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Who said you can’t ride your motorcycle when there’s snow up to your hips. With the neat SwitchTraxx Conversion Kit, you’ll be scooting merrily around in the fresh powder snow like the dude in this video. A bloody brilliant idea if you ask me. Of course an off-road bike like the KTM in the video […] Continue reading

New Ghost Rider video game screens

January 25th, 2007 Jesper Bram 1 Comment »

2K gaming just released some new screens of the upcoming Ghost Rider video game. From what the screens reveal, the game is going to be plastered with fancy 3D flames, explosions, magic mayhem, smoke, and what ever you can possibly put a glow effect on. Games transferred from movies doesn’t exactly have the greatest of […] Continue reading

Later this year a movie called Wild Hogs will hit the cinemas. It’s basically the same theme as the movie City Slickers with Billy Crystal, but the horses are replaced with Harleys. I’m pretty sure I’ll not be watching this in the cinema, but I’ll probably rent it when the DVD is out. Looks more […] Continue reading

Take a peek into what very well might be the future of motorcycles. This guy Erik Brinkman have invented a concept, named R-Bike, that is half motorcycle half robot. The idea is that it will change appearance and geometry according to current riding conditions. Seems like a pretty good idea, but not that important. The […] Continue reading

You might be one of the thousands men and women who suffer from the Classic Motorcycles Bug, without knowing it. Answer the following questions to learn if you have it, and afterwards learn a few proven methods to reduce your condition’s influence on your everyday life. If you see a piece of rusty tube sticking […] Continue reading

Maintenance note for Saturday Jan. 13 2007

January 12th, 2007 Jesper Bram Comments Off on Maintenance note for Saturday Jan. 13 2007

The excellent people at Dreamhost, will be moving Helmet Hair from one server to another later today. The move only takes a short while, but the DNS servers around the world need to update afterwards. It can take 24-48 hours for all DNS servers to update so, depending on where you are in the world, […] Continue reading

New MotoGP Board Game

January 10th, 2007 Jesper Bram 4 Comments »

Yes, you got it right, a MotoGP board game. No gaming console, computer or hand held game gizmo needed to play it. Don’t know if you still remember what a board game is, but its one of those things that come in a box with a lot of pieces and a board. You move the […] Continue reading

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