Cole Foster interview

August 8th, 2007 Jesper Bram 4 Comments » | View blog reactions

Cole Foster is one of the most talented motorcycle builders on the planet at the moment. He builds classic motorcycles with respect for the original, but with a distinct style and finish that makes them pop out from the crowd. I thought I’d share this interview with you, while I wait for my internet company to fix my connection.

We just moved and, surprise surprise, the internet didn’t get up and running when promised. So I’m horribly offline at the moment (Aug. 8 2007), high jacked a neighbors internet to write this. They’ll fix it within this week, so when the American Horse Power Bike and Car Meet 2007 is over, I’ll be posting photos of the sweet motorcycles.

So you’ll be home alone for a few days, hope you’ll manage. No peeing in the corners, staying up late, or raiding the cookie jar.

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4 Responses to “Cole Foster interview”

  1. Vespa Motorcycle  August 17th

    Can’t wait till you get back

  2. Jesper  August 18th

    Thanks. Our Internet connection is now up and running. I’ve got 334 photos to look through from the Bike and Car Meet. Will post some asap.

  3. Vespa Motorcycle  August 20th

    Will check them out as soon as they go live.

  4. ron  August 22nd

    cole any relations to dennis ,Ron

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