Check out Peter Olt’s invention the Banshee Horn. If you ride motorcycles you are probably no stranger to having someone pull out in front of you as if they never saw you. Peter’s invention might help you grap their attention, and notice you.

Check out the video below, and if you think it’s a good idea, you can help Peter fund his project on Kickstarter and receive a Banshee Horn for your self.

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7 Responses to “BANSHEE HORN new safety system for Motorcycles”

  1. Derek  January 4th

    Great idea. There’s nothing more frustrating than a car trying to kill you and then not even hearing you blow the horn.

  2. Bud Miller  January 6th

    I use a Stebel but I like the fact that it modulates between normal horn and loud horn. You can’t do that with a Stebel Airhorn until you learn to deftly work the horn button. I like it.

  3. RichardM  January 7th

    Thank you! Hopefully he’ll reach his goal.

  4. Mark Mitchell  January 17th


    Is there enough room on a 2010 bmw k1300gt to facilitate your Banshee horn?

    Do you have a Canadian distributor?



  5. Jesper Bram  January 17th

    Mark, you should probably direct your questions toward the inventor. Try reading the post above, and check out their kickstarter page.

  6. John  February 1st

    I love this, assault them audibly and the fact that you have both horns sounding it sounds like they’ve got a gang of angry bikers behind them. Crack on and get this on the market, I’ll keep an eye out for it.


  7. Wild6  February 15th

    Great idea. This will also help you pass inspection in states that don’t allow air horns.

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