If you dive below the surface of motorcycle movies like Wild Hogs and Ghost Rider, there’s quite a few really good movies made on low budgets but with way more passion than the Hollywood blockbusters. The up coming movie Brittown is one of them. As the description say:

“BRITTOWN – a motorcycle documentary featuring Meatball from the Hell On Wheels bike shop in Anaheim, California.

As a master mechanic, vintage Brit bike connoisseur and dirt-track racer, Meatball splits his time between family, his shop and his rock band Smiling Face Down. Brittown joins Meatball for several months as he heads to races, plays gigs and uses all his skill to turn an old 650 Triumph Bonneville motor into a 130 mph road-ready screamer.”

To me that sounds a heck of a lot more interesting than the stereotypic big screen productions. Here’s the teaser.

You can sign up for info on release dates at the Brittown websites. But I’ll of course keep you posted here as well.

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7 Responses to “New documentry for britbike nuts and custom motorcycle fans”

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  2. Ben  March 22nd

    Brit Bikes are on the rise! There is another great series on YouTube.com called “American Triumph” that follows a guy restoring old pre-unit Triumphs…it’s REALLY well done!

  3. Jesper  March 24th

    thank, Ben. I’ll look into it.

  4. Richard Zijlstra  March 26th


    I’ve made a motorcycle documentary with the title:
    ‘The motorcycle passion of Lawrence of Arabia’

    Check out the site for a trailer!



  5. Jesper  March 26th

    Sounds interesting, Richard. I’d like to watch it.

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