WTF scooter
Forget about suicide shift no front brake chopper death traps, that’s kids stuff compared to this insane contraption of a scooter. Steve Guzman over at The Scooter Scoop has just named the winner of his WTF?! Scooter of the year for 2006 award (WTF is an acronym initialism for “What The Fuck”, in case you didn’t know). The award went to some Korean dude riding and relaxing on his hedgehog of steel and rope. I suspect the competition wasn’t very though, I’ve never seen anything with this less regard for safety before.

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2 Responses to “An insanely dangerous contraption”

  1. JohnnyEnglish  January 7th

    WTF is an initialism, not an acronym. Acronyms are initials or abbreviations that form a pronounceable word, such as ROBOT or LASER. Initialisms or Alphabatisms are simply initials of a series of words, such as WTF or IBM.

  2. Jesper  January 7th

    I stand corrected. Thank you for enlightening me.

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