Here’s something to get you all misty eyed if you got a sentimental crush motorcycles from back when things where different. It sort of shows that motorcycle riders where just as nuts back then as we are today. Either that, or it’s just us who are tiny bit unhealthy much into motorcycles that shoot too many photos of our bikes.

Photos are from the fifties to the seventies. I think they’re brilliant. If the ever make that nano-pixel-monitor-wallpaper thing I’ll have that slideshow running on my living room wall all the time.

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14 Responses to “Amazing collection of vintage motorcycle photos”

  1. Teknikka  December 10th

    Sometimes you just need the rest of the story. What’s with the little twin, big guy and dead calf?? Bizarre. Hehehe!

  2. the brah  December 20th

    i love these pics…. the bikes were simple and so was the life. there were no computers and you were forced to socialize and this was a result of that. awesome. i was born in wrong generation.

  3. Motorcycle Paint  December 21st

    Riding a bike in the desert – at top speed down a sand dune! Now thats something I must do! Love that picture.

  4. Nick Russell  December 21st

    Wonderful pictures! I love those old bikes. My first bike was a 1968 650 Triumph Bonneville, and though I’ve had many newer and more powerful bikes over the years, I still love that old bike. I wish I still had it.

  5. Ratgear Gesundheit  December 22nd

    You’ve got good pictures. You catch it right. Still I’m afraid of motorcycles especially those with high speed engines. But you’ve got good looking old bikes huh.

  6. Drew  December 29th

    Great photos but what the heck with the road kill dead cow – sad and distrubing – ruined the whole vibe.

  7. Jesper  December 30th

    Yea well. Sorry Drew. I didn’t shoot the photos. You’re right it’s a bit nasty.

  8. Rat  January 1st

    Awesome pics! Wish I could ride one of those old bikes right now!

  9. ERock  February 6th

    Excellent post! I love this era of motorcycles, and would also love owning an old school Yamaha or Honda bike. Maybe one day…would be a great way to get around the city. Some of those shots remind me of Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S. Thompson has some great vintage shots of himself riding his old bikes, y’all should Google that 🙂

  10. David Mann  September 12th

    Man hard to hide the look of pure joy. i love these old bikes. yall need to come to North Carolina and ride in the Acme Motorcycles Dual Sport Adventure weekend Sept 25-27th Oct 23-25th. Deerfields Mills River NC. 1000 acres of some of the nicest riding you ever did see. With mountain music and night riding. Come on. Contact Acme or See you And thanks for the pics.

  11. Mike Jones  September 25th

    most of those riding areas looked familiar. mostly closed now. the Honda SL90 looked just like the one my dad bought me in 1970. i thought i saw my uncle jim in a few photos. thanks for the memories

  12. Halcyon Goggles  February 10th

    I love the black and white shot of the guy standing next to his bike on the sand dune, I’d love that bigger as my desktop background

  13. Dustcarts  January 19th

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  14. Lou Campbell  October 12th

    Dear folks, I found an old helmet that I would like help trying to identify. How do I go about getting at pic to you to see. Thanks. Lou

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