Looking for a unique holiday vacation? Make sparks fly! Many people want to build a chopper themselves, but either don’t have the time, don’t want it to take up space in their garage for months or years, or don’t have the shop equipment needed to do it. Art In Motion, LLC Motorcycles in Kissimmee, Florida has a solution and a unique holiday vacation idea too. They have a “build your own bike” program where their fab team helps turn your dream into reality. Meanwhile you help by turning a wrench in the custom build room in their shop. They take your idea (whether trike, chopper, bagger or bobber) and help you create a bill of materials, do the time consuming fitment, design a custom frame, get all the parts, hand-tool leather and get the final bike painted. Along the way – if you are lucky you will also get to go to one of their old school swap meet parties that happens once a month. The latest bike build is a custom Pro-Street chopper being built for a customer in England themed around the grip reaper and the hounds of hell. It’s destined for Daytona beach this spring. Kissimmee is just south of Orlando, Florida and has many different places to stay and other things to do like airboat rides, eco safaris and theme parks.

For a motorcycle nut like me, that would be an awesome vacation no matter what type of bike there was being built. Below are some videos from their shop. They seem like really nice people as well. If you need more info on Art In Motion, here’s their contact info. For more information contact Tom Kapp at (407) 847-0119 or tkapp@artinmotionllc.com

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14 Responses to “How would you like to build a motorcycle on your vacation?”

  1. James Stone  January 17th

    It does look like a totally cool way to spend a vacation.

  2. Geoff  January 18th

    Sound like an excellent way to spend a holiday. Especially since I fall into the category of not having a garage to do a build in myself (I live in an apartment). Only problem is, how do I convince my wife it’s a good idea?

  3. Harry  January 18th

    Oh well this story is really amazing or I may say interesting, thanks for sharing such a nice post.

  4. thenotoilguy  January 31st

    You just have not experienced travel or a new place until you have done it on a bike!

  5. V. Nelson  February 3rd

    Great story! Can’t wait to experience life more from a bikers view. Wind in my face, hum of the motor and passing scenery. Added bonus, fuel efficiency!

  6. jordan  February 3rd

    the best site for motorcycles and scooters parts for cheap prices

  7. Bikearama Larry  February 13th

    Now why can’t we have something as cool as this over here in the UK? 🙂

  8. Kira29  February 14th

    this can be a enjoyable task to do in your free time too!

  9. Ark  February 14th

    i still find it hard to build a motorcycle, where can i get all the raw material!

  10. Dave Reeves  March 1st

    Totally wild! What a great idea, perhaps I can run it past my boss and we can do it here in the UK too…

    I’m off to go Twitter/Facebook it! 🙂

  11. Wulli  March 18th

    Wow, that is a great way to spend a vacation – let’s hope my girlfriend thinks so! Maybe there’s a beauty parlor closeby to keep her amused?

  12. BDJ  March 29th

    I hope to build/restore a vintage motorcycle some day

  13. free  May 14th

    I now know what I want to do in my next holidays

  14. JEAN  August 26th

    last vacation, forgot pack lot of stuff, was not so bad, but something for my trip were missing, looked some luggage and got the tailgunner for my bmw F650, so cool!!!!!! l’m planning to ride at hunter mountain, so, i’ll need my hard case!!!!

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