face or body.
    2) no wind noise roaring in your ears.
    3) deflects rain, sand or pea gravel from trucks ahead of you.
    4) less wind chill factor on cooler days
    5) less fatigue from wind pushing on you longer Hiway speed trips.
    Definitely polycarbonate over acrylic.

  329. SloMoShun  March 12th

    I was just reading some of the posts. I have the 1800 it was a give from my wife who bought it for since I had never owned a new vehicle and she got tired of me sighing everytime a Motorcycle went by… The last bike I rode was a Suzuki 750 something way back in 1989 {she bought me a 2006 VTX 1800R} and was surprised that the engine was bigger than her Camry’s. Now everytime we have good weather she beats me putting on the Helmet and taking the cover off. but lately she has been eyeballing those BigA$$ Goldwings, but I tell her this VTX can look like one of those allmost,but it’ll take some $$$ she just said this week do it now I’m off and running. the VTX 1800 has plenty of POWER I cant take those crotch rockets on curves but I WILL walk them down on a staight away

  330. Mark Clement  March 12th

    Hey SloMo,
    are you gonna add one of those huge fairings with the stereo, hard saddlebags and a matching trunk?
    Ive got leather saddlebags and a luggage rack I wouldn’t mind upgrading to matching hardbags and trunk. But it’s more than I want to spend for now.
    By the time I paid for upgrades, I’m almost into what it would cost for the Suzuki M109T with my 1800 for a trade. The Suzuki is even more powerful than the 1800, by 30+ ponies at least. Has excellent reviews. Ya ought to take a look at it and see if it makes more sense to go that route.
    I nearly bought the M109, but I liked the 1800′s looks better, and I found a used 1 at a great price, from somebody upgrading to a GoldWing.
    Anyway, just a thought/ friendly suggestion from the peanut gallery.
    Ride Safe

  331. Scott in Canada  March 12th

    Hey guys, glad to read all of the comments on the big VTX 1800. I have an ’05 1800S and LOVE IT! Some questions have been coming up regarding “is this bike too big for me?” Hopefully I can add some insight. I have taught Advanced motorcycle courses in the past where we used the big heavy HD Electraglides (they weighed 865 lbs curb weight). I can say it is not the size and weight of the of the 1800′s (approx.750 lbs curb weight) but whether or not you can sit on the seat and put your feet flat on the ground both sides with the bike upright. I have found that the balance of the VTX 1800 is excellent and it’s slow speed maneuvering is easy…in fact ….I have ridden the smaller 750′s and 900′s etc and I think it is actually an easier bike to ride because of its weight and size. Does the bike have a lot of power?….Well I think the previous comments have made that clear…but it is extremely manageable power that is very easily controlled. My brother-in-law had a Shadow 750 and bought his VTX 1800 on a great deal with the thought of resale to make a little bit of money…….he sold his 750 instead. My recommendation to those wondering if they should or shouldn’t…..buy it….you certainly won’t regret it! You’ll LOVE IT! Ride safe everybody. Live to ride and ride to live!

  332. Terry of Chattanooga  March 13th

    I went from the 1100 to the 1800 and no way would I go back to a smaller bike like the 1300. The 1800 is easier and safer to ride than the smaller one. Do not hesitate, get the 1800, it will take you all of about 1 minute to get used to it.

  333. David Packer  March 13th

    Thanks everyone !

  334. Johnboy  March 17th

    I just bought a new ’08 1800VTX and the balance is better than my 1100 Yamaha. It’s a great bike and plenty of power. I rode it home (2.5hrs) and felt like I was only on the bike 10min.

  335. David Packer  March 17th

    Yep. Just bought it 2 days ago. A 2007 VTX1800F Spec1, $8200 out the door. Plus they are delivering it to my house tomorrow. The dealer is 100 miles away. Got the standard no charge one year warranty, passed on the $500 extended one based on other posts. Metallic Black, 1 mile on odometer. Sitting on it and the 1300 felt no difference weight-wise and really wanted fuel injection. I think I got a good price, I know I did. Thanks for everyone’s help. The weather in NY is supposed to be close to 70 degrees this weekend!

  336. GentleBen  April 13th

    Hi Everybody,I realy enjoyed reading all the post’s. I’ve owned 3 1100 Shadows. I finally stepped up to a 2008 VTX 1800T2 I love it.I’m due for the 600 mile checkup. The bike is still stock.I want to throw on a set of Cobra dragster pipes.Is it imperative to also put on a Power Commander,or will it still run good without it?

  337. Mark Clement  April 14th

    you probably will want to check with your dealer mechanic, And check on the message boards over at VTXOA.com.
    It’s probably a safer idea to get the power commander when you change out your pipes. Just in case your air fuel mixture gets leaned out.
    A number of years back I had Cobra pipes on a Honda 750 shadow. Those pipes would get really hot, and it was easy for a passenger to melt the rubber off their sneaker soles onto the pipe. A surefire way to screw up your chrome finish. Maybe the heat shielding has gotten better since then.
    I currently have Vance & Hines Big Shots pipes. Better heat shielding, better chrome finish than what Cobra offered in 2002.
    There’s another company that guts out the stock Honda pipes to open them up, for a lot less $$ than buying new pipes, and they’ve got rave reviews. Again, you can read about that and other mods, like opening up the stock airbox, over at VTXOA.com.
    Good luck!

  338. Dan Tilus  April 14th

    Just bought a 2002 Honda VTX with only 705 miles on it!! It is amazing! I feel like I got a brand new bike! Do any of you have the power commander and would you recommend it on this bike?

  339. Mark Clement  April 14th

    if you’re running stock exhaust and stock air intake, don’t worry about the power commander. Honda has your bike engineered to run in tune with that set up. The PC is most effective when you’ve got less airflow restrictive parts on your bike, like exhaust and intake. When you get freer flowing air thru your bike, your bike will run lean. It won’t produce it’s true potential unless you can enrich the fuel mixture, which is most effectively done with the PC. So get the PC if you change the exhaust, or exhaust and intake. You’ll find you hit redline a LOT faster now.

  340. GentleBen  April 14th

    Mark Clement,Thanks for your feedback,Mark..I spoke to my mechanic today, and he said I really don’t need a PC if the bike is running fine.As for worrying about a passenger melting there sneeks, The Cobra Dragster pipes aren’t as close to the rear foot pegs. Also, the dragster pipes come with full lenght heat shields.I had the same pipes on my last bike (2005 1100 Sabre)No problems. Thanks for pulling my coat to VTXOA.com.

  341. Scott in Canada  April 14th

    Hey Guys!…I was wondering if there is a mileage restriction (i.e. a minimum recommended mileage) that our bikes should have on them prior to getting aftermarket pipes and intakes?….I was told that is what we should do….wait until we hit the 3000 mile mark to allow for break-in……any thoughts?

  342. Derek in Canada  April 15th

    GentleBen, I would go with the powerCammander too As Mark Clement suggested. There is a possibility of lean burnout and that your warranty will not cover due to modification to the stock bike. I have an ’02 and changed over to Big Shots, the bike ran terrible. PC solved it along with a quality air intake.
    Scott, I would agree with the break in rule just in case of warranty issues also. 3000 miles isn’t long adding up anyway if your having fun.

  343. Laura Annerley  May 11th

    That’s awesome dude!

    I saw the coolest bike today, it was like the size of half a car. Literally, like the guy had taken half a car and attached it to the sides of his motorbike. Absolutely brilliant.

  344. health  May 14th

    Just bought a 2002 Honda VTX with only 705 miles on it!! It is amazing! I feel like I got a brand new bike! Do any of you have the power commander and would you recommend it on this bike?

  345. Mark Clement  May 14th

    I have a 2003 VTX1800, PCIII, V&H Bigshots, K&N airbox. Haven’t had it dyno’d yet. Biggest noticeable difference is that the bike hits the rev limiter a LOT quicker!
    If youre staying with stock exhaust and intakes, I wouldn’t bother with a Power Commander. The bike, in stock form, runs extremely well and looks good to me as is.
    But if you like that acceleration and even more Hiway speed passing power, the PCIII with intake and exhaust mods are nice to have.

  346. GentleBen  May 16th

    Hey Guys,In my last post, I said My mechanic told me I didn’t need a PC if the bike runs good.Well…I am going to a different Honda dealer now. Here goes,After putting on 3000 miles,I Put on the Cobra Dragster pipes, Cobra Fi2000r fuel management system,and the K&N Air box. The bike looks gr……….8& runs gr……8.Thanks for everybodys feedback.

  347. haas24  May 18th

    I have a 2006 1800 vtx and want to put a 200 rear tire on it, will it work without any alterations?

  348. Mark Clement  May 18th

    cruisercustomizing.com has a tire section that indicates max tire size for most cruisers.
    I bought Metzeler 880′s from them.
    I unexpectedly learned from them that sometimes the larger tires will yield less miles than stock sizes.
    Good luck!

  349. John  May 23rd

    Just got done reading all your posts and I amso glad I didn’t get the 1300. I have had my 2006 1800s for about a year and I really love it on the freeway, but still getting use to the turns.

  350. Mark Clement  May 23rd

    congrats on the 2006 VTX1800.
    With a little practice, you’ll get better with turns & curves.
    Where I live in central Arkansas, it’s more turns and curves than interstate, and it’s a joy to ride when you have confidence in yourself and your machine.
    Check out ridelikeapro.com
    you can buy their instructional DVD’s there or perhaps at your local bike shop to help you maximize your potential as a rider and enjoyment of riding with confidence ( not cockyness) on the twisties.
    For me, the twisting winding country roads is where all the fun is!

  351. Scott in Canada  May 23rd

    Hey John….I don’t know your riding skill or experience but a thought is to go and enroll in a riders course for for either skill development (novice rider) or an advanced course…some insurance companies give reduced rates for those who complete the courses…and…they sure help even the most experienced riders. Just remember head up, push-pull steering and look where you want to go……it’s all good!
    Good choice on the 1800…..what a machine!

  352. Laura Brisbane  May 25th

    whats your position on mopeds?

  353. Mark Clement  May 25th

    Mopeds are fine for a single rider making short trips in the suburbs.
    I wouldn’t recommend one for the interstates or densely trafficked urban areas.

  354. Derek in Nova Scotia  May 25th

    Mopeds are great little machines in the city, just becareful of faster traffic.

  355. Mark Clement  May 26th

    Wait a minute, Laura asked what our position on mopeds might be. She didn’t ask for our opinion.
    I never did it on a moped, so I honestly don’t have a position. I can think of a few, but this isn’t the appropriate forum to discuss such matters. ;D

  356. Modysa  June 6th

    Hi All, I’m planning to buy a cruiser and I’m confused between HD Heritage classic (used) and the VTX 1800 F (new), I need your recommendation.
    and i have a question, the Honda Dealer is telling me that the VTX 1800 F is 2008 model and there is no 2009 or 2010 models, why is that? did they stopped this model? did Honda phased out this model?
    Thanks ALL,

  357. Mark Clement  June 7th

    Harleys are fine bikes, and hold their value well, but IMHO they are overpriced. If you do a lot of summer city driving and anticipate stopngo city traffic a lot, that is a lot harder on air cooled bikes than water cooled. And sitting on top of an air cooled motor in hundred degree heat on top of blacktop asphalt pavement is brutal!
    Most Harley bikes are air cooled, except for the V-Rod/ Night-Rod bikes.
    Hondas are water cooled, and in my experience, second to none in reliability.
    Am I correct in thinking your Heritage Classic is a 6 speed?
    If you’re doing LOTS of interstate & hiway riding at 70mph+, that 6th gear is really helpful in keeping your rpm’s down and mpg up! You’ll probably find yourself having better cruising range on the interstate with the Harley.
    I get about 40 mpg on my VTX1800 cruising 55-60 mph on the backroads, but only about 30 mpg at 70+ mph on the interstate.
    How comfortable do you find the seating on the VTX vs the Harley?
    And yes, the VTX1800 was discontinued for 2009-10. Don’t know if or when it’s coming back.
    The VTX1300 engine lives on in the Fury, but with fuel injection, not crburetion.
    Anyway, VTX 1800s are INSANELY reliable and fairly low maintenance.
    I’ve got 45k miles on my 2003, NEVER had ANY breakdowns of any type. I think most hi mileage VTX1800 owners share the same experience. I’m HARD on the throttle too. Never had any use for a factory warranty.
    Go pick up a copy of American Iron magazine and read about the electrical and top end motor problems so many Harley owners endure.
    I think you’ll probably have a much more reliable bike in a new Honda vs a used Harley.
    I’d rather have my hi mileage VTX for around town or as a daily commuter than any new Harley for long term reliable transportation. And for long interstate trips, I’ll take a 10 year old well maintained Goldwing with 100,000 miles already on it with a lot more confidence than ANY new Harley.
    I’d also invite you to look at the Suzuki M109, or T109, which IMHO is an awesome bike, and look at some of the Yamaha Cruisers too.

  358. Norris Reber  June 7th

    I wasn’t going to get into this one, but I think I will put my 2cents worth in. I have a 2003 VTX 1800S and I have over 72,000 miles on it. the only thing that has gone out is the starter switch. I replaced it and now the second one is acting up. I change the oil when I should, or close to it, havent really done much else to it. Like Mark, when I was living in AZ riding the backs rural roads I would be able to get 39-41 mpg, now living over here in Long Beach with the stop and go traffic and the freeway speeds of 65-75+ so u don’t get run over I am getting 28-32 mpg. I was very sad to hear the VTX was discontinued, it is a very good reliable bike.
    Anyway Modysa good luck with ur decision, I have to admit I never rode a Harley, never really wanted to, but I think the ride of a Honda beats ‘em in the long run.
    Take care Be well Ride safe

  359. LACaz  June 23rd

    Gents…and Ladies,

    Hello, I’m a newcomer, this is my first time on this site. And have enjoyed ready everones comments.

    I’ve purchased my first bike, a 09 Vulcan 900 classic on 5/15/10. I will be handing the Vulcan to my patient and loving wife. I’m now ready to move up. I have been quoted by a local Honda dealership on a new 2008 VTX1800T1 with power commander, bags and shield at $10.4K out the door. Is this a reasonable price?

    Thanks for your response ahead of time!


  360. Dirk  June 24th

    I’m new to this blog, but I thought I’d throw my opinion out there.

    June 2010 I bought a new 2008 VTX1800F spec 1. I had never had a cruiser before but was interested in test riding a Suzuki C90. I liked the look. The local Honda & Suzuki dealer had this one last ’08 VTX in black and chrome. A short 2 mile test ride on the VTX put a smile on my face, and that was what sold me. I got a good deal on the price too. If you’re undecided between two bikes, test ride them and see which one makes you happy.

    LACaz…if that bike is brand new, that’s a reasonable price. My ’08 VTX1800F1 is stock (no bags, windshield, etc.) and I paid $9k+tax. Touring model is more expensive stock than the F, but has the windshield.

  361. Dave  June 24th

    This past June I bought a 2007 VTX1800F1 with zero miles for $7K plus tax. One year warranty, all stock. I think I got a great deal and could not be happier with this purchase. It is also my first cruiser and I ain’t ever looking back.

  362. LACaz  June 24th

    Thank you for your info Dirk and Dave.

    The Honda dealer has added the power commander kit $973.96 and labor $233.78, so if you deduct that amount from the total it would run me $9206.69 out the door. For a brand new (zero miles) 08 VTX1800 touring series, windsheild and saddlebags included.

    Thanks again, be safe and I will be seeing you guys on the open road!


  363. Mark Clement  June 24th

    not a bad price for the bike. Maybe you could do better. Read previous posts here & decide for yourself. About the power commander- $973?!. Plus $233 in labor? A PCIII USB only costs about $300!
    There’s really no reason to do a PCIII USB with stock pipes and air intake.
    So are you getting aftermarket pipes and an airbox too? If yes, that’s a very fair deal, with crazy cheap labor. If no, that dealer is NOT to be trusted. I think we need more info here.

  364. LACaz  June 25th

    Yes, the dealer installed Cobra pipes and a power commander.

  365. Mark Clement  June 25th

    The price you quoted was a fair price for the PC & Cobra pipes & labor. Ya done good!

  366. LACaz  June 26th

    I am now a proud owner of a new Honda 08 VTX1800…it is awesome!

    And as it has been stated on this site numerous times, it doesn’t matter what I like, it matters what you like. So, buy, ride and enjoy what you have or are going to purchase and be safe.


  367. Norris in CA  June 27th

    LaCaz, congrats on the purchase. I think u will have a lot of fun and good riding on it. I did not put my 2cents in on the deal u got…I paid $8500 on a 2003 VTX1800S in 2005 that had 8500 miles on it. I did pay too much considering the price of the new ones today, or at least the 0 miles ones from the dealer. BUT I wouldn’t give mine up for anything!! it is dependable, so far, (it has over 73,000 miles on it)I think it looks better than a Harley, the Suzuki Blvd almost looks as good, but not quite lol. It is a good bike, u should have many years of good riding ahead of u.
    take care………enjoy
    RIDE SAFE ;-)

  368. Scott in Canada  June 27th

    LACaz….good job on the purchase!….you know your wife will want one now before too long as well…you will REALLY like the bike…I’ve driven a few different makes and styles and the VTX 1800 is an excellent machine. Up here in Canada they stopped distributing the 1800′s….I think it’s a big mistake but I guess I’m biased. Have you had your machine out on the Interstate yet? You’ll loved it out there!!!
    Take Care and Ride Safe! Live to Ride and Ride to Live!

  369. LACaz  June 28th

    I say this and nothing else, for a while, to give others room to voice their thoughts on this blog.

    To Norris and Scott, thanks! I road my VTX1800 a short 100 miles this Sunday. On byways, side roads and highway, and this bike rocks!

    It has power to create seperation in a split second. And it loves to stay about 4 gear!
    My wife road the Vulcan and found it difficult to stay up on take offs.

    I am well pleased with this bike, I’m glad I made the jump and purchased it.

    I’ll wave at you all on the open road!

  370. LACaz  June 28th

    …That’s “And it loves to stay ABOVE 4 gear!”

  371. Norris in CA  June 29th

    LaCaz, first of all…..lol, the 100 miles is only the beginning…your comment about it liking to stay above 4th gear, well it likes to stay WELL above 4th!!!! mine is in the shop, I am back in AZ for a few days, I had the valves adjusted (after 73,000 miles) I know it was way tooooo long, but I didn’t realize……anyway the shop said two were a little out. This bike is really dependable, but that is what I expect from Honda. I still wouldn’t give mine up for any other bike. Looks, performance, dependability, am I bias?? yah maybe ;-) take care, ride safe keep the updates coming!!

  372. MN VTX  June 30th

    Hey all, Thank you one and all for the milage updates. I just got back into riding this spring after a 15 year (babies) hiatis. Lucked out and picked up an 03 1800C, what a blast. Running Memphis Shades Fats windshield, Cobra pipes, 2 up back rests, Karyakin air intake and Commander III EFI and am / was concerned about mileage, obvious I should be as I am only getting 31 and most of my driving is on the freeway between 60 and 80 MPH. I will call my favorite shop for a tune immediately. For any doubters, my last bike was also a honda, a 900 custom and the EFI along with double the horsies makes my old ride that I loved, pale. Ride safe.

  373. Tony in Kentucky  August 21st

    I am a new rider. Just got my licence for the street but had spent lots of years on a dirt bike.
    My question is would the VTX 1800 be to large to for a starter bike or is that anything to worry about.

  374. MN VTX  August 22nd

    Tony, NO, quite to the contrary. Biggest thing to think about is that you want a low center of gravity. Give yourself lots of room. This bike will kick like a dirtbike, but at 80 MPH it does not switch lanes like a dirt bike. VERY deceptive that way. Already up to 4K miles just this summer and I can tell you, BEST bike I have ever ridden. RESPECT the machine and fear everyone else and you will love it.

  375. Scott in Canada  August 22nd

    Tony…I definitely agree with MN VTX…..I’m going to read into some of what you have said here…I have taught advanced police motorcycle courses and I have found generally that those persons riding the big police bikes in the manner which we ask them (slow speed with high precision) who have a dirt bike background generally do fairly well on the big machines….some of our students are in the same shoes you are wearing and have never ridden large street bikes before….they do very well if they do those things that all riders should do, basically look where you want to go, respect the machine and understand proper motor placement. If you have never taken a street course before….do it…then ride everyday in the manner they teach you…..the VTX 1800 is a powerful bike, has a very nice lower center of gravity and is balanced well. I really like my VTX 1800…remember, a monkey can ride a motorcycle at highway speeds, but a true rider can handle a crowded parking lot without dragging his feet all over the place. I’ll quote MN VTX ’cause it’s true, “RESPECT the machine – FEAR everyone else – you WILL love it!” Hey maybe make that into a t-shirt…could be your next million. Cheers!

  376. LACaz  August 23rd

    Hey Tony,
    I’m a first time rider. I took the riders class, good info and instruction, worth the money. I had my eye on the VTX1800, but the info on this website recommended a smaller bike for 1st timers. I took their advice and bought a Vulcan 900 in March. I’m glad I did, after just two month I felt confident so I purchased my VTX, it is a big machine! My opinion and recommendation, for 1st timers, is start on something you feel you can control,gain confidence and skills, then move up to a bigger bike. You don’t want to discourage yourself from riding, by having a few mishaps or accidents because you lost control. I have graduated to the VTX and love the juice it provides!
    Good luck!

    LACaz from Orlando FL

  377. Tony in KY  September 1st

    I purchased my 2008 VTX 1800 this past Sat in AK and decided to drive it home 670 miles. It was my first ride on a large bike and i loved it!
    Had no problems, great weather and a great bike. Thank you for your comments and for your support!
    Have a great week and ride safe…

  378. Lincnlvr  September 4th

    Well I dropped my bike. A ku=nucklehead changed lanes without looking I sweerved to keep from getting hit and in turn hit some of these DANG half balls they use here in Georgia. When I ht that thing it hit my Floorboard and put a hole in my engine cover. Dores anyone know where I can get one for a good price? I have a 2006 VTX `1800R. just email me if anyone knows where I get get one for a decent price

  379. Tony from Kentucky  September 13th

    I have an exhaust question for everyone… I would like to get a better sound than what the stock exhaust are producing but not a loud sound that will wake the neighbors. Do you have any suggestions?

  380. suitsmefine  September 27th

    greetings all.
    i bought my first bike ever 6 years ago at age 40 and it was the first time i ever attempted to ride, it was an 03 honda shadow 750. learned on it and out grew it within 2 months being 6’2 and 210 pounds and bought a 2004 vtx 1300R which i love specially after i had a cobra speedsters pipes on her.however now i am looking at buying a vtx 1800F, it’s an 05 with 2000 miles on her V@H pipes and just trying to figure out what is the difference between stage 1,2 and 3.thanks a lot for any feed back u guys give. safe riding all.

  381. David Packer  September 27th

    It’s spec 1, 2 or 3 and its cosmetic. I have an ’07 VTX1800F1, the 1 is for spec 1, which I love and the spec 1 has brushed aluminium on and around the forks… as opposed to chrome trim. The 2 and 3 basically have more chrome and cost more. I got such a great deal on my bike I went with it and am glad I did. I also went from a 750 and my 1800 is easier and more fun. Good luck.

  382. suitsmefine  September 27th

    thank you David ur feed back was very helpfull to me.

  383. Chuck P  October 5th

    Hey Tony in Kentucky,
    I have a 2006 vtx 1800s. I kept my stock look and had vtxexhaust.com modify my exhaust. Sounds great, not excessively loud. I like the results.

  384. soonerfanjj  October 8th

    Hey guys,

    So just been riding about half a year. Been puttering around on a hand me down 1992 shadow 600. It has been fantastic but the bike has been having many many problems.

    So i started looking around for something new, I went into the shop around this way and was looking at a 2010 sabre, it was a little costly and the guy recommended a used vtx1800. Its a 2008 with only 260 miles, a credit union repo, so a very sweet deal.

    Here is the thing, i want more power and more speed and something bulkier, I am 6 feet and 145lbs. I am kind of intimidated by such a big bike, i planned on getting a smaller then moving up later, however with such a good deal i really want this bike, i go in tomorrow morning to finalize if i want.

    What do you think, i am 30yrs old and in good shape, but is this too much bike for me? I have never ridden 2up but plan to with my girl.

    I am not concerned with going fast really, just want a dependable cruiser that wont leave me wanting on the open road.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  385. David Packer  October 9th

    You will not be disappointed and it rides real easy. Just take a few days to adjust to balancing the weight but it is so well balanced. The power is only there if you need it. My only recommendation is the stock passenger seat is ridiculous so you may want to look into an aftermarket seat. But you will love the bike. I did exactly what you are doing, moved up from a crappy 1992 Nighthawk 750, my 2007 VTX1800F is a dream in comparison.

  386. MN MTX  October 9th

    David Packer, Has your girl ever ridden before? If not, make a friend that has a wife or girl that knows how to ride. My wife knows how to and I can tell you the passenger can dump you as easy if not easier then another bike. Tell her to talk to some of her friends, a passenger that knows how to mount a bike and lean with you is worth the price of the ring. :) NONE of this is meant as sexual, but if tha works for you too, more power to both of you…..

  387. David Packer  October 9th

    Agreed but the stock passenger seat would not be comfortable on an anorexic. Its a thin blade of leather.

  388. soonerfanjj  October 9th

    Just want to say a thank you to the responses, tried to play it cool and wait a few days, but to hell with it, went and picked up my 1800f today.

    Purely amazing. Like i said as a smaller frame guy i was pretty intimidated, but i have to say probably easier to ride than my old rust bucket. Been riding all day, its better than a damn caddy. So much balance and precision, its a dream.

    I was worried that the first stop light i came to my little chicken leg would just snap off when i put my foot down, but damn its just easy as hell to ride this thing. The power is amazing, the ride spectacular.

    I just want to say thanks to everyone above, everyones comments helped steer me towards this bike and i cant thank you guys enough.

    Happy riding!

  389. David Packer  October 9th

    Fantastic! Ride safe and enjoy.

  390. Greg SC  October 10th

    Its always good to hear that another brother has joined the VTX Ride…Wouldn’t it be great to all hang out for a weekend, much like the HD guys do, and Ride!!!

    Ride Free & Safe

  391. Clifford Powell  November 23rd

    Just wanted to comment on here about how much I value and love my Honda VTX 1800 F. Most fantastic bike I’ve had the honor to own and ride. A true freedom ride with all the horns, bells, and whistles, oh and quite a bit of torque to boot too! I picked up mine brand new out of the crate, and will probably be burried with it…..lol. I have no complaints for this excellent piece of manmade machinery, and only hope that others with have the honor to at least experience first hand what these bikes have to offer. I’ve had alot of attention from HD riders who first see this piece of 2 wheel art with plenty of power to take us to the next destination and then some……lol Ride Safe All, and hope to shake hands with you some day!

  392. Norris in CA  January 4th

    hey I am wondering, I am thinking of buying some hard bags on ebay, if anyone is familiar with the MU Hard SADDLE BAG V ROAD STAR VTX VULCAN C50 C90 M109R
    I am wondering I believe the rear turn signals will have to be relocated, and the bag has signal lights on them, but what do u do with the hole in the fender?? do u just plug it up with a rubber plug and where do u get them if that is the solution?? This looks like an alright hardbag, has a good amount of room and is 8.5″ wide, that is better than the leather bags I have now. I am getting sick and tired of everything getting wet from the rain when it rains!!!!
    Oh my bike has over 78,000 miles on it, still running strong!!!
    U guys take care, ride safe, and BE WELL!!!!

  393. James  January 20th

    Hey all! I’ve been shopping around and I keep comming back to the VTX, honestly when it comes to looks I love the design. All my friends ride HD’s and I’ve ridden a few, but style wise just not there for me. I will probably buy used, so there will probably be no warranty. So my main concern is with being shaft driven v chain or belt. In terms of repairs how does it compare? I understand that if you service it properly you can avoid untimely events that could occur, but if it did is it a huge hassle?

  394. Sandy Brisbane  February 2nd

    Try the Buell dealer in your city. That brand of pipes can be more easily modified for more noise. Loud and Proud !

  395. John  February 7th

    Hey, James.
    I have. VTX1800 f and it is the most exciting bike I have ever owned! I tried the HD and this bike is a dream. The cost the POWER the everything!!!
    I have owned sport bikes and until now, was my thing. I will never give up my VTX!!!
    You won’t be sorry if you decide to get one. Your question on the shaft drive. As far as I understand, just adjustments at major tune up points and it should last the life of the bike. I hope that helps.

  396. John  February 7th

    Hey, Noris.
    have you looked at the Corbin Bettle bags? The hard bags they have are contoured perfect fir most VTX models. Hard bags. I have some on my VTX1800 f and they came pre painted with matching paint. Perfect match, as a matter of fact. You should check them out. They are in Hollister CA.
    Stay safe… ~John

  397. John D of California  February 7th

    Hey, I am looking for ride buddies in the Northern California area. Guys and gals who love to put in the miles. Maybe we can get together for a coast run?? Let me know folks….

  398. Norris in CA  February 7th

    hey James, I have a little over 78,000 miles on my ’03 VTX1800S and it is still going strong….no probs with the shaft drive. I think the clutch is a little soft, but it still seem to be able to pick up speed going up the incline of a bridge here in the port of Long Beach area, without slipping. I realize u posted ur comment on the 20th of Jan, but I hope my comment helps.
    John, I am looking at a set of bags now on Ebay http://www.mutazu.com/products.php?cat_id=7&menu=HardSaddlebags&product_id=283&s=prod.php they sale for about $305 with $45 in shipping. They r roomy Overall outside Dimensions: length 27″ x Height 14 ” x Width 11″
    I am hoping they will work, they do look kind of nice, they have a photo gallery that has them on a VTX1300 and they look pretty good. They will come in black, and I dont have the paint to match my bike here, but I think the black will look ok, lol my leather bags r black now, so I am hoping….. ;-) Most of the better bags r upwards of $700-800, and I just cant afford that. :-(
    Anyway I hope all u guys have a great winter…..I am riding everyday haha ride safe….BE WELL!!!!

  399. John D of California  February 7th

    Hey Norris.
    I just took a peep at the bags you mentioned. They do look nice. Good show!! and Safe rides to you too!!

  400. Nick O  March 8th

    Hi all – Risers for VTX1800C? I have had Ultimate big boy seats put in but despite gorilla-leanings and occasional behavior to match, my arms are not quite long enough for the new (and seriously comfortable) seating. I was on the cusp of big boy/low boy seat size, so now I have shifted back and up a bit relative to the stock seat. Went to customizing place today and after conversation with them I thought that an orthopedic surgeon could lengthen my arms cheaper than getting custom bars fitted ($200 for the bars and 1000 to 1500 for the job!). Went to Honda and got lots of good ideas and help but no clear solution at short notice. I only need about 2″ back for the grips (at most) for the current bars. Most custom bars don’t seem to help that. Most risers on the web seem to change the design too much – although there were a few possible options I couldn’t really tell if the baron riser adaptors would work on my 2005 VTX1800C; I liked the look of the Rivco risers but they were fully chrome and as you know the risers on the VTX1800C are in that subtle buffed aluminium look, not chrome. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!! The only other sensible suggestion I heard was to put some extra padding in the Ultimate big boy seat to bring me back to about the same position as the stock seat, but I thought a simple riser job without major cable work would be easier, and that seat is seriously good in its current position.
    Yeah and I got one of those 50th birthday cards with a biker and colostomy bag attachment, kidney protectors etc etc so bring it on!

  401. OzarkMark  March 8th

    Hey Nick,
    Try cruisercustomizing.com
    They have nearly everything on the market for your VTX. Good luck!

  402. roger  March 20th

    i love this web site, i just bought my first 2005 honda 1800r, took a short ride on it last friday night. took it to my local handa shop for its first 8,500 miles service, it has 9,500 miles on it. when i get back from work will go pay for that then i am havinf new tires put on it. thats about all it needs. was wanting a big bike for my wife and i to take some trips on the road and came across this one, one owner, always kept inside. babied. and best of all, $5,700.00, keep the wind in you face, roger

  403. Joel D.  April 12th

    I was riding an 1100 and on a slow Friday afternoon started surfing Ebay for 1800′s. I put a rediculous bid on one in Chicago thinking someone would come in behind me and outbid. Nope…45 minutes later I owned my first 1800C. It’s a 2003 model…although they haven’t changed much in design with the newer models. I flew from DC to Chicago to pick it up and ride it home. The ride home was great and I thought I’d reached Nirvana. But when I got home and hit DC traffic for first time I thought I’d made a big mistake. I’m not too big a guy and the VTX is a BIG bike. But after a few times working through the traffic and getting the feels I realized I was one happy VTX owner. I’ve since moved from DC to Stuttgart, Germany, and had the bike shipped over with me. My wife and I ride everywhere and we’ve seen a lot of Europe on it. I hope to sell it before I punch out at the end of the year and buy a newer model when I return to DC. Keep the shiny side up, Dudes!

  404. Blinker  April 12th

    @Nick O
    I had a similar problem. I found that, if you get the wires and cables out from under the tank, you’ll have a lot more room. I used a 4 up riser which made the cables pretty tight. Barely tank to tank. But I got run over, so, in the rebuild leaving the cables out from under the tank gave me all the room I need.

    I admit I’m a big guy. I’m comfortable now. I can use the risers and the added slack lets me pull the bars down a bit more. Which makes then fit better. And, yeah, I thought about just buying a newer bike, rather than pay the thousands the dealer wanted to install new bars and cables.

  405. Steve R  April 23rd

    Yo Guys, I just got the bike I wanted for along time. A 05 VTX 1800 N with 1905 miles on it. This is one awsome beast. Balanced well, smooth ride and more power than I ever dreamed of. Can’t wait till my first road trip, very soon.

  406. Steve R  April 23rd

    Oh by the way I got the bike for $5250.00 and the greatest guy owned it since new. He took it to local mechanic and had the tank, lines and injectors cleaned out, filled it with gas, oil change, tires pumped to specs and even gave me a new helmet with it. But the best of it is he trailered it over 600 miles and delivered it too my door at no charge. One great deal and now a new friend for life.

  407. Steve R  April 23rd

    Yo nick google up honda vtx 1800 acessories and you will find everything.

  408. Darryl  May 20th

    I bought my VTX 1800 two years ago. At the time I lived in Alabama and was riding a Honda Shadow 1100 Sabre 2005 model. I have no complaints about it at all. My wife and I made a lot of trips to Panama City Beach Florida for bike week and other places. When I bought it it was a bike I really enjoyed and the other big thing it was in my price range at the time. We took time and a few more dollars and dressed it up and it’s one nice machine. Two years ago through hard work and my wife’s help I saved enough and we bought the new 1800 VTX. I can tell you they tried to sell me the 1300 at the Honda shop and tried to tell me that the 1800 was too heavy and that I would not be happy. Well they were wrong. It handles great in and out of traffic. I’m 53 and have some problems from the gulf war. At first I was worried that it would be hard to move around if I had to push it back but not the case. It moves easily and the balance seems to be fine. I would not buy anything else. It’s a choice I’m glad I made. I know that the 1300 is a nice bike because I have ridden one but for the price I paid I feel the 1300 would have been the wrong choice. I agree with a lot of you it is a big machine but once your on the road and you have two or three thousand miles behind you on one you’ll be happy with your choice. I think the only thing I wish was different is I have the C model and it has the short fenders, I would like to have fenders like my 1100 has. By the way the reason I still have the 1100 is because it is the first bike my wife helped me dress up. I ride it every once in a while around town to keep her in good shape. The big difference is when your trying to make a quick move those carburetors just aren’t as responsive as fuel injection. Any one who is thinking about the 1800 I say go for it. You will not be disappointed. It travesty well and is a comfortable bike.

  409. Joel D.  May 23rd

    Darryl…totally on the same page as you with regard to your choice to go with the 1800. I said as much in my earlier blog. I ride the C model, too. A 2003. I’m in Germany now but when I return to the US next year I plan on getting a later model…2009 probably. As for performance I’m not sure if there’s much difference between the other VTX models so I’ll likely stick with the C. Anyway, keep the shiney side up and enjoy the ride.

  410. MN VTX  June 9th

    Friends, I need your help. My 1800 is ill and not able to perform. I need to know what medicine it requires. I starts fine and idles as always. Once it gets under any load at all, it stalls out. I just need to reprime it and then start it and same thing all over again. Unfortunately I got about a mile, a very hilly mile from home until it decided to kill for the first time. It is about 72 miles into a tank of gas where I typically get 125 miles, so appears gas should be ok. I did wash it recently, so maybe water. To the best of my knowledge (two years) it is on the same fuel filter. Oh yeah, maybe 6 tanks of gas ago it was completely stripped and repainted. Hoping one of you have been here and can tell me what I need to do to make my baby better. If it is a fuel filter, are they hard to do? One more hint, if this helps, it did die on the freeway (70 MPH) maybe two weeks back (two tanks of gas ago). That time it started right up. Help please, I am in MN and 5 out of our ten annual riding days are gone already…. :)

  411. David Packer  June 9th

    Sorry for your troubles. I had a Honda Nighthawk that used to do that and turned out to be electrical. Look at regulator too.

  412. Tony in Ky  June 11th

    I have a 2008 VTX that has 6000 miles. I was wondering if all VTX’s have a really loud gear box. When I change gears there is a really loud clank. Had the oil changed at 4000 miles with synthetic oil but didn’t make it any better. Seams to have gotten louder. Any suggestions?

  413. David Packer  June 11th

    That’s the bike, they all do that. Especially the big clunk into 1st gear. It’s normal for the VTX.

  414. Doug C.  July 2nd

    I own a 2003 VTX 1800 R that now has 43,000 miles on it. Bought it as a leftover in 2004, right out of the box for $9300. Added a set of National Cycle Cruiserline saddlebags, Memphis Shades windshield and a truck load of chrome, including Hardchrome Double-walled Kicker pipes that give it a serious roar. For me, the VTX is the coolest looking cruiser out there, certainly the best handling.

    Still on the original set of brakes, too, though the fronts will need changing shortly. I hate using the brakes. Engine braking with a full 1800CC engine works better for me. Besides, accelerating is much more fun.

    Anyways, regarding the transmission, mine has always had a definite metallic clunk to it during shifting, yet I’ve never experience any problems as a result. In fact, the only real “repair” work I’ve ever had to do is replace the fork seals, which will be done this week. Front brake disk replacement, too, but that’s more a maintenance issue.

    From a cost of ownership, this bike stands head and shoulders above its peers. Looks are purely subjective, but dollars and cents spent on repairs and maintenance are not and this bike has been a winner from day one for me. I hope the rest of you have the same experience.

    Ride safe, have fun!

  415. Steve R  July 6th

    Hey MN VTX, sounds like you have a clogged fuel filter. Change it and you will be ok and use premium gas also.

  416. Steve R  July 6th

    yo MN VTX the clunking sound is the hydraulic clutch and is a normal sound for these big guy bikes.

  417. David Packer  July 6th

    VTX1800 get 87 octane fuel.

  418. MN VTX  July 6th

    Thank you for the help. I could not find my original post, but the clunking is gone, so I am guessing that when I put on new tires and they serviced the rear differential, that took care of it. As for the not running higher than an idle, well the original owner put on a power commander and used wire nuts. Note to all home mechanics, BUY A SODERING IRON, PLEASE. Any recommendations on a horn upgrade? I do not want the big semi style horns, but I do want to increase the decibles by at least 2X. then a chrome wrap for the radiator and I think I will be done playing for this year……

  419. norris in CA  July 9th

    my bike has over 80,000 miles on it now, and it still is running great!! MNVTX I think it was you that was wondering about the clunking noise in the trans, I have had it for the entire time. I think its normal, but mine gets worse from time to time. I found that the shifter lever gets dirty inside it and becomes hard to shift. I dont know if others have that problem, but when I would change the oil I would take it off and clean it our and put some chain grease in it and it would sound alot better. lol now I have just resorted to squirting a little WD40 on it until the next time it needs it. BUT over 80,000 miles and really nothing to complain about!! I dont think u could say that about a Hardley!! lol I ride my bike everyday, I used to live in AZ, now in CA so the riding season is all year.
    Anyway, all u guys take care, RIDE SAFE AND BE WELL!!!!

  420. Andy  December 29th

    I ride a 07 VTX 1800C, bad ass is all i have to say, love the feel, look, sound and the power. Good buddy of mine rides a M109 and the VTX consistantly out pulls the ‘Zuke. Both bikes are stock. 20 miles on mine when i purchased it and still less than 5000 on it. Still have my pristine 86 V45 for the days i want to feel 10000 rpm’s. Wouldn’t trade either one of them for anything. Ride safe and god bless!!!!

  421. norris in CA  December 29th

    hey Andy, not tooo many posts lately,I was at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA and talking to the Honda person there. I am not liking that they quit producing the VTX line back in I think 07 was the last year wasn’t it??–and not even the 1800cc V-twin engine at all. I hate that they moved production of all bikes back to Japan. BUT I do like the fact that mine was made in the US and is bigger than the newest stock Hardleys. ;-)haha I really do think that anything on 2 wheels is great!! I ride a 2003 VTX 1800S and I love it. It is my only vehicle and I am on it everyday!! I have over 83,000 miles on it and it does need a clutch, but I am babying it and it is still doing well!! I run metzler 880′s on the front and Kenda 645?? (I think that is the tire model)on the rear. I used to run the Kenda Kruz on the rear, but I am trying this other model. Life if good on a Honda VTX… ;-)
    take care have a great time, RIDE SAFE, BE WELL!!!

  422. Andy  December 30th

    Yeah Norris, it must be nice to have biking weather year round. I live in eastern Canada and our biking season is usually mid-May till around early October. My father in law rides a VTX 1300 which is also a nice bike…i have been to California a few times (long haul trucker) and the state is beautiful, would love to be able to do some riding out there!!!

  423. norris reber  April 25th

    not too many have posted for a while, Andy if u see this, it u pull a dry van and empty out in Soutern Utah chances r u will get a load of hay to Long Beach area, I work at a place called Overweight Container Logistics. get a load here and see us in SoCal;-) OK now, I am having a problem and I need some help and suggestions. I have a starting problem. Starter is good and battery is fine, it turns over good, but it won’t fire right off. This morning it took around 3-5 minutes of cranking before it finally fired. The Fuel pump is working well, I hear it working and kicks off when pressure is up. I changed spark plugs, so they r good. Could it be the stator magneto?? most times it does end up firing, but one day I am afraid it isn’t. ANY ideas would be appreciated!!

  424. Daniel  January 21st

    I love my VTX 1800T. Rode it from the Puget Sound to San Diego and back. Never had a hitch and had a comfortable ride.

    I got the bike sponsored and a $100 check to spend on the bike any way I’d like. Check out my video

  425. David  July 1st

    I’ve owned bikes for over 40 years. Got a 2002 VTX 1800C recently and love it. The bike has V&H performance exhaust and a hyper-charger. The rest is stock. It’s a bitch!

    .. live hard, ride hard (Canadian)

  426. Steve  July 28th

    I spoke with a guy who is travelling Europe on one. Made me think about my day job…

  427. Norris in CA  January 18th

    I haven’t posted here for a while, and it looks like no one has for a while. My 2003 VTX 1800S has over 93,000 miles on it and it is still going strong. My clutch has been a little soft for a couple years. If I am going up an incline and I gun it, it slips a little. I have been babying it and it does OK so far. I live in the Long Beach, CA area, if anyone is around here, I go to 5 (Five) Star Motorcycle for service and repairs. When I lived in Arizona I had the tools and place to do some of my own stuff, but here in CA things are a little different. Anyway, I am still on mine everyday and riding strong!!!! I still don’t understand why Honda decided to discontinue this bike, it has been a solid bike for me!! Take care you all, RIDE SAFE!!!!!!!

  428. Norris in CA  October 18th

    hmmm no one posts at all anymore. I am still on my VTX 1800. It has a little over 105,000 on it now, with very little problems. There was one thing…..if anyone has a problem with it starting, sometimes it takes a while of cranking before it fires….check the wires on the nuetral switch on the shifter. Other than that mine is running great!! I did buy a little 150cc Chinese scooter to use if and when my bike goes to the shop. This last time with the starting problem, it took a LONG time for them to finally track it down. If anyone still reads this, RIDE SAFE ALWAYS!! :)

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