Just got a hold of this story, and thought it a bit to funny to let it go. Story goes that Brad Pitt accidentally fills the OIL tank on his custom chopper with GAS in front of the press (yes, GAS in the OIL tank). Damn must he have felt stupid. My first thought was how the heck can anyone riding a motorcycle be that clueless about their own bike.

Brad Pitt brakes down on chopperBut then I digged a little deeper and found this photo on the Cyril Huze blog. That’s supposedly Mr. Pitt kneeling beside his motorcycle wondering what to do next. Looking closer at the bike I thought I’d seen it before, and bingo, I had a photo of it in my wast archive of motorcycle photos I nicked from other peoples websites. I’m pretty sure this is the motorcycle in question, not your average straight off the factory floor bike.

Brad Pitts chopper dissected

In fact it’s a bottom up custom job built around an early Harley Davidson Shovelhead engine in a rigid frame. If you examine it a bit closer you’ll see that the oil lines go up into the tank, which can only mean that the tank is split in two, an oil and a gas section. That means you have two “gas caps” sitting right next to each other except one is for oil, and you don’t want to put gas in there. Then it makes a little more sense how the heck he could get them mixed up. Still not the wisest of moves, but normally the oil bag sits below the seat and you’d have to be seriously confused to pour gas in there.

So that’s it. Helmet Hair has officially joined the tabloids and started gossiping on celebrities. How could it come to this, it was such a prober blog. One last thing, to Mr. Pitt though. If you want me to cook up some stickers for your tank caps, I’d be happy to do so. Maybe one that says “OIL” and one that says “GAS”, I’d even tell you which sticker to put where if you want.

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38 Responses to “Brad Pitt brakes down on custom chopper”

  1. Cyril Huze  November 2nd

    Yes, it’s Brad Pitt. Your explanation made me smile.

  2. Jesper  November 2nd

    Thanks, Cyril, I’m glad it did. I couldn’t help my self, just had to mention it. I Hope Mr. Pitt doesn’t get pissed off and stops reading Helmet Hair. 🙂

  3. Gaijin Biker  December 10th

    Where does it say or show that he put gas in the oil tank? I don’t see it.

  4. Jesper  December 11th

    Just for you Gaijin, here you go.

    “Story goes that Brad Pitt accidentally fills the OIL tank on his custom chopper with GAS”

    Don’t know if it’s true or not, but that’s the story.

  5. Brad Pitt has got a new chopper  April 25th

    […] You might remember the little oil in the gas insident Mr.Pitt had a few months ago. Now it looks like he’s replaced that motorcycle with another one […]

  6. jimbo  April 25th

    that bike was built by a shop called “church of choppers” and was featured in THE HORSE about a year ago.
    for all you reading this, THE HORSE is a mag published by REAL bikers for REAL bikers

  7. biatch  May 29th

    this is really dislikable and it sucks!!!!!!!!

  8. Jesper  May 29th

    By “this” you mean what exactly?

  9. Joe  June 5th

    A friend of mine owns Church of Choppers and puts out top notch bikes like this all of the time. Fortunately for him, most of the people he builds bikes for know the difference between gas and oil.

  10. Mojo  June 20th

    Church of Choppers owner Jeff built this bike.. I really think Brad was thinking of Angelina and filling her tank..!!!

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  12. Melina Phillip  September 14th

    All the blogs that are posted on your site about Bob Phillip are so untrue. I want to know why all the postive post were deleted….

  13. Melina Phillip  September 14th

    Cyril are you the same Cyril Hughes that I seen coming out of a gay bar

  14. Jesper  September 15th

    Melina, not sure what you mean by your comments, or who your aiming at. But if it’s Cyril Huze, you want to reach, you might want to try his blog. http://www.cyrilhuzeblog.com would get you in the right direction.

    I don’t recal posting anything about no Bob Phillip, good or bad. You’re barking up the wrong tree.

  15. Melina Phillip  September 15th

    My apologies…this was a ping back link thought I’d give it a try.

  16. Cyril Huze  September 17th

    The negative comments on http://www.cyrilhuzeblog.com about Bob Phillip are real comments posted by real people. There are no reasons to censor these people. The only positive comments posted about Bob Phillip were fake and written by Bob & Melina Phillip under other names. So, they were removed after we found out through the IP address from where they were all coming. Melina Phillip is upset by being caught red handed.

  17. Melina Phillip  September 19th

    Comment to Cyril. You can post what you like but the real truth is: you were caught in another lie. The comments were not fake and were posted by several individuals with their own opinions. You dare not let the truth be known that you contacted each seperate email address that was used and it turned out to be each address was legitamate. To clairify your comment…You do not know me and it would take alot more to upset me than to be talked about by someone such as yourself.

  18. Cyril Huze  September 19th

    On September 17, 2007 at 11.23 AM, in contradiction to her statement above, Melina Phillip sent an email to Cyril Huze Custom Inc. “I can assure you that the comments were posted from the same computer…”. So, all the fans of Bob Phillip sit around the same computer and write one after each other using the same exact computer. Then a couple of minutes later, Bob Phillip uses the same computer to auto congratulate himself and thank all his “fans”!!!! Fraud.

  19. Cyril Huze  September 19th

    Forgot: we never contacted each email address used! Another lie of Melina Phillip. Forensic computer evidence shows that the same exact computer was used by Bob Phillip and all his supposed fans. She admits it now. See above.

  20. Melina Phillip  September 19th

    I do not have a problem with the truth such as yourself. If the truth be known just how much of your bikes do you really build with your own hands. I don’t have a problem with admission of truth as I have said from the beginning. The emails were posted by different individuals. No fraud was committed by any of us. Why is it that everyone has told us that you indeed did send them an email. Cyril growup you are beginning to sound like a jealous school yard child. Whinning.

  21. Cyril Huze  September 19th

    You just insult people but you didn’t prove anything. 1- Show us all the emails we sent to everybody (we sent only 1 to you to tell you that we remove offensive statements in our Blog). 2-Show us a telephone bill showing all incoming calls and emails that Bob Phillip suppodly received from his fans immediately after your “fake” positive comments were posted in our Blog. You cannot because you lie. And if you make fabricate false emails or a fake telephone bill, we sue you immediately for forgery, unfair practical practice. Also for libel.

  22. Cyril Huze  September 19th

    On September 15, at 9.45 PM, Bob Phillip wrote on our Blog: “After receiving many calls pertaining to this Blog and my reputation, well here I am…I don’t normally get on these sites but decided to check it out, pretty cool. Thanks, BB, BL and Mr.D”

    We have a simple questions to Melina Phillip. Provide to us a copy of a telephone bill of September 17 with all these incoming calls and the real names, address, phone numbers of BB, BL, Mr D, etc…

    You were already obliged to acknowledge that these fake compliments were coming from the same computer. Now you are going to be obliged to admit that the “congratulation calls” never existed. Just a few among all your lies posted online. We remove all the lies we detect on our Blog. In 1 year, we had only to remove yours. Insults is the defense of the liar caught red handed.

  23. Cyril Huze  September 19th

    By the way. All the fans of Bob Phillip not only use the same computer than you & Bob Phillip, but strangely, when they write, they make the same spelling mistakes. It’s also called forensic evidence.

  24. Melina Phillip  September 19th

    I do not have to defend or prove my statements which are true. I do not have any reason to lie. But you failed to answer my previous question. How much of your motorcycles do you actually build with your own hands or is it just a name and the ability of others. I have wasted enough of my time with this non-sense. So I shall see you soon and will be sure to introduce myself to you personally.

  25. Cyril Huze  September 19th

    1- Bikes: all, of course with the help of my team because I have enough success to have one and be able to pay it. Anyway, you are a secretary, don’t work in the industry and know nothing about motorcycles.

    2- Your statements: you refuse to answer any of our questions because you can’t.

    You are caught red handed committing fraud with your accomplice and you cannot stand it. And now, everybody knows. Period.

    Maybe the President of LSU should be aware of what a secretary is doing online while she is supposed to work. We will no more talk to you except through the legal system if necessary.

  26. Ray Ray  September 21st

    Cyril……I have posted from the other website and my comments were erased also……..nope this is not the same computer as the the other people I am at my home an I don’t know where the write from. So why did you feel the need to erase my comments. Don’t forget u left comments from an inbred “coonass” that has been running a cycle shop for three years, about as long as all his other businesses. Please answer this for me. Are you jealous?

  27. Dream  May 20th

    If I’m not mistaken this bike actually has the words gas and oil painted on the tank. ?? Doesn’t it? If that is the case then Brad can’t read apparently. Cool bike though, and I think he picked it up for under $15 grand.

  28. Rick Riley  October 4th

    I googled Bob Phillip just to find out where he was and this website came up. While I’m late, I’d just like to add, that while Bob was in Florida I paid him $4,000 to change the rear end of my softail from a 200 tire to a 250 tire. Bob’s mom died and he told me his wife got cancer. He said we would be moving to Arizona and since he had already sawed the rear end of the bike off, asked me if he could take it to Arizona, where he would open up a new shop, and finish the bike. Coincidentally, I was moving from Fla. to California, so I said yes and I would pick it up out there. Two years went by as Bob would call and tell me all his problems but he was making progress and the bike was looking great. I didn’t drive to Arizona to check on it because I was taking care of and invalid mother 24/7, but believed Bob and kept hoping he would finish it so I could make arrangements to have it shipped. I finally got a call from his sister-in-law saying that Bob had abandoned the shop and I needed to pick up my bike. When I arrived, the bik was in boxes, parts were missing, everything was ruined and Bob had not done one thing to it.

    When I originally finished the bike it was appraised for $65,000. Completely hand fabricated and won the first two shows that I entered. When I recovered if from Bob, it was a total loss and two years later I’ve spent another $15,000 and am still trying to rebuild it.

    Just thought you’d like to know

  29. jad al banna  November 9th

    i like dis fuckin moto omg dis is my life

  30. Topher  June 3rd

    Okay so I know Pitt feels like an effin idiot and it being public and all. But I’m not pussy enough not to admit that I’ve done it before.

    And that was when I was not distracted by paparazzi and gawking people.

    It happens.

  31. Stan  August 5th

    Squid + wealth + fame + size 9 1/2 helmet = chuckles aplenty.

    His chase car of bodyguards must have been off-duty.

    Poor Lord Fauntleroy.

  32. johnny79  November 11th

    Please,who made this machine.very radical

  33. Brad Pitt Photos  August 18th

    Although I agree with you that under normal circumstances, it wouldn’t be the smartest move to put gas in the oil tank. However, considering that you said that Brad Pitt’s custom motorcycle has the oil cap and gas cap right next to each other, I can see how he could accidentally put gas in the wrong pipe. Interesting post.

  34. Giovanni Brandauer  September 3rd

    Brad Pitt is so handsome, sexy and He is realy good actor! I love him, and every ordinary woman loves him..

  35. BlogMagog  October 8th

    If I’m not mistaken the tank actually says oil and gas painted on it. I find it hard to believe he got them mixed up.

  36. BlogMagog  October 8th

    This bike was on ebay… I almost bid on it. I think it sold for around $12k. At least we know Brad has good taste in motorcycles. I’d love to see his collection of custom bikes.

  37. reading glasses  March 5th

    Bloggers are under appreciated, many thanks for bothering to post this.

  38. Johnny Trigger  January 14th

    I often wish I could be the guy that had some fame and cash and could walk up to a custom shop and buy a kick ass bike. Me I end up having to build mine with this and that off Craig’s list. I think mine is a bit cooler.

    But it gets me that these guys play action stars or whatever and make a ton of cash. basically the portray people like me and others that have served the country in the military in war and now I do consulting with some agencies to help track terrorist down.

    Sure as hell doesn’t pay as well as they make pretending to be us. At least I know where to put the oil in my bike.

    I wonder if he had someone deal with the special construction paperwork and the DMV etc etc.

    And to those giving Cyril Huze shit. I have only heard good things about the man. So whatever you are on about knock it off. Cheap classless people snipe at folks on the web.

    Johnny Trigger

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