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Stumbled upon this great video following a couple of women from Next Level TV getting their motorcycle license. The video have some great advice from various experts on what bike to choose, how to ride etc. I believe the video won some awards at the 2005 Suncoast Access Awards. Might be the best 30 minutes […] Continue reading

Here’s a video showing what to do next time you’re bored by doing donuts in your local parking lot. Why not try to do a back flip while you wheelie? Continue reading

Bob Parsons, CEO of Go Daddy, has a reputation of getting his Super Bowl commercials rejected. Usually on the account that the CBS network sensors find the Go Daddy girl, Candice Michelle, too hot. I understand why the sensors are a bit sensitive, what impression wouldn’t it give. You take a break from watching huge […] Continue reading

2007 MBI Rider’s Choice Awards

January 5th, 2007 Jesper Bram Comments Off on 2007 MBI Rider’s Choice Awards

If you don’t already know, the nomination process for the 2007 MBI Rider’s Choice Awards have just started. The interesting thing is that you, yes! YOU, can have a say in this. You can nominate anything you like in any categories you like, there’s plenty to choose from. I have nominated, “Building a classic race […] Continue reading

Most anticipated motorcycle movie of 2007 Ghost Rider; are we going to watch it? – I think we are. Check out the new trailer, which also reveals that Peter Fonda star of motorcycle movie classic of all times, Easy Rider, will play the contract dealing double crossing Mephistopheles. Pretty cool that he’s in the movie […] Continue reading

Helmet Hair in Mens Vogue

January 2nd, 2007 Jesper Bram 2 Comments »

Just learned that Helmet Hair Motorcycle Blog made it to the shortlist on Mens Vogue – Sites we like. I knew the blog had gained some popularity lately, but never imagined it would be mentioned in Vogue. I’m impressed that mine is the only motorcycle blog in company with some of the best motoring sites […] Continue reading

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