This weekend was super rally weekend, and my bike got finished just in time to make the run. The weather was beyond great and there was no mechanical hick ups along the way. That was more than enough to make it a great weekend. But things was going to get even better.

On Saturday I had the pleasure of meeting Cole Foster who was there with the Grease Monkey Mayhem crew. I told him about my bike inspired by the 70’s choppers and how it just got finished after a couple of years scrounging up the right parts.

He asked to see it and I wasn’t going to pass up the chance of having Cole Foster comment on my motorcycle, so I ran off and got it. Drove it right on to the Grease Monkey Mayhem exhibit area where Cole and Bean’re jumped out to inspect it. They asked about all sorts of details, which I was able to answer with a descent level of accuracy.

The final, and greatest words of approval came when Cole said “you can park that bike here as long as you want”. I asked if he was serious and he just replied “sure, I’ll watch it for you”. Damn, that was a great feeling.

A lot of people told me I was completely bonkers having my bike built like that, but I had a vision and stuck to it. I knew I’d like it and didn’t care if people would get it or not. Then having one of the greatest motorcycle builders of our time give me the thumbs up like that… well, it’s safe to say I walked away, with my bike still there on exhibit among the world famous California builds, feeling a wee bit taller than usual.

The bike needs to have a few more things finished that didn’t make in time for Super Rally, I’ll post more pictures and info about it when that’s done.

Super Rally photos is coming as soon as I get them sorted out.

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8 Responses to “Meeting Cole Foster at Super Rally 2008 in Denmark”

  1. Panic  May 18th

    Great bike man! I especially like the color. I know the feeling, my own bike is not old school, not new school, just my school.

  2. BOBBY  July 28th

    YOU RULE!!!

  3. Jesper  July 28th

    Gracias, Bobby. You rule as well.

  4. Motorcycle Fairings  September 3rd

    Who’s the king?

  5. Your greatest motorcycle experiences in 2008 | Helmet Hair - Motorcycle Blog  January 5th

    […] Super Rally 2008 in Denmark My bike was just finished from the rebuild I had planned and collected parts over two years. The weather was bloody brilliant. Even if everything else had sucked, the ride there would easily have made up for it. But the rally was awesome as well, and the acknowledgment I got from Cole Foster on my bike topped it of to be a very memorable weekend. Read more about it here. […]

  6. whegammatieda  November 23rd

    Outstanding Article , I considered it phenomenal

    I look forward to more similar postings like this one. Does This Blog have a newsletter I can subscribe to for new posts?

  7. Jesper  November 23rd

    Thanks, and Yes. Please choose your preferred subscription option from the red subscription box top right in the menu.

  8. bean're  March 22nd

    I had a great time at the Super Rally and it was my pleasure meeting you and your bike. Plenty of people have told me they don’t like my bike and others do but thats not important- Had had a vision and thats what ended up coming about. Its mine. I dig it. And I dig yours! It remainds me of my old shovelhead I had back in the 80’s and 90’s. Rock on and I’ll see you soon I hope!

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