Spent two entire days motorcycle riding in south of france only interrupted by lunch breaks and and the occasional stop for scenic photos. I left France with a renewed passion for riding more sport oriented motorcycles. But then I got thinking about how flat the Danish country side is and how far between good spots with series of linked turns there is. I have to realize that I could never have the same level of fun back home. There’s no doubt about it. I’ll have to come back to France.

Usually people know south of France for Monaco, St. Tropez, Cannes, the yachts and the glamour. But for the passionate motorcycle rider it’s so much more than that. Just half an hours drive or so away from the coast is the most beautiful scenery you’ll ever see. Twisting and turning roads in spotless condition winding up and down through the amazing mountains.





I was fortunate to have a local take me to all the best spots. Alexander, managing director of Columbus International that has the largest collection of rental Ducatis in France. No one knows the secret spots that the local riders favor better than Alexander. Luckily he’s a nice guy and agreed to share the routes with you the Helmet Hair readers. Check out the google maps below for some roads you will never forget. If you want to convert them to your navigation system check out this link.

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5 Responses to “Best motorcycle riding spots in France”

  1. Jeffrey Najar  October 14th

    Looks a lot like SOCAL. I bet the DUCs were a blast.

  2. BikerMarc  October 14th

    Hey Bonjour,

    Could not agree more. Southern France biking is a dream.

    Need to go back to conquer these roads sooner rather than later.

    Thanks for sharing. Brought back great riding memories.


  3. Jesper  October 14th

    Yea, the Duc’s was a hoot. There’ll be more on them later.

  4. Fuzzy  October 17th

    It looks very beautiful. That last photo along the mountainside especially.

    Totally jealous!

  5. David  October 18th

    Thanks for sharing Jesper,

    I Could not agree more about the problem of looking for good roads or the distance betwen them. Hamburg has the same problem, hence my choice of R1100S to make those long straight stretches between good road a bit more easy.

    Longing for that state of bliss curve upon curve gives one.

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