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Highly Recommended: This DVD is no ordinary sequel; it’s more of an improvement on an already brilliant concept. As the guys at Choppahead put it: “If you haven’t seen volume 1, you might be asking yourself – “What the hell is this DVD series, anyhow?” Well, take a chopper documentary, an old skateboard video and […] Continue reading

If you’re a real motorcycle geek, like me, you might now that S&S, known for their after market copies of Harley engines, produced their first own engine a while back, called X-wedge. Now chief underground chopper guru, Chopper Dave, have finished his first build with this new engine. Bike looks sweet, but I’m not really […] Continue reading

This thing surfaced a couple of days ago. As far as I’ve heard the guy suffered no serious injuries, so I think it’s alright to post it. The dude have built the worlds fastest electric motorcycle, and decides to show off to the press by doing a burnout on the sidewalk. Everything looks good, and […] Continue reading

On September 11th, the American ambassador in Denmark, James Cain, visited Macho Custom a Danish custom motorcycle shop. The visit was a part of his official tour around Denmark on bicycle, which is going to be 1700 km all together. Lots of people from town was there to “see and get seen”. I was there […] Continue reading

Tech week at the Jockey Journal just ended, and here’s a list of the amazing tips and tricks people shared. Big thanks to all the people who took the time to write these up. Adjustable rear fender Building Stainless Fenders Hardtailing an XS650 Sectioned Sporty Tank Timing is everything Hard-tailing an OIF Triumph Boost your […] Continue reading

The true motorcycle from hell

September 9th, 2007 Jesper Bram 14 Comments »

No I’m not talking about some lame scoot where a deluded nutter used a skull as headlight and bones as handlebars. No, this I believe is what the devil rides for real. Not sure which magma bursting pit this sick contraption sprouted from, but it might be somewhere in Russia. It looks inspired by a […] Continue reading

Found this golden nugget out there in cyberspace. It’s a video of legendary Johnny Chop doing the shake down run on his True Blue Chopper. Actually the True Blue Chopper is what set me of on the rebuild of my 73 Shovel. Didn’t know it was a Johnny Chop bike at the time though. My […] Continue reading

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