Acabion streamliner
Do you remember the James Bond movie where Bond is stuffed down a capsule called “the pig” and blasted through the gas line from one country to another? The transportation by cabsule-through-tube concept has long been a Science Fiction darling, just look at Futurama for instance. Now a Swiss based company have brought us one step closer to that idea.

They’ve come up with a vehicle that is a hybrid between a motorcycle and a jetplane, not just another silly concept either, it’s road legal and you can actually buy it. The Acabion is not only fast as hell (top speed 450km/h), it’s also quite fuel efficient capable of doing 4l/100 km at 100 km/h for 2400 km going up to 16 l/100 km at 450 km/h for 550 km. It’s not a drag racer but still reaching 416km/h in 19 sec. is not bad. So goodbye Hayabusa you now have a road legal competitor that will make you look painted on the asphalt.

What is real interesting about Acabion™ Visionary Motion’s idea is what they call;The Acabion Vision – A Traffic Internet. The idea is to have a network of 4 feet (1.3m) wide tracks 15-30 feet (5-10m) above the ground where the Acabion streamliners will be able to drive fully automated at 280mph (450km/h). As they say:

60 mph average speed today. Let us make a 280 mph out of that. One typical example for a mid-range trip today. If we travel from Lucerne to Prague in spring 2006, even taking a commercial flight between Zurich and Prague, we achieve 60 mph as an average door to door speed. We leave our Lucerne flat at 6:03, drive to Zurich by car, arrive at Zurich Airport at 7:14, park the car, check in at 7:45, the Airplane has some little delay and leaves 8:58, touchdown at Prague Airport at 10:41, we check out and get our luggage, it is 11:15 now. We get out of the airport, find us a taxi and go downtown Prague. Arrival there at 12:02. That makes 6 hours for 355 miles. Average speed: 60 mph. Well, do we really believe this is progress? It is not! It is a massive waste of ressources of both, fuel and time. The only thing is: We got used to it. But this does not mean it is a traffic system we should stick to for decades to come.

An Acabion GTBO 36 on a streamliner track that starts in Lucerne, passes along the southern edges of Bodensee and then leads to Prague directly would have you door to door downtown Prague in 1 hour 20 minutes. You could get up at 8, have a nice breakfast, leave at 9:30 and arrive in Prague 10:50. Without “carrying heavy things by yourself” every now and then, still like in Stone Age, and “changing trains” still like in 1835.”

To me that sounds as teleportation in slow motion. The perfect solution to living in the country and working in the city. Start building the tracks, please!. Of course real teleportation is still preferable, then we wont need tracks all over the place.

Check out these videos of the thing in motion:

Theres plenty more photos and videos at the Acabion website

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4 Responses to “Motorcycle based vehicles could be the transportation of tomorrow”

  1. Kane  April 19th

    i want to know if i can get a price and is it legal to use now, is it really road legal at the moment, but first of all i need a price.

  2. Jesper  April 19th

    What I’ve heard so far is 720.000$. For now it’s more of a rich kids collectors item. So unless you’re Jay Leno, you might wanna a give it a year or two.

  3. Spartandude  June 4th

    Just build your own. not as fast, but better on mileage.
    1. Honda Helix (scooter)
    2. Streamlined body from Craig Vetter
    3. Time, fiberglass and a little fabrication.

    Result? about 2L/km at 100km/h and a top speed of about 150 km/h.

    Price, if outsourced, about 10K.
    or just walk (cheaper, but more polluting based on typical food production)

  4. andy91  January 3rd

    Three random motorcycle blogs from the listThey

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