Browsing around after I found the 1930’s hill climb video yesterday, I also found this movie series from Colorado Motorcycle Company. Everybody wants to be a star motorcycle builder these days, but what I like about these guys is their positive attitude. No unnecessary theatrics, just a bunch talented guys doing what they do best in what seems to be a good respectful work environment.

The videos follow the creation of a custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle built for the winner of the Denver Grand Prix back in 2005.

The series is not complete, but I’ve embedded a playlist of the 7 videos currently released. You can get up to speed by watching those, and then stay tuned for the next episodes if they decide to release them as well. If you want to see the finished bike, you can head over to CMC’s photo page, where you’ll find photos of the bike and the lucky winner.

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5 Responses to “Colorado Motorcycle Company and the Grand Prix Chopper”

  1. Pan Chopper Man  January 23rd

    Y’know Jesper, every fiber in me wants to be critical about this “bike” they’re building, but I’ll restrain myself (for now) and just say… yea, nice scooter, good job…………..

    nah, fuck it, I’m gonna say it…

    I could piece together a better looking chopper from the pile of parts out behind my garage!!!

    sorry. (but I could)

  2. Jesper  January 24th

    Yea. Not going to say that I could build something better. But it’s not really my taste in bike either.

    But the people building it seems to have more than just a string in their heads to prevent the ears from falling off.

  3. Phil Lucero  March 19th

    Yeah, I’m sure sure Pan Chopper Man could build a better bike, probably the best bike in the world, maybe the galaxy, hell even the universe. But I’m going to have to pull out the Mark Louis “bullshit towel” because old Pan Chopper Man is full of shit. What the fuck has he ever done? I don’t see anyone making TV shows about him. Perhaps he would like to put his money where his mouth is and show us the old Pan Chopper magic and pull an award winner right out of his hairy ass.

    Sorry? You sure are!

  4. Phil Lucero  March 19th


    Jesper, thanks for putting this show on your blog!

    PL Pro Out!

  5. Phil Lucero  May 29th

    The rest of the show is on the Revver site (through episode 12). You can also find them all on iTunes. Thanks, again.

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