Summer is lurking just around the corner and it’s time to get the motorcycle ready for a new season of adventure and good times. Here’s the five things I do to my bikes before every season.

1. Change oil and filter.
There’s a lot of discussion on using synthetic oil vs. non-synthetic oil. I go with what ever the manufacturer of my motorcycle recommends. As far as I know it’s more important to get the viscosity right than if it’s synthetic or not.

2. Check tire pressure.
Easy to forget when you just want to go and ride. But quite a lot of air actually fizz out during the 3-5 months your motorcycles is parked for the winter. If you don’t have a pump at home, your first trip should be to the gas station checking that tire pressure. Again, I go with whatever the manufacturer recommends.

3. Recharge the battery.
It depends a bit on how old your battery are and if it’s a gel battery or not, how crucial charging your battery will be. I tend to go with gel batteries for my bikes since I can be arsed to check on fluid levels and all. I’ve had bikes that started on first turn after the winter without being charged. But it’s recommendable to charge it once or twice over the winter.

4. Check brake pads and chain.
Check chain tension according to your manual. But also check if the chain is worn and should be replaced. If you grab a link with two fingers on the rear sprocket and you can lift it from the teeth of the sprocket, the chain will need to be replaced soon. Check brake pads according to your manual. Usually you there’s no need to remove the brake caliber. Most brake pads have slits cut into them. If you can still see the slits, you’re fine.

5. Clean and lube.
When everything is checked, replaced as needed and fully charged. It’s time to give the motorcycle a thorough spring cleaning. Of course you cleaned it when you put it in storage. But if you’re like me you gave it a light spray lubricant of some sort to prevent rust and corrosion during winter. All that needs to come off and fresh bike spray needs to come on. It’s best to lube the chain while it’s hot. But if you just cleaned it with chain cleaner. Give it a light lube, go for a ride and lube again when you get back. Remember it’s best to lube more frequent than too much at one time. Now is also a good time to check your cables and give them a drop of lube.

If you do these five things, your bike will last long and always be in perfect condition. Riding a clean bike in good condition puts a smile on your face. After all that’s what it’s all about.

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8 Responses to “5 essential tips to get ready for a new motorcycle season”

  1. Aaron  March 24th

    Have a look at our website for race team recommended products to prolong the life and enhance the life of your motorcylce for the coming season.

  2. RiderRogers  April 8th

    Check out these motorcycle safety campaigns in Wisconsin. The 5=Zero campaign gives riders the resources to maintain their bikes, get licensed, ride safe and more! The Green Yellow Red Campaign encourages riders to evaluate their options–and provides secure storage for motorcycles at certain taverns across Wisconsin, when a rider feels they’ve had too much to drink.

    As riding season gets closer it is very important to keep a bike in good shape, as we all love to ride and this will make our bikes–and our lives–last longer!

  3. RiderRogers  April 8th

    the web sites for the campaigns are and

  4. Ducati 848 Guy  April 9th

    Thanks for this post, it’s just the reminder I need as I go into my first year on my new Ducati!!

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  6. Bike trader  April 27th

    Thank you so much for this useful tips.It is very important to keep our bike in good condition. Your tips are very simple to understand and I will always remember the tips. Keep Posting.

  7. Ted  April 29th

    Make sure you have gas to guys. If you don’t have any petrol you won’t go anywhere. Gas.. You need gas. LOL.. Just kidding. Spring maintenance is important. I just ordered a BOX of parts..

  8. Rat  May 8th

    Good idea. I forgot to check my brake pads!

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