Here’s an actual usable video teaching you how to do wheelies, for those not into biker slang, that means driving while only your rear tyre touch the road. In contradiction to other “how to” videos where some dude scoots around wearing no helmet and only a t-shirt, while his buddies yells “scrape something”, this one really starts you off from the beginning and take you further one step at the time. So go on, watch it then, have fun, and go trash your Hayabusa on a parking lot afterwards.

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31 Responses to “A good how to wheelie video”

  1. Ben  October 15th

    This video was amazing! Where can i find more like this. Where can i find more videos by Superbike Mag?
    Thanks for this post!

  2. Jesper  October 16th

    Well, Ben you can keep watching this site. I’m always sniffin around for stuff like that.

    But youtube and google video etc. is pretty good as well. But it’s a bit of a mess.

  3. Richard Green  October 24th

    Lots of good vids on this site.

  4. JimmyT  February 20th

    Thanks, I enjoyed that instruction. I had prevously figured wheelies out to a degree. Mostly on a dirt-bike. Now I want a Honda 599, or a triumph triple speed to practice on. MY Pacific coast would not be good for this.

  5. Jesper  February 20th

    I’ve seen a few stunt riders on speed triples, but it might be a bit much to begin with. You’ll have no problem doing power wheelies though.

  6. Joshua  April 23rd

    I am not good at wheelies, nor do I want to try. My 919 wants to though.


  7. Todd  May 20th

    Great Video! Are there any videos out there that provide advice / instruction for Supermoto i.e. “backing it in” / sliding turns, braking, wheelies, stoppies?

    Thanks in advance!


  8. Jesper  May 20th

    I’ll poke around a bit, Todd, and see what I can find.

  9. Rick  May 23rd

    what kind of bike is he riding at the end?

  10. Jesper  May 24th

    Looks like an older Fireblade on the track and a Kawa Ninja of some sort on the parking lot.

  11. Schwash  August 18th

    That was a ZX6R he had at the end.
    I have a 599 but can’t seem to do a wheelie. Maybe I’m just not going about it correctly. Hmmm….will have to try something else.

  12. bill  August 21st

    your vidieo did help a lot i just wanted to know if it is different clutchin a bigger bike like a zx9,do i clutch that like you were clutchen the 636
    im scared that with this being a bigger bike i dont wana flip. if you could right me back

  13. Jesper  August 21st

    I didn’t make the video, Bill, sorry. As there’s some personal safety involved (crashed bike counts as personal injury), I will not take a guess at your question. My wheelie experience i simply to poor.

  14. ORLANDO  October 22nd


  15. ORLANDO  October 25th


  16. ORLANDO  October 25th


  17. craig burns  December 31st

    i really appreciate the video , it was excellently made for us novices.
    thanx a ton

  18. Sleetuity  March 10th

    I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:

  19. blkbandit  July 1st

    Brother that was a good instructional video. I have been practicing as we speak thank you very much. God bless

  20. Gixxer750  August 29th

    i followed all instruction and my front wheel came up easy really nice vid… now can you link a good stopie vid plz 🙂 thx By the way the first bike was a zx6r 2004 and the second one was a zx10 2004 i guess he needed a biger one for higher speed

  21. Allen  October 27th

    “Schwash August 18th

    That was a ZX6R he had at the end.
    I have a 599 but can’t seem to do a wheelie. Maybe I’m just not going about it correctly. Hmmm….will have to try something else.”

    Power wheelies are possible on the 599. You have to hit the right RPMs though. If you roll off at around 8k in first and slam on the throttle you’re kissing the sky. Make sure you foot is on the brake though, scary stuff.

  22. miles  November 16th

    hey im scared just sitting here

  23. craig burns  November 17th

    Well guys, i had 2 brandies,waited a while then had the courage to try to wheelie,the scary part was that everyone that can wheelie will tell you to WHACK the throttle,i had gotten frustrated and scared in the past,thinking if i WHACK too much the bike will flip on pullaway.
    Thank god it worked to a point and now i can power wheelie, im still scared but at least it`s a start.

  24. Ansie  December 27th

    Coooooool!!! Thanks – definitely going to give it a try 🙂

  25. Bharat  January 28th

    I am using a 97.2cc corburator version bike in india could you tell me on how to use it to do stunts like above. The bike name is hero honda passion pro.

  26. My bike  January 28th

    I use a 97.2cc corborator type bike, its hero honda passion pro in INDIA, could you tell me how to do a wheelie on that ??
    It may sound funny but I am serious about biking and no one is here to teach …

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  29. uae_busa  March 2nd

    well, that was awsome i really enjoyed it but can u post another one but using a 2009 hayabusa cause its really scarry when i do step 1 using it.

  30. BusaRider  May 4th

    1st gear-power wheelies on a Hayabusa, or anything else larger than 900cc’s isn’t going to end well…

  31. HollidayBusa  October 25th

    Correct!! 1st gear power wheelie on a Busa won’t end well!! 2nd gear is the best gear position for that and clutch pop in 2nd or 3rd I find is best! Careful though…I’ve seen bad things happen on Busas in inexperienced hands! Ride safe all!

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