Motorcycle_tour_isefjordIt’s almost time for the final wash down and oil change before we put the bikes to rest for the winter. Here in Denmark there’s no more than ten hours of light a day now. That pretty much excludes riding on work days, unless it’s just for transport purposes.But yesterday (Sun, Okt, 30) the weather was perfect for riding and we had the whole day for a last tour of the season. Someone got the idea that we should ride up and take a trip with a small ferry crossing the Isefjord inlet. We took the back roads north to the ferry, and after we crossed the inlet it got dark and we took the larger roads and freeway back to Copenhagen. There’s no better ways to spend a Sunday, than a trip like that. We spent like 5-6 hours on the trip and rode about 190 km (118 miles). We met a lot of other motorcycles on our way, seemed like most of the Danish motorcycle community was having a blast of a Sunday.

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2 Responses to “A fall trip around Isefjord”

  1. Tony  January 17th

    I saw your blog where you write about your trip on a motorbike around Sjaelland. Sounds great!
    I visit DK often and would like to do the same, but would like more info on the whole country to include Jutland. I love DK and would enjoy much more of it from the road. I usually stay in Horsens, so my journey would start and finish there. I am thinking about sending my own bike there to tour with.
    I would appreciate any and all info you can send me about touring DK.
    Miami, Florida

  2. Jesper  January 17th

    Thank you for commenting, Tony.
    I’m not that strong in the backroads of Jutland. But I have been riding the area around Silkeborg, and thats absolutely amazing. You should also not deprive your self from a visit to the Danish motorcycle camp “MC touring camp”. I’ll make a post with more details etc. later.

    Happy riding mate.

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