2008 BMW F800GS
The new 2008 BMW F800GS looks pretty promising I think, not too heavy but still capable.

Here’s the facts on the BMW F800GS.

Engine: Water-cooled, 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, four valves per cylinder, two overhead camshafts, dry sump lubrication
Capacity: 798 cc
Rated output: 63 kW (85 hp) at 7,500 rpm (optional 91 RON version: 61 kW (83 hp) at 7,500 rpm)
Max. torque: 83 Nm at 5,750 rpm (optional 91 RON version: 81 Nm at 5,750 rpm)
Emission control: Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-3
Tyre, front / rear: 90/90 – 21 54V / 150/70 – 17 69V
Wheelbase: 1,578 mm
Brake, front: Twin disc, floating brake discs, diameter 300 mm, double-piston floating calipers
Brake, rear: Single disc, diameter 265 mm, single-piston floating caliper
ABS: Optional extra: BMW Motorrad ABS (can be switched off)
Seat height: 880 mm (low seat: 850 mm)
Inner leg curve: 1,940 mm (low seat: 1,900 mm)
Dry weight 1): 178 kg
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled 2): 207 kg
Usable tank volume : 16,0 l

Can’t wait to see one in real life. While we wait take a look at these videos of the BMW F800GS in action.

Videos of the BMW F800GS
The motorcycle in a bit of off road action.

This one takes a closer look at the design (very thorough, bordering slow/boring).

Here’s one from the motorcycle show Eicma in Milan.

The BMW F800GS on the road (The one David found).

Photos of the BMW F800GS
And some photos of the beast posing at its best.

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11 Responses to “BMW F800GS videos and photos”

  1. kroblanx  November 20th

    the first two videos feature the new F650GS and not the F800GS

  2. Jesper  November 20th

    Oops! got the videos mixed up. It’s been corrected now. Thanks for being awake, Kroblanx.

  3. David Thomson  November 20th

    HI Jesper,

    I also found one on the road testing in you tube

    and the same of the F650GS (strangely enough a 800cc too)

  4. Jesper  November 20th

    I’ve added the F800GS one David. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Randall  November 26th

    Along with my Hornet 919 I also have a F650GS. Its a great bike otho I dont find my self riding it much compaired to my honda.

  6. BMWmoto  January 24th

    I think you guys in Europe are going to see the F800GS long before we do over here. Something about the dollar being weak and demand for them over there.

    The BMW Motorcycle site has a chance to win one here in the US but even then I think we have to wait until late 2008.

    Kind of a bummer.

  7. issam  October 18th

    bmw sava

  8. dave-d  December 12th

    Tried the F800 ok but styling a bit over the top think i will stick with my old faithfull F650GS and spend the cash on restoring my BMW R80GS

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