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Scrounged up these two videos from the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2007. One is of the new automatic transmission concept motorcycle, DN-1, by Honda. The other is a hybrid fueled bike called Crosscage by Suzuki. Stay tuned for more Continue reading

A couple of months ago we bought a house in the country and I finally got my very own garage. You who have one knows how bloody awesome that is, and you who dream of one; yes it is bloody awesome. But like it is with motorcycles, it is with your garage – you want […] Continue reading

Came across these funny print ads from Harley Davidson Australia and thought you might like to use them as desktop wallpapers. The photos are pretty cool, and I like the slightly sarcastic message. The homeland Harley ad agency could learn something from their Australian counterparts, and lighten up a bit. You don’t have to constantly […] Continue reading

New Britttown teaser is out

October 5th, 2007 Jesper Bram 9 Comments »

What a fantastic way to start the weekend. The new teaser for the upcoming movie from One World Studios called Brittown has just been released. You might have a better source for motorcycle videos, if you’re only in to sparkling new crotch rockets. But there’s no beating what comes out of One World Studios if […] Continue reading

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