Whoa! check out this amazing video clip. That’s one lucky deer/motorcycle rider. Another good reason to wear a helmet; avoid getting hit by hooves from deer jumping over you while you ride.

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30 Responses to “A deer jumps over a motorcycle”

  1. BikerDan  August 22nd

    Woah! 🙂

  2. Pan Chopper Man  August 22nd

    Too bad that guy didn’t have his “deer catch net” deployed, he could’ve had deer steaks for dinner.

  3. Rich  August 23rd

    looks fake to me

  4. Vespa Motorcycle  August 23rd

    Youch… I’m sure glad their aint Deers near me.

  5. ROGUE  August 23rd

    If you look at the video closely you will note that the brake lights never come on of the first motorcycle the deer crosses in front of or does the rider change position in anyway.
    I say it is a fake.
    I am not sure how much a helmet would help you if the deer made you crash either.

  6. VULCAN RIDER  August 23rd

    I have seen similar happenings with deer while riding my own bike, but was never fortunate enough to get it on film. There is no doubt it is real.

  7. Modfish  August 23rd

    @ Rogue – If you look at the first time the video plays (at what I assume is full speed) that deer runs out in front of the bike so fast that I bet the biker didn’t even have time to touch the brakes, much less duck for cover. I doubt he, or the bike the deer jumped over, even had time to process what they were seeing, much less react. the DMV and MSF stress reaction times so much…that’s why they have the “3 second rule” – it allows you time to see and react to what is happening in front of you.

    Not to mention, probably one of the worst things you could do is brake…it’d lower your front end, flipping that deer up right onto you…if you kept the same speed or accelerated, you had the possibility of powering through the deer. This happened to a good buddy of mine – hit a deer at about 50MPH without braking and remained upright.

    And do you seriously think that a helmet would do no good in a crash?

  8. Greg  August 24th

    Wow, If this is fake, nice job if it is real… I would get a lottery ticket if I was that rider.

  9. Tim  August 24th

    Wow…..I dunno, it sure looks real to me. And I agree the rider on the right probably had no time to brake, it happened so quick. A helmet might help for a slight graze, but, wow is that guy lucky.

  10. Miami Mike  August 24th

    No doubt it is real.

    Iv’e been riding for 35 years and had a similar thing happen to me on the Blue Ridge and it was three deer. Typical of mountain roads had a high shoulder on right and drop off to the left.

    Just barely caught the movement out of the corner of my eye on the ridge to my right, hammered the brakes and then watched as they jumped over onto the pavement in front of us then dissapeared over the ridge.

    It all happened in a nano-second, I can still hear the clatter of their hoofs hitting the pavement!!

  11. FRED HOWELL  August 30th

    it’s not fake. you can see the rider cringe as the deer plants to jump over him.

    i drive daily where there are lots of deer. this behavior is only unusual because somebody had a camera running.

  12. Anthony Jr.  September 3rd

    The deer doesn’t cast a shadow.

    I don’t think this video is fake, but I do think the deer is made of magic.

  13. Jesper  September 3rd

    Maybe it’s a patronus 😉

  14. JMemonic  September 9th

    I dont know where you are looking Fred but I see a shadow.

  15. Pan Chopper Man  September 15th

    You guys need to stop talking like this shit never happens!

    In Maine it happens all the time… as a matter of fact, we have to watch out for moose on the roads too.

    What, you guys don’t have any wild life wondering out onto the roads where you live??? C’mon.

  16. fathead  September 15th

    If ya scared of a peice of venison flying through the air almost hitting you , you need to put your putt back on the jiffy stand and get back in your cage . I like deer meat

  17. fathead  September 15th

    If ya scared of a peice of venison flying through the air almost hitting you , you need to put your putt back on the jiffy stand and get back in your cage . I like deer meat

  18. Pan Chopper Man  September 16th

    Hey Fatfucker… you typed it twice.

  19. Pan Chopper Man  September 16th

    I bet Fatfucker been eating too much venison.

  20. Friseur  September 18th

    Yea, nice one!

  21. Pan Chopper Man  September 18th

    Hey Fatfuckerhead, me and my new buddy… Friseur, are gonna come over and see what size open-end wrench will fit best up yer ass.
    Right Friseur man?


  22. Pan Chopper Man  September 18th

    I mounted a .50 cal on my handlebars for this years hunt.

    Are you still marching with the tree-huggers to try to save the “cute little Bambi deers” this year, Fatfuckerhead?

  23. fathead  September 18th

    Hey Pan bitch
    Ithought I seen ya this weekend dressed in Drag during the gay parade , Also I need to ask ya , does it feel good to ride your tricycle with out a seat

  24. Tim  September 18th

    I sure am glad there’s no deer jumping across roads in S. California. The occasional rabid squirrel maybe, but those just go squish under your tires.

  25. Pan Chopper Man  September 19th


  26. GTB  February 4th

    ITS FAKE !!!!!!!!!

    look at the shadow left by everyother image in the shot/ not dark enough and not large enough for the angle the sun is.

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  28. Vincent BWM  October 12th

    It’s fake for sure: there’s no shadow of the deer on the road!

  29. Ralraa  June 30th

    It’s fake. Yes, deer do jump out in the road all the time, but that doesn’t mean this video is real. It’s a mediocre computer-edited fake. Whoever edited it did a credible job for an amateur, but it doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. I’ve exported this video to individual image frames and marked with straight vectors where the deer is in each frame using points in the landscape as reference. Once he gets out in the road, he moves in the same plane as the bike he’s jumping rather than moving directly across the road. IOW, the deer is moving sideways. Where he ends up is nowhere near where he starts out. Essentially, they had to do this to get the image to appear to be jumping over the bike without it hitting the bike in the other lane (the one the camera is following). The timing didn’t work out perfectly, so they had to skip the deer sideways a bunch in each of the later frames. Sorry, but it’s clearly and unequivocally 100 percent fake.

  30. Dinoguy  October 4th

    For those that do not see the shadow of the Deer or the oncoming rider flinch and move his head, I do hope that I am not on the same road as you. Get your eyes checked!
    This happened to me and three other riders this past summer 2010. I was #2 (2009 Honda GL1800)and the first I saw of the Deer was over the lead drivers (2007 Harley)right shoulder and through his windshield. The Deer was standing on the road facing us and with no time to maneuver lead tensed up for impact but at the last possible moment the Deer jumped into the air and as lead driver went under the Deer its hoofs clipped his left mirror and as he went passed the Deer its hoofs knocked off his anntena mounted on the rear carrier. Now picture this. As rider #2 the Deer was now in the air at my eye level and stretched out fully. I had been braking so fortunately the Deer landed just in front (c) 1 foot and to my right and as I passed my right saddlebag brushed the Deer. Can’t get much closer than that.

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