Now here’s a rare video nugget. You would never see this much details from a motorcycle factory today. This is a 30 min. infomercial, I think we would call it now, from Triumph made back in the late fifties. Starts off with a hobo finding some note with a technical illustration on the side of the road, which he hands over to a jolly old motorcycle riding chap passing by. Jolly motorcycle chap gives the hobo a lift on his way to the Triumph factory, and thats where an amazing walk through of the Triumph factory at the time begins. That’s real old school.

Get ready for time travel
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16 Responses to “Video tour of fifties Triumph motorcycle factory”

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  2. Joanna  March 26th

    Hi. I hope you can help me? I am looking for some more information about this video (1950’s triumph). We are really interested in using this footage and would like to know if you could point us in the right direction of the person who owns the rights to the film.

    Any help you can provide would be really good.

  3. Jesper  March 26th

    Joanna, I’m sorry, but I don’t know who owns the rights. I just found it online.

  4. mommam_mce  August 8th


  5. Gene Romero  February 19th

    Triumph best motorcycles in the world.
    The Meriden ones are the best.

  6. Doug Mogano  February 20th

    I was an apprentice at the Triumph when this film was made, & have a VHS of this & other old footage. It always brings back loads of memories.Thanks for bringing it to everyone’s attention.

  7. Jesper  February 20th

    Amazing, Doug. I you want any help in sharing those golden moments with the rest of us, I’d be happy to assist.

  8. nulse51  February 20th

    dam it dam it dam it it will not load 4 me Iv been to google vids and tried to down load but no luck i get the first 20 or 30 seconds then it freezes dam it dam it dam it

  9. derek greaves  February 23rd

    both my father and stepbrother worked at the triumph,way back when.
    my dad was a driver who took spares on a motorbike and sidecar,more a box really,he also drove a van here there and everywhere,a lot of the time when we were kids we would go as well.
    my stepbrother was a tester when he came out of the raf,we used to go to the annual sports day at the meriden factory,we had some fantastic times.
    it would have been nice if i,d have seen my dad on the film,but it was fantastic anyway.thanks to whoever owns it. regards derek greaves redditch,

  10. nick cattermole  February 25th

    Please help! I can’t seem to view this! I can only see 1 or 2 seconds at a time is there another site where i can view this film?

  11. Gene Romero  July 8th

    Great site, I enjoyed the video. Triumph Motorcycles are the BEST!

  12. Gary Deering  July 22nd

    Thank you for putting this online or posting the link, What a great video I am restoring a 1961 3ta the same people on this film may have worked on my bike ! thank you again its really good to see how the best bikes ever where put together & who did it.Gary

  13. Mikey the biker  March 11th

    The best thing I have ever seen on the internet. the 1969 TT races were also really great. a Must see. Thanks to all concerned

  14. claudio sintich  June 3rd

    I have this in VHC but I think you can get it in DVD , it’s a Triumph film called 99.99 and it’s about Malcolm Uphill winning the 1969 Production Race at the Isle of Man TT on a Thruxton Bonneville .

    claudio .

  15. M.S.  June 6th

    This film is available on DVD from Cub Video Productions at:
    It is called ‘IT’S A TRIUMPH’.

  16. Bill Getty  January 2nd

    I was the one who paid Clyde Earl to transfer this from super 8 to VHS. Clyde was parts manager at Johnson motors and salvaged this footage from the trash when they moved from pasadena to Duarte. Earl-Mark productions held the rights at that time. I still have the master for this footage.

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