A biker and his chick is being chased by some bad ass rival bikers sporting bowler hats and guitars. You just can’t beat that shit.

via: Knucklebuster

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9 Responses to “70’s motorcycle movie clip”

  1. Motorcycles  April 3rd

    ah the 70 s so long ago just reminising lol nice clip

  2. Alexander  April 9th

    Hmkay… Why has she left the safe house again? 😀

  3. Pan Chopper Man  April 9th

    I’m still in the 70’s and will never leave.

  4. Jesper  April 10th

    Me, I’m more like a grown up 16 year old. No plans to leave that state either.

  5. National Motorcycle Museum  April 18th

    Those motorycles still look cool though.

  6. FatSax  May 6th

    When those days were more free & life was a bit easier in some respect and a Motorcycle was an escape for all of us.
    I still escape today with my Sportster & my sax blowin in a band & still getting around.

  7. Pan Chopper Man  May 25th

    I play blues harmonica and often get on stage at the local pubs when they need me. But I love saxophone!!!

    Pan Chopper Man
    Maine, USA

  8. FATSAX  November 8th

    I like pan chopper man theory on life & Im sure he would like to listen to my Band I will put some pics of my sportster soon.Anyway check out The Boogaloos And The Highway 41 Horns.In My space we are a killer Band.Oz rock & R&B soul funk.Im on the 1st track for a solo.

  9. vroompow  July 16th

    Sweet! Dig the editing.

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