Christmas holidays are getting dangerously closer. It’s time to figure out what to get the bastard who spends all his/her time in the garage wrenching on that damned two wheeled death trap. The book “House Maintenance For Dummies” you gave last year still doesn’t seem used at all does it?

Well why don’t you give in this year, and get something that will guarantee a smile on the face and a twinkle in the eye on your special someone who you have to share with a motorcycle.

I’ll take a look around until Christmas and see if I can’t find a few items that I think a motorcycle nutter would appreciate. For kick off I found something that belongs on the wall of every garage. It’s a classic that will never ever go out of style….The Bikes and Babes Calender.

Check out this cool calender from Zero Engineering, founded by the Japanese bike builder Shinya Kimura.
Motorcycle Calender

Ben Schkade the photographer behind the calender was kind enough to send me a sample, and I tell you the quality is top notch. Really nice photos of both beautiful girls and motorcycles, and a nice layout as well. Regarding the girls and the less than full bio hazard suit some of them are wearing, you’d have to be really uptight to be offended by these photos. I’d regard it as “safe for work”.

I asked Ben about the calender project, and here’s what he told me.

“The point of our calendar was to be earnest. We don’t feature bikinis in our calendar. We don’t have plastic playboy models. We have real women with real sweat cleaning up bikes in a real shop. Mz8Pac, the tough girl holding a wrench for November, looks tough because she’s a professional boxer. Carmen, the girl with the tattoos on the cover, looks authentic because she’s actually inked up. She’s even the niece of the famous builder Sugar Bear. Man, we were lucky to find her! There’s real dirt on our shop girls and they look like they were sweating because they actually were. I was sweating. The film crew was sweating. The guys running the shop were sweating. It all made for some pretty nice photos though!”

You can get the calender from Zero engineering here

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7 Responses to “Perfect Christmas present for the motorcycle enthusiast #1”

  1. BikerThomas  November 12th

    Nice! Limited to 1000 copies.

  2. Pan Chopper Man  November 14th

    Nice! …I’ll be hinting to my woman for one of those.

    I remember not too many decades ago when having nude girl calendars on the wall was the norm for every bike shop. WTF has this world become?! It’s sad and I blaim all the pure-minded women of the world who actively try to tighten the vise on men’s nuts.

    Pan Chopper Man
    Maine, USA

  3. Carla  December 9th

    I prefer seeing my guy sweat cleaning “My Bike”

  4. Mary  March 7th

    Here’s an idea for a gift for a motorcycle enthusiast! My boyfriend didn’t have room for a trailer in the garage, but we had to tow his bike 500 miles. We found an awesome trailer on google search and just want to spread the word! It’s called “Trailer in a Bag” and we can store it anywhere now! Tell your fans about 🙂 We’re happy! Mary and Adam

  5. Johny Quick Seat  May 23rd

    Yee-Haw that girl looks like she wants to party!
    I’m going to buy 2 so I can keep one on the road with me in my all american rider saddle bag and one in the bathroom so I won’t ever feel alone when traveling or putting down a monster. ha ha

  6. Superbikeman  July 26th

    That is sweet…. I actually donated the floor for that photo shoot. I love it. They gave me a tiny little link in exchange but it was worth it.

  7. B12 Deficiency  October 23rd

    Can’t wait for the 2011 calendar. i bet it will be awesome

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