DVD Review: Chopper Animals & Mayhem Machines Vol. 2.

Highly Recommended: Verdict: 5/5 helmets

This DVD is no ordinary sequel; it’s more of an improvement on an already brilliant concept. As the guys at Choppahead put it:

“If you haven’t seen volume 1, you might be asking yourself – “What the hell is this DVD series, anyhow?” Well, take a chopper documentary, an old skateboard video and an episode of jackass – smash them together and there you have it….”

That’s a pretty exact description, but if you’re like me and don’t really give a rats as about old skateboard videos and jackass episodes, don’t turn away just yet. The DVD is loaded, and I mean LOADED with more or less in-depth presentations of the sweetest garage built motorcycles on the planet. Each owner of the bikes explains the build and history of their bike and point out fabricated details they are particularly happy with.

What is the first thing you do when you get the latest issue of your favorite bike mag? You flick through to the featured bikes and read the build descriptions right? Well, imagine that in video, and there you have it. I paused and flicked through single frames more on this DVD than I’ve ever done before. Just to see bits and details on bikes I liked that had solved ideas similar to what I have in mind.

If you’re a garage chop nut, whether it’s big twins, trumpets, beesa’s or jap bikes you’re into, you have to own Chopper Animals & Mayhem Machines Vol. 2. If you’re otherwise inclined to watch beautiful classic motorcycles mutilated into personal artwork and rolling death traps, you’d probably like it as well.

I’m slightly biased about the cut scenes and intros, I like the interviews with the fabricators, but I’m not sure about the scenes where the choppahead boys play jackass. It’s kind of boring when they put on a funny hat and see who can act lamest. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for anti-pretty mischief and mayhem, but at moments they just try a little too hard. So I’d keep that to a minimum in Vol.3; I bet it’s a case of “kill your darlings” in the editing process. If the Choppaheads could get a foamed stuffed sock to put on their microphone to eliminate wind noise when shooting driving scenes, we could get some nice engine sounds once in a while instead of the thundering death metal (not that there’s anything wrong with metal, but engines sounds are nice too).

All in all a bloody brilliant DVD with a few minor flaws, that you could nothing but expect in an underground production like this. The guys at Choppahead deserve all the credit they can get, because I sure as heck want to see a Vol. 3.

Where the heck do I get it then?
Remember, you won’t find this gem in your local store, you can only order it at www.choppertown.net/store. At 19.95USD and free world wide shipping, it’s a steal.

Choppahead proudly presents “Chopper Animals & Mayhem Machines Vol. 2 – Another inside Look into the World of Underground Choppers & Kustom Kulture.”

If you haven’t seen volume 1, you might be asking yourself – “What the hell is this DVD series, anyhow?” Well, take a chopper documentary, an old skateboard video and an episode of jackass – smash them together and there you have it….

Like its predecessor, this DVD pays homage to the true essence of Kustom Kulture – the home builder and the underground chopper scene. You’ll get an inside look into the madness, ingenuity, debauchery, and shenanigans that surrounds this world!

* Over 20 profiles on home chopper and kustom cycle builders from across the country
* Profiles on kustom shops from New Hampshire, New York, Texas, and Japan!
* Show and event footage from across the globe (Mooneyes Japan, Smokey Mountain Smokeout East & West)
* An inside look at the goings-on at Choppahead Kustoms
* Mucho jackassery to tie it all together

“A rather splendid film – with lots of really really nice motorbikes, cheers!” –DicE Magazine (London/Los Angeles)


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12 Responses to “DVD Review: Chopper Animals & Mayhem Machines Vol. 2.”

  1. FAthead  October 2nd

    A good video or DVD to watch . PAN MAN needs to watch a video on how to be a prison queen so I dont get lonely anymore . DILLIGAF.
    It takes a boy to Build a bike .
    It takes a man to chop up a harley !

  2. Jesper  October 5th

    Isn’t it the other way around. Unless you meant a bicycle that is. But who cares anyway, as longs as you ride the crap out of whatever set of wheels you have.

  3. Pan Chopper Man  October 5th

    First of all Fathead bro, as you know, they stopped being “real” Harley-Davidsons back in the early 70’s when AMF came to thier fucking “rescue”.
    Now, I like shovelheads, yessir I do like shovelheads, but good God, the spirit just drained from the company in 1969 when that faggot mutherfucker Willie G. Davidson got it in his mellon that he could design motorcycles.
    Look at the 1971 FX Superglide. I’d shoot you if you rode that.
    You guys have to forgive me… my soul died with the death of the rigid frame.

    Anyway… thank God for aftermarket parts.
    Hey Fathead, don’t forget, my first real road bike was a 1955 Panhead completely stock and held together with coathanger wire. I bought it from Shott H-D (for $1500.) in Lewiston, Maine in 1978 and it rode home. This “MAN” chopped the ever-loving fuck out of that sweet pan and had an elephant boner doing it!
    Yea I cut all the fucking tabs, tossed the fat bobs and a hundred other things that some chuckleheads today would blow a gasket about but I had my 1960’s style chopper and I was a happy “girl-gettin mutherfucker”.

    Many years, two grown kids and several OUI’s later, I’ve got a nice house in the country of central Maine a sweet wife and a chopper in my garage that I built from scratch… from a long, long list of part numbers out of more than five different catalogs.
    Hey Jesper I tried sending pics of my bike to you but I think my PC was drunk. Anyway, give me the Email address to send you stuff.

    I talked enough.

  4. jesper.bram  October 6th

    Heck yea, Pan man. Send over some pics of that chop. email is helmethairblog@gmail.com.

    Looking forward to see the bike.

  5. FATHEAD  October 15th

    Well Pan Man first of all I applaud you for riding a ridgid . Second your right if I rode that fucking stupid boat tail FX glide I would shoot my self . Third you did assemble your bike from numerous catalogs and chinese sweat shops . Fourth , Ive ridden them all , I rode ridgeds more than most . My first scooter was a ridgid second was a plunger staight leg , third was a ridgid with a shovel . Then I went to a softail standard , rode 80,000 miles on it , yes not a typo 80,000 miles I did that in two and half years on that son of a bitch . Now my wife has it and I turned it into a trike for her , No I ride a road king , bought it new again and already have 20,000 miles on that one . I got more miles pushing my bike backwards than most do going forward .

    I love to ride , occasionally drink, love to Fuck and cause trouble as some know . I am a veteran and dont give a fucking damn about much . But I do care about my friends and there familys . As Pan Man knows . I also love to bust my friends balls .

    Riding a ridged is like humping a dildo its fun at first but it hurts when you hit a god bump.

    Oh yeah , JESPER , It is a biker that makes a bike . A rider that makes a enthusiast .

    I dont love to ride , I ride because its my life style .

    Life is a waist of time , time is a waist of life . So get fucking waisted and have the time of your life.

  6. Jesper  October 16th

    Phew! you’re getting deep on me now Fathead. I’m not too big on the whole existentialism thing. I just like motorcycles, that’s all.

  7. Pan Chopper Man  November 3rd

    Jeees! Fathead, did you leave your kids in the keyboard?

    Holy fuck!

  8. Pan Chopper Man  November 3rd

    Double up yer meds or sompin.

  9. Pan Chopper Man  November 3rd

    Jesper Bram is the coolest dude in the whole fucking world but he needs more readers than just me and Fathead!

  10. Jesper  November 3rd

    Thank’s, Pan Man, much appreciated. You’re welcome to spread the word.

    There’s plenty of readers though, just not to many that comment. Might be because you an fathead grill the balls of everyone not a hair-between-the-teeth-biker 😉

  11. Fathead  November 7th

    I like grilled balls and a little bacon on the side . Maybe a cold brew to wash it all down . The most important part of eating testies is spitting out the seeds .
    I kill me . HA HA HA HA .

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