128 ways to drop your motorcycle
Motorcycle blog, Ride it Like You Stole it, has a pretty interesting list of ways to spill your motorcycle. There’s nothing like a stupid self provoked spill to set of a good hissy fit. I nearly tossed my helmet in the ground when I dropped my Honda once, because I put my foot down in some gravel. Luckily I came to my senses and saved having to buy a new helmet.

I’m guilty of at least to of the bike dropping methods on the list; Putting your foot down on something slippery when stopping, and Not putting the kickstand down when getting off. I managed to save the last one before the bike hit the ground though, but it demanded some serious acrobatics.

When these spill, or near spill experiences happen to me, it’s always because of rushing or lack of concentration. Which indicates, that when riding a motorcycle you have to clear your mind, focus on what you’re doing, and just take your time.

Check out The list and see if you recognize yourself somewhere.

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17 Responses to “128 ways to drop your motorcycle”

  1. beatnikbiker.com » Blog Archive » How to dump your bike  June 11th

    […] By the way, I found the list via a post by Jesper on Helmet Hair. You can find that post here. […]

  2. Highwaylass  June 11th

    Holds up hand to 3, 5 (nearly), 38 (nearly), 64, 95 and 112.

    Many thanks, in no particular order, to the 4 guys renovating a nearby house, the farmhand on his way home from a late shift, the man who thought he was popping to the post office to pick up some stamps not a 900cc Triumph, and my brother-in-law who turned out to have a very handy trailer with tie-downs and ramp. The one advantage of being a lady biker is that it’s OK to ask people to help you pick it up again!

    Haven’t been guilty of 94 but it did make me laugh 🙂

  3. Jesper  June 11th

    38, the old shoelaces stunt. That’s a classic. You’ve really done 64, 95, and 112 as well, Highwaylass, you’ve been busy flicking your bikes around.

    You’re right it’s not that ego enhancing for a dude to need help picking his bike up. But shit happens.

  4. Highwaylass  June 11th

    Top-heavy bike + puny legs = expensive crunching noises

    The bruises heal, it’s the cost of keeping the bike in new indicators (gear levers, handlebars) that really hurts!

  5. Elizabeth Jury  June 21st

    I found one close, but not quite…

    Not giving the bike enough gas around a corner, stalling it out, and then dropping it on the gravel next to the road.

  6. Jesper  June 21st

    Not giving enough gas around a corner, might be a female trait or something. My mom did exactly the same thing and flipped her bike twice.

    Of course giving it too much gas around a corner can be bad as well, I know plenty of guys who have flipped their bikes doing that.

  7. Rob  July 9th

    Engine guards are my friend. I came to a stop on my Kawasaki Nomad once and a big gust of wind blew me over. Took forever to get the bike back up because I was laughing so hard.

  8. Highwaylass  July 9th

    Fantastic – I think that must be the 129th 🙂

  9. Mark  August 4th

    Nothing special, just forgot to put down the kickstand- just happened to be trying to look cool in front of Triumph rider in front of local store on my Sportster. Pulled up, slid off the seat in my usual, practiced, casual way, and was 3 steps toward the door before my poor XLH hit the ground. Felt so small I mighta needed a ladder to get back on…Southern Cal, 1977…

  10. Dave Dragon  September 21st

    Greetings Jesper!

    Thanks for posting the link to my blog about the infamous 128.

    Have a Great Weekend my two wheeled brother.

    -Dave Dragon
    Ride it like you stole it

  11. How you can easily help out new motorcycle riders | Helmet Hair - Motorcycle Blog  March 16th

    […] 128 ways to drop your motorcycle […]

  12. NinjaGirl  January 12th

    May I add one more? Deciding to ride your bike to work early one morning and, because your husband left the riding lawnmower parked to the left of your bike and his motorcycle closely in front of yours, attempting to “duck-walk” the machine backwards on dewy grass… my left turn-signal was broken off but the lawnmower survived without a scratch.

  13. Danielle  June 5th

    I’m guilty of #95 yesterday. Dropped my honda shadow 750 in front of a bunch of guys yesterday, sharp turn into parking spot on a hill 🙁
    ego hurt more than anything else.

  14. Jesper  June 8th

    Oops! hope you didn’t get bad scratches.

  15. Kevin  September 2nd

    Thank GOODNESS I’ve never dropped my bike! These will serve as a constant reminder to always be careful. I can’t believe how many used bikes have been dropped! I’ve only got 10,000km under my belt on a 250, but hopefully this will help me to keep it damage free! What an awful feeling haha

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3 Responses to “128 ways to drop your motorcycle”

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