Yesterday I saw this video on Mike’s blog Bikes in the fast lane. First I thought it was a hoax of some kind, but it turns out it’s a viral marketing campaign made for the Danish Road Safety Council code named “speedbandits“. Apparently it’s been on several “old school” news media (television, newspapers) across the world within the last 24 hours, after hitting the blogosphere several days ago. I guess they got the attention they where after, but will it get people to slow down? It’s going to have no effect on me, since the motorcycle season is over, and I wont be riding again until march 2007. By that time we have all forgotten about those sweet girls and their pretty little signs. But then again, I of course always stay within speed limits… sorta.

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4 Responses to “Boobs against speed violation”

  1. Pan Chopper Man  December 13th

    THAT!!! is one of the many reasons I want to ride in your country Jesper.

    In my opinion, there is nothing on earth more admireable than a beautiful woman who loves to flash her tits for a worthy cause.

    God bless thier little hearts.

    You’d never see that in the USA, cause the asshole lawmakers over here are too puritanical.

  2. Jesper  December 14th

    Yea, well. As I recall, the incident didn’t go entirely unnoticed by the danish puritans either. So I wouldn’t get my hopes up to see this again 🙂

  3. Francesca Webb  August 21st

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  4. Avery Nelson  October 6th

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