Denim motorcycle helmet
Check out this crazy motorcycle lid covered in denim (Yes, the stuff pants are made of). Remember to bring a spare should it start raining. Portuguese helmet manufacturer Nexx have some pretty weird design ideas, but there’s some nice styles in between. The denim version is probably more of a publicity stunt, although it is available for purchase. Maybe it’s targeted at the people who wears denim vests, like the dude humping the fork lift truck in the video below.

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11 Responses to “Denim helmets, the latest in Motorcycle Haute-Couture”

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  3.  April 30th

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    Fashionable denim motorcycle helmets

  4. KATHI EDWARDS  July 6th


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  6. Robin  October 10th

    I have to share this with you guys! The coolest way to blaze the roads on your motorcycle and ensure that other motorists notice you…is to check this place out – ,they have some of the coolest bling for your helmets. We all have to be safe out there, but we can have fun doing it! One of the greatest benefits is the fact that YOU ARE NOTICED! It is shown that the majority of our motorcycle accidents are due to other motorists…who say they DO NOT SEE US!, lets throw that excuse out their window! Yeah I know the famous t-shirts all you fellows wear that say “If You Can Read This…The Bitch Fell Off” are the only accessory you feel you need, but I have to say, there is something hot about a guy with a Mohawk…..especially a purple one! I wear mine and I love it, I get lots of attention, not that a lady on a bike does not anyway…but the more the better! The helmets are affordable and I plan on getting a few for my riding buddies for Christmas gifts, I want to keep them safe, and I do think this is a cool way to do it….make motorcycle helmet wearing fun.

  7. Motorcycles  March 9th

    Anyone know how safe these new helmets are, they look kinda cool, maybe I’ll consider it. Not sure about putting my wallet in there though haha.

  8. Frank Pipolo  January 16th

    Cant see myself on my wide glide with that on my head.

  9. Lida  February 25th

    Good on your log

  10. kosmodisk  March 29th

    My concern is that I haven’t been as consistent on other shorter runs. How worried should I be?

  11. prps jeans  August 10th

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Denim motorcycle helmet

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