Bmwf800s2I bet you’ve heard of the new 2006 BMW F800S by now. Is it just me or is there a slight resemblance between Yamaha’s TRX850 which was discontinued in 1996 and the BMW F800S?

Yamaha_trx850The F 800 S has all the bells and whistles of a 2006 BMW motorcycle, of course. But the 1996 TRX 850 also had around 80 horsepower, a twin engine, and a fairing similar to the F800S. New means of balancing a two cylinder engine has properly giving the F800S less vibration though. And along with the balanced Rotax Bombardier developed engine I’m sure BMW put lots of other modern gizmos on the their bike. But is it a coincidence that the F800S roll out of the BMW factory exactly 10 years after the TRX850 was discontinued by Yamaha? Could it be a tribute?

Will you be driving a F800S next year? Tribute or not, I like the look of the BMW. I always had a good eye for the TRX and in my belief the F800S takes a good design further in the right direction. Question is; will it be worth its price tag of 9,950 Euros, which will probably bring it past 200,000 Dkr (more than 30,000$) with taxes and all. (I did not type an extra zero by mistake; vehicles are insanely expensive in Denmark). When you are in that price league there really are a lot of bikes to choose from.

Bmw_f_800_s_red_6To be worth that much to me it would have to be a blast on a track day as well as capable of taking me and the better half on month’s long adventures around the continent. Some how I doubt that is the case, and then I’m better of with a less expensive touring bike like the Suzuki DL1000 and an unregistered (takes 2/3 of the price in DK) used 600cc race bike. Guess I’ll wait and see till I get a chance to take one for a spin next season.

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4 Responses to “BMW going retro with their new F800S”

  1. Anonymous  January 2nd

    Nicely written you may like to have a look at the bike stories on

  2. Anonymous  January 17th

    I am a TRX rider from Australia, and I agree with your comment on the tribute to the TRX. Its only a shame that Yamaha don’t make a TRX900 using the injected 900 from the TDM.

    Nice blog, keep it up

  3. Anonymous  May 22nd

    But will the F800 have the TRX’s super advanced factory clutch-hand warming mechanism? Simply insert left glove into fairing and grab radiator hose…great for motorway journeys on cold days. 🙂

    I’ll be interested to have a look at the F800, but why buy one when you could just get a used TRX? With carbs rather than EFI, you know it’s going to fuel better. It also has a manual fuel tap, so you don’t miss the little fuel light and end up walking to the nearest gas station. So I’m not sure what modern bells and whistles could improve the TRX, except that the Rotax valvetrain is probably more durable than the Yamaha 5-valver.

  4. Jesper  May 22nd

    I have EFI on my Honda and have never missed the fuel lamp. So I don’t see that as a problem.

    Why not just get a used TRX?
    Hmm… you might be right. But the design of the F800S is a bit more eye pleasing than the TRX, I think, but just a bit.

    One of the lads just got a used TRX and seems very happy with it, so I guess you could be right.

    Can’t wait to try one to see if it has something special that sets i apart from the TRX.

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