Supposedly Brad Pitt on a new chopper
Supposedly Brad Pitt on a new chopper
You might remember the little oil in the gas insident Mr.Pitt had a few months ago. Now it looks like he’s replaced that motorcycle with another one, or he’s got more of them (most likely). Looks like a pretty sweet bike, that might have spawned from the Indian Larry Legacy shop, seems like their style. Of course we have no real assurance that it actually is Brad Pitt in those pictures, but Popsuger claims it is. Frankly I don’t really care who it is, it’s still a sweet looking bike.

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18 Responses to “Brad Pitt has got a new chopper”

  1. Pan Chopper Man  May 6th

    Hey Braddy, stick to acting
    …yea right.

  2. Rev. VTX  August 6th

    Where is the third pic ? I’d like to see it too.

  3. jesper.bram  August 8th

    Don’t know about a third picture, sorry.

  4. Just-in, Dallas  October 28th

    That bike deserves a springer front end… Wtf? Larry would be dissapointed I think.

  5. Brian  December 20th

    That is Brad’s new bike. I met him on it this past week in New Orleans during makeitrightnola.

  6. Brian  December 20th

    It is an Indian Larry Legacy special edition. The attention to detail is amazing.

  7. tamta  December 24th

    Hello,my dear brad, how are you? I am from georgia and i will be glad, if you read my letter, which is wrotten by heartly.
    I like your films very much. because they are different from other. I want to tell you much, but this area does not give opportunate to do this.
    good bye. kiss you without number. tamta

  8. RetroGrouch  February 13th

    Nice ride. Just saw a clip of Brad riding that bike. About the forks, Indian Larry didn’t use springers since he built his bikes to handle through mountain roads. He used USD telescopics and steering dampers for performance. Boss old school lid too! Brad’s got taste. Hell, I’d ride with him.

  9. KNOW IT ALL HATER  May 14th

    RetroGrouch yet another internet know it all that got it wrong, Indian Larry (R.I.P.) used all types of suspention and USD teloscopics and steering dampers dont give performance they improve handling, another retard there that probably has a 1994 yamaha 535 virago with the mufflers sawn off.

  10. Panic  May 18th

    Hahaha that Brad, he’z got the nicest rides. Bikes and mss. Pit…..;-)

  11. Jared  February 13th

    Brad Pitt’s bike definitely is a Indian Larry. I found a picture of IL bikes at Sturgis ’07. Brad’s is the second from the camera in the 11th pic down at this site:

  12. andy  May 17th

    Hey, check out the brass knuckles on the right side- I guess he does his own security…

  13. rolf  July 4th

    Hee know-it-all-hater,
    where did you get so wise? I thought that handling of the bike got all to do with performance. Looks to me that you don,t perform at all with only power and no handling. But since you know it all….

  14. Brass Knuckles  September 22nd

    Ya, nice brass knuckles there, Brad! I wonder if they come off his bike real easy and wonder if he’d get in trouble for them, lol.

  15. Dirk Engelenburg  October 19th

    It looks like an IL
    i like the actor and i like the bike so enjoy it Brad
    but plzz dont scrach it lol

  16. Paint Head  January 3rd

    OK, We all know it’s an Indian Larry Legacy bike. I can’t believe none of you had anything to say about the fact that Mr. Pitt is riding a magneto fired, rigid shovel with a foot clutch, jockey shift and an open single row chain primary drive! Paul and Keno built him a suicide machine and he’s riding it. VERY COOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Eero  February 11th

    What is this super cool jacket? who make those?

  18. George  March 6th

    Does anyone knows what helmet is he wearing?
    I mean, what brand is it?

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