Here’s some photos of the motorcycles I liked most at the Scandinavian Custom Show in Denmark 2011. As you can see I’m leaning towards the older motorcycles. Not much of a crotch rocket fan anymore. Not when it comes to looks at least. They are fun as hell to ride no doubt about that. Well who cares. Its got two wheels. That’s what matter. Enjoy the photos.

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3 Responses to “Best motorcycles at Scandinavian Custom Show 2011”

  1. Torch  November 25th

    Very nice,thanks for sharing!

  2. Adrian from YouMotorcycle  December 26th

    Turn up the brightness! lol Wish I had some backstage show passes. Kind of jealous.

  3. Sharon Michaels  May 27th

    As a female custom bike enthusiast (I ride an 883 roadster that i’ve modified) I love seeing these types of images. Thanks for sharing…

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