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Illustrated, How a motorcycle carburetor works

December 21st, 2014 Jesper Bram Comments Off on Illustrated, How a motorcycle carburetor works

Check out this neat illustration on how a motorcycle carburetor works, and how you can adjust it. Seen on Continue reading

Some spring motorcycle events have already started and there are still many to come. For all passionate motorcyclists, spring is the high time of excitement when all of them finally get time to enjoy the outdoors in pleasant weather. Although there are many who love adventure in extreme weather, but there are some who prefer […] Continue reading

What Not to Do on a Motorcycle

October 22nd, 2012 Jesper Bram 12 Comments »

You know what to do. You’ve taken the motorcycle safety classes, earned your license and are ready to hit the open road. You know how to use your mirrors, perform safety scans and lean into your turns. But before you jump on that bike, have you thought about what you should not do while riding? […] Continue reading

Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle

July 7th, 2010 Jesper Bram 38 Comments »

This post was written by guest blogger Jordan Robertson. Jordan is a freelance writer and motorcycle enthusiast. After a few bad spills, Jordan is also a motorcycle safety advocate. …even when you’ve been riding for years. Yeah, you probably have your motorcycle license. And let’s hope you already know how to ride. But have you […] Continue reading

Spring has officially begun and a new riding season is before us. For some people this will be their first season, so let’s help them along to a good and glorious season by pooling and sharing our knowledge. (if you have the power to fiddle with the weather, that’ll be good too) I’ll start out […] Continue reading

A couple of months ago we bought a house in the country and I finally got my very own garage. You who have one knows how bloody awesome that is, and you who dream of one; yes it is bloody awesome. But like it is with motorcycles, it is with your garage – you want […] Continue reading

Tech week at the Jockey Journal just ended, and here’s a list of the amazing tips and tricks people shared. Big thanks to all the people who took the time to write these up. Adjustable rear fender Building Stainless Fenders Hardtailing an XS650 Sectioned Sporty Tank Timing is everything Hard-tailing an OIF Triumph Boost your […] Continue reading

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