According to the kneeslider this weird looking contraption just won the title as America’s Most Beautiful Motorcycle at the Grand National Roadster Show. I don’t get that at all.

It looks like somebody dropped a safe on the front forks. Of course beauty is in the mind of the beholder, but seriously folks, those judges need to cut back on the funny tablets. Not that it’s not a cool, or fantastic motorcycle. It’s wicked, and I’d be happy to own it, because it’s different, but it’s not a beauty.

Who the heck wants a beautiful motorcycle anyways, that’s boring.
Americas Most Beautiful Motorcycle

Via: The Kneeslider

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12 Responses to “America’s most weird motorcycle”

  1. gary  March 3rd

    wtf is that and what where they smoking its shit

  2. Daveroad  March 5th

    No way that is nothing compared to this bike! How frekin wierd is this!
    A wooden bike???

  3. BroncoBill  March 5th

    I agree, it looks as if someone dropped something really heavy on the front forks. I think it’s ugly too.

  4. KC  March 10th

    The Dragon Man would get my vote…

  5. Dan  March 22nd

    I would hate to see how it handles any corner and I think there is supposed to be a seat behind the front wheel. 😉

  6. Pan Chopper Man  March 23rd

    This guy was drunk when he was welding.

  7. Jesper  March 24th

    Yea, Dan, or at least some kind of cargo holding thingy. That would be pretty cool.

  8. Elizabeth Jury  April 3rd

    America is obsessed with low, long, shiney, and unique. I can totally understand it winning, but then I am from America.

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  10. godhatesyou  March 1st

    STUPID ! why in the hell would some one do this, less the bikes a real piece of crap and doesnt really run. I cant see anyone spending out anything but scrap no one wanted. IF THIS BIKE RUNS, YOUR AN IDIOT !

  11. RD  March 16th

    can I have the motor?

  12. Liam  June 19th

    I don’t think it could handle our Irish roads.

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