Here’s an excellent video from the seventies when it was popular to jump over insane amounts of cars, trucks and what not. This is the stuff legends are made of.

Sadly though “Super Joe” Einhorn payed the price after just a few years of success, where a serious crash left him brain damaged. Noticing the helmet he’s wearing, which I’m sure was the highest safety standards at the time, gives you the shivers.

“In San Jose, California 1971, ABC’s “Wide World of Sports” covered Super Joe jumping his Triumph 650 over 20 cars. This brought instant recognition & fame and the ‘Super Joe’ legend was born.

His career ended tragically however in 1976 following a jump in Chicago which left him brain damaged. “

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18 Responses to “Video of “Super Joe” a big jump stunt rider from the seventies”

  1. Blues004  February 15th

    I remember this jump it was awesome.

  2. cj hanlon  February 18th

    Man, i remember that guy as i was graduating from HS that year and wanted to do similar stunts…after that though, i just resigned myself to riding off road….leave the spills to the pro’s and those that can handle being hurt….ha…ha..
    Wonder what he does now for a living?

  3. Pan Chopper Man  February 19th

    When I’m 90 and if I can get someone to kick my bike over for me, I’m gonna jump my pan-chopper over the Grand Canyon. Jesper is gonna be my crew chief.

  4. Jesper  February 19th

    Ha ha ha, sure Pan Man, but you got to wear one of those glittering suites with 2ft long tassels and have fire shooting out of your helmet.

  5. apes  February 21st

    Kneivel and super joe should have worked together.That would have been a good show.

  6. BMWmoto  February 28th

    I’ve had my KTM off the ground a couple of times. When I was a kid I used to do what I thought were some pretty insane jumps on my BMX bicycle. I’ve also ridden similar equipment to what these guys had. Jumping a 60’s motorcycle is pretty insane.

    I wish that I’d had access to a dirt bike when I was a kid so I could have learned how to do it when things didn’t hurt so bad and hubris made us do foolish things.

    Thumbs up to all the riders who take it to the next level.

  7. Tom Schueneman  March 15th

    I found this 8mm movie of Super Joe Einhorn crashing big time into the wall at Santa Fe Speedway in 1975 or 1976.

  8. Mark Kintzley  June 27th

    Joe signed a poster of Evel Kneivel, Howard Coselle and himself for my kids around the time of his last jump. He continued his rehab at my brother-in-law’s gym in San Pablo, CA, after his disasterous final jump. I assisted in his rehab at Rod’s health club. He was slow in his speech, but firm in his new found belief in God.

  9. fasttraknews  December 12th

    He was really amazing. It’s just really sad that it had to end that way. I miss watching him and his stunts. Jumping on cars and everything.

  10. Shasheen  April 22nd

    Well Super Joe is my father and I just hope he know today is his oldest grandson’s Birthday. I hope to talk to him soon. So I will be calling you Daddy. I will also be coming to see you soon dad.
    Love Always
    Your Daughter,

  11. Jo  April 22nd

    Well Super Joe is the father of my daughter. I was there for two of his jumps. I stopped watching him jump because I was scared of watching him die. He was amazing on his bike and I still to this day remember him in the days we were young and together. I will be calling you soon Joe.
    Love always,

  12. David  June 14th

    If his family reads this post say hi to Joe from David… I wrecked into the bushes on Road 20 and replanted them… Joe gave me a reel and a copy of letter Evel’s wife wrote to him. Him and my mom used to talk alot…(Josephine) she was into Jesus alot too. Joe would always say to me ” GOD is a Good God” … I had the orange Datsun 240Z … Great guy

  13. get jumping stilts  May 8th

    Over the course of his career, Sakic was one of the most productive forwards in the game, having twice scored 50 goals and earning at least 100 points in six different seasons.

  14. petey  September 28th

    i was at santa fe speedway that night . the area was too small . i was terrified when joe crashed , it was all wrong . God bless joe and his offspring , he was amazing . i will never forget that night , and i have told many folks this tale , although they always look at me like i am lying , it is , unfortunately true .

  15. Mike Garcia  February 18th

    I worked with Joe at Murphy Pacific Bridge Builders in 1969-70 prior to his jumps. He always talked about jumping. He was a cool dude.

  16. Don  August 23rd

    My stage name is Jetman. I was the first to jump over a train (67 thru 77) I broke my back by overshooting the ramp. the two guys to watch were always Knievel & Super Joe. Evel jumped higher but Joe was always the one to beat on distance. Those were good days. I wish we were still jumping. Aye !

  17. Louis Rocket Re  November 29th

    Joe is a good man, I have in the last year gotten to know him. He still has that great personility and a great sence of humor. He was a hero to me growning up, now hes a friend. Just spoke to him the other night, he sounds real good and is very much looking too the holidays and seeing a few people that are very special to him. Best of luck to Joe and his family.

  18. Adrian Hurtado  July 22nd

    I went to school with Joe in San Pablo. We went to Broadway Elementary, Helms Jr. High, and Richmond High, class of ’66. We played on the same little league baseball teams. I moved away but saw him once in the 1980’s. I was visiting my parents and Joe attended their church. I was happy he remembered me. My parents have passed away and I occasionally visit my sisters, but no one seems to know what has happened to Joe. I recently met with a bunch of old high school friends and Joe’s name came up. No one seems to no what has happened to him. By the way, in high school we called him Crazy Joe because he used to ride his Honda to school with his hands in his coat pockets.

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