On September 11th, the American ambassador in Denmark, James Cain, visited Macho Custom a Danish custom motorcycle shop. The visit was a part of his official tour around Denmark on bicycle, which is going to be 1700 km all together. Lots of people from town was there to “see and get seen”. I was there shooting photos for my friends at Macho Custom.

Mr. Cain got to see the shop and the bikes. He even got a little photo session for the press on the Panhead Johan built, and I pinstriped. All though it’s not on CNN, both Johan and I are happy with the press coverage we got from that.

James Cain visit Danish Custom Motorcycle Shop

Of course the ambassador had to try one of the bikes, now that he was there, so Bjørn, the owner, gave him a ride on a souped up Nighttrain.

James Cain visit Danish Custom Motorcycle Shop

Because the visit was not just a social call, Mr. Cain initiated a brief discussion with people on the relationship between The States and Denmark. My impression was that people was more or less just sucking up, and he didn’t get the debate he was hoping for. But a few good comments was thrown around, and he did take notes of some. So I guess that’s just how it is.

James Cain visit Danish Custom Motorcycle Shop

When it was time to move on to the next point on his route for the day, we escorted him there with classic U.S. cars and motorcycles.

It was a fun experience, and the ambassador seems to be a nice guy. At least he plays his part very well. It must be a pain to have all those people staring at you and sticking cameras in your face, while you’re trying to behave relaxed and casual.

James Cain visit Danish Custom Motorcycle Shop

See www.machocustom.dk for more pictures of the event

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15 Responses to “American Ambassador on a Danish Old School Chopper”

  1. fathead  September 18th

    Its so nice to see a good looking Pan , Looks ratty but clean enough. The only thing that screws up the photo is the guy wearing shorts on the putt. Why did they let him ride on the softail with shorts , too bad a friggin bee did nt fly up his legs and bite his nuts , now that would have been a good photo op.

  2. Pan Chopper Man  September 18th

    I’ll tell ya… I’m really thinking about going on a trip to Denmark with my scooter.
    But before I go, I gotta know that all the political personel like Jimmy Cain and “others” are gonna either show me around in person or asign to me a cute group of female escorts that will help me to really understand the friendliness of the Dutch people.
    This sort of thing is of course, highly important to national relations.
    (A bikers playtime in a foreign country)

  3. fathead  September 18th

    Just to let the good people know what FATHEAD means , It is the name of my engine , It is what they call a TC 88 , Explanation,Flathead, Knuckle head , Pan Head ,shovel head , Block head (evo) Fathead (twin cam Aor B model )

  4. fathead  September 18th

    Hey pan(broken Kicker) man .
    First you need to go to Korea And get some more parts for that scooter you riding first .
    Had to pick on ya for saturday . Still tired from pushing that fucking bike a mile or two so it would start . Oh my lungs hurt ,

  5. Pan Chopper Man  September 19th

    Hey Fatfuckerhead, you got no fucking couth!
    You need to apologise to this chickenbone leg man Mr. Cain right now.

  6. Pan Chopper Man  September 19th

    Eat my balls for breakfast.

  7. fathead  September 19th

    I will apoligize to chicken bone leg Man after he appoligizes to me for wearing shorts with those legs .

  8. Pan Chopper Man  September 19th

    Don’t believe him… Fathead is the name I gave him when he was a camp counselor at the local boys camp.
    Actually, all the little boys called him that.

  9. fathead  September 19th

    Ya it was at Band camp , pan bitch , Can play a mean skin flute ,

  10. fathead  September 19th

    pots and pan man , The only reason why they call him pan man is because when he was in prison all he did was pots and pans , he just threw chopper in there to sound tufff.

  11. Jesper  September 19th

    Hey Pan man, if you want to understand the friendliness of the Dutch people, you should really try going to the Netherlands. I hear they have a lot of them there. In Denmark you’ll have to do by meeting Danish people.

    Fathead and Pan man, although I do believe in freedom of speech, if you continue flaming each other like that, I’m going to have to moderate at some point.

    Or I can set you two nutters up in a flaming death match. Then we’ll see who has attended most skin flute playing summer camps.

  12. Pan Chopper Man  September 20th

    Sorry Jesper, about the flaming that is.
    It’s just that (as you probably already suspected) I’ve known “Fathead” for quite a while and we’re actually very good friends.
    I think what’s going on here though, is a difference in the way true biker brothers talk to each other over here in the States as opposed to pretty much any other country. Bro’s here slam each other and use lots of analogies and sarcasm as a way to further bond an already strong friendship. Lewd humor is always the priority. I must say though, that it seems a bit weird that I have to explain this to another biker.

    Anyway Jesper, all crap aside, I’ll keep my high spirited conversational practices under wraps from now on.

    You might have a tough time getting Farthead to comply though.


  13. Pan Chopper Man  September 20th

    That “Flaming Death Match” sounds cool.

    Think of the cyber-crowd it would draw.

  14. Jesper  September 20th

    No problem mate, I was sorta suspecting that. I get the sarcasm, that’s why I suggested a flaming death match 🙂

    It’s just that you guys go on and on, and that might get a bit boring for the rest of us, not to mention off topic.

    It’s by all means not that you guys can’t take the piss on each other. People can say what they want around here. Just a friendly reminder not to let it get out of hand.


  15. Jesper  September 20th

    I’m going to whip up something for that match. Let’s see how sick you two nutters really are. Give me a couple of days.

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