Living in an apartment and owning a motorcycle is not always the best combination. Architect Yukio Asari in Tokyo have solved the problem by building a garage into the apartment it. Seems like a damn good idea. I know of many people who would absolutely love it. Check out the photos.


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10 Responses to “Apartments built for motorcycle owners”

  1. DaveD  March 13th

    While I would love to live in my garage (or at least, have a huge live/work space), I don’t think the other half would appreciate it…….

  2. Jesper  March 13th

    Yea 🙂 I’m not sure she’d appreciate having to walk through nuts, bolts and oil pools on her way to the bathroom every morning.

  3. Mr. Motorcycle  March 13th

    This is really cool. If these are rented to primarily bikers, Imagine the constant rumble you would hear living here as bikes regularly come and go.

  4. 125cc Bikes  March 13th

    My uncle actually has a very similar setup to this in Holland! He has a 3-floor apartment where the ground floor has a dedicated room for his 3 Ducatis 🙂

  5. Jesper  March 13th

    Sounds wicked

  6. Anonymous  March 16th

    Yeah that’s a great idea.

    Motorcycles are extremely noisy things that make tortorous noise for miles and everyone who owns a motorcycle likes to rev them 8 hours a day in my apartment complex!

    Now with this design you can have people revving them inside the building for extra noise and for extra air pollution. (Motorcycles always produce the worst exhaust.)

  7. rtyler9  March 18th

    I would absolutly love this! being able to watch the saturday morning cartoons, eat breakfast, and do motorcycle maintenance in the SAME room? Sign me up!

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    […] vorba celor de la HelmetHair – stiu eu pe unii care ar fi foarte fericiti cu un astfel de apartament. Emi, esti pe receptie […]

  9. chloe cohesion  April 25th

    awesome, you can perve on ya bike whilst showering.
    noise could be a problem for other people… i s’pose…

  10. timgray  February 15th

    This is great IF the bike owners were reasonable folk and had sensible bikes. my motorcycle is not noisy, in fact most harelys are not noisy from the showroom floor. It’s the low esteem guys that have to run straight pipes so other look at them that ruin it for the rest of us riders.

    @anonomyous: you need to learn about what a motorcycle is because MOST of us dont try and make a ton of noise for others unlike the 1% that think they need to blip the throttle all the time and have a badly tuned bike that makesa lot of noise.

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