I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of the new Batpod for the upcoming Batman movie, Dark Knight. But did you know that the beast actually rides for real.

There’s an interview in L.A.Times with Jean-Pierre Goy, the stunt rider who’s spent the last few months jumping Batman’s newest batbike at some top-secret location in England to prep for the movie.

Apparently you steer it by shifting your body weight or something like that, since there are no actual handlebars. The scoot is equipped with two “top secret” engines placed in each of the massive 508 millimeters wide wheels.

I think it’s awesome that it actually rides instead of just being a stage prop or post production CG. Judging from the interview, they don’t intend to go lightly about it either. They’ve build 6 identical Batpods in case they crash one on the shoot.

Video of when it was presented on The Today Show.

Official released images of the contraption.
The Batpod for the Dark Knight movie
The Batpod for the Dark Knight movie

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3 Responses to “Batmans new motorcycle actually rides for real”

  1. superbikeforums  June 22nd

    I would not mind a spin on that. But you just know it would be a disapointment :-/

  2. Vespa Motorcycle  August 14th

    Could be interesting to give that bad boy a ride

  3. Boyd  August 14th

    Steer by shifting body weight… that’s the way i ride all the time. Fat wheels though!

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