Motorcycling is a way of life. Having the opportunity to zip on the leathers, strap on the boots, put on the helmet, crank up the bike and hit the road is an amazing feeling, and, unfortunately, one that doesn’t come around too often for the casual biker thanks to the weather. Work and family commitments regularly stand in the way of the ideal time for a ride, meaning it stays sitting in the garage for a bit longer.

So how do some people keep that passion for bikes going when the weather is so miserable for so much of the time? Many resort to re-runs of classic races on the television, some pull the DVDs of the latest Isle of Man TT out of the cabinet and watch some of the bravest riders on the planet throw themselves around narrow corners at incredible speeds.

But arguably the best way of keeping the fire burning is to get into a career based around your passion for bikes. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you go out with the aim of becoming the next Valentino Rossi, but there are plenty of jobs out there that will allow you to get up close and personal with your favourite method of transport. Here are just a few:

Some bike fans simply love getting on the bike, riding it around the quiet roads and getting their knee down around the bends, opening it up on the long straights and getting home in time for tea. Others love nothing more than maintaining their bike, replacing the worn parts and adjusting it to suit their requirements, getting covered in dirt and oil. These bikers could venture into a profession as a specialist motorcycling mechanic, helping other bike lovers to get the very best out of their machine, and learning about how all the different models are built.

Some only get the chance to go out on their bikes a couple of times each month, which can be particularly frustrating. But one way of ensuring that you get to ride as much as possible is to move into the courier industry. Motorcycle couriers are frequently required to deliver important items, such as legal documents and small parcels. Many prefer them to traditional car or van couriers because they can get across cities much quicker, so the demand for two-wheeled couriers is certainly there, so you can make a nice packet and have some fun along the way.

Circuit Marshal
If you’re fortunate enough to live near to one of the many racing circuits in the UK, then how about getting right up close to the action and becoming a marshal down at the track? With proper training you’ll be able to ensure that all the races go as safely as possible, and getting great access to all kinds of races each year, from the track day novices to the best in the country – or even the world.

These are just three great careers that let you get up close and personal with bikes at every opportunity. If you’re someone who sees the smallest amount of sunshine and gets that Christmas-morning feeling because you can finally get the bike out of the garage and hit the open road, turn that hobby into a profession and make money and have fun along the way.

This article was written by Chris White, an experienced motoring journalist currently working with uShip, the experts in the courier and house removal industries. Chris has covered a variety of motorcycle-related topics from new bike and gear reviews to covering some of the top races in the world.

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2 Responses to “More Than A Hobby – Careers in Motorcycling”

  1. Darren  July 12th

    I was very interested in a motorcycle career, but after a while, I got so burnt out because motorcycles became “work” and not the “fun” they used to be.

    I was behind a desk though. If you can get a career where there is more riding involved, it might be better!

  2. Ivan Sims  July 28th

    Forgot blogging about motorcycling…

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