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Ever experienced a car drive out right in front of you, even though you where absolutely certain the driver saw you. Unfortunately it’s not an uncommon experience for us motorcycle riders. An english information campaign sets out to inform both motorcyclist and car drivers on why this happens. Hopefully it will lead to both sides […] Continue reading

Summer is lurking just around the corner and it’s time to get the motorcycle ready for a new season of adventure and good times. Here’s the five things I do to my bikes before every season. 1. Change oil and filter. There’s a lot of discussion on using synthetic oil vs. non-synthetic oil. I go […] Continue reading

Living in an apartment and owning a motorcycle is not always the best combination. Architect Yukio Asari in Tokyo have solved the problem by building a garage into the apartment it. Seems like a damn good idea. I know of many people who would absolutely love it. Check out the photos. Via: what we do […] Continue reading

Crazy motorcycle photo manipulatioin

March 6th, 2009 Jesper Bram 2 Comments »

Originally uploaded by Century imaging Check out this guy Century imaging. These photos are just examples there’s plenty more on his Flickr profile. This is not just a question of using the right software. To do something like this you have to possess some serious illustration skills. Continue reading

Motorcycle comic – Life is a joke

March 2nd, 2009 Jesper Bram 3 Comments »

By Matt Marino creator of K-N-J Moto and Moto Basturds Continue reading

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