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It’s really amazing to see how different people are, and yet have the same passion in common. Here’s a few examples from people reading Helmet Hair Motorcycle Blog, who sent me emails about their bikes and rides they’ve been on. This is Mike from Texas on his “Ruby”, a 2003 Honda VTX 1800R. Here’s Reverend […] Continue reading

Wheelie simulation machine

January 14th, 2008 Jesper Bram 16 Comments »

Check this contraption out. Now you know how you can spend the winter on you bike without actually riding (and how to get in touch with you neighbors). If you’re actually nuts enough and have the cash to burn, here’s the guys who make them Xtreme Wheelie Ride. Continue reading

We’ve all been drooling over the Honda CB1100R concept motorcycle hoping of news that it would go into production. But according to the designer, Koji Miwa, it will be a very expensive motorcycle because of the quality of the parts. As Mr. Miwa says “I want this bike to be on sale as a regular […] Continue reading

Browsing around after I found the 1930’s hill climb video yesterday, I also found this movie series from Colorado Motorcycle Company. Everybody wants to be a star motorcycle builder these days, but what I like about these guys is their positive attitude. No unnecessary theatrics, just a bunch talented guys doing what they do best […] Continue reading

I bet you’ve seen black and white video clips of motorcycles before. But this one is of a pretty rare quality. The framing and attention to the motorcycle detail is excellent. It’s damn hilarious to watch these guys bounce up the hill in their best Sunday clothes, thrashing motorcycles people today would kill to own […] Continue reading

New hot supermoto KTM 690 SMR

January 4th, 2008 Jesper Bram 8 Comments »

Here’s a motorcycles I can’t wait to get my greasy hands on, The KTM 690 SMR supermoto. KTM 690 SMR This motorcycle might very well go to the top of my wish list, looks like heaps of fun waiting to be unleashed. KTM have disappointed me before when I first saw the bike for real […] Continue reading

Now that the haze is starting to lift from new years eve, here’s something to get you right back into post-hammered-psychosis. A wild, freewheeling spoof on motorcycle gangs in which tough-looking cyclists, who roam the highways on invisible bikes leaving visible tire tracks, lose the girl to members of a children’s scooter-riding club. A classic […] Continue reading

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