Dave Bulthuis sent me this brilliant tip on how you can easily make your own motorcycle camera mount. Check out the instruction video below. Thanks for the tip, Dave.

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37 Responses to “How to make a 5$ camera mount for your motorcycle”

  1. Rotary Bob  December 7th

    Great project. Too bad there isn’t a verison for us poor souls with clipons.

  2. Jesper  December 7th

    Couldn’t you just make one similar that attaches to the fork legs or something?

  3. Julian  December 9th

    Muy bueno,facil, varato y muy funcional. muchas gracias.

  4. Billy Lane  December 10th

    I see that its a fantastic Idea to have a camera on your bike and the PVC idea is great and affordable. I rate it a 100 in the ratings dept. Nice idea and ingenuity advanced . Good thinking i might use it on my next show . Unless im in prison and then i will use it in my cell .

  5. evanandersen  December 10th

    Evan Andersen

    I love having attached a camara to my bike. Evan Andersen rocks, is the title of the camera. There is no where that I will not ride without it.

    Evan Andersen

  6. Laural  December 14th

    this is a cool idea, what a way to take pictures of your bike ride

  7. audrey wright  December 19th


    I agree with Evan Andersen, there is no better way to get around then have a $5 camera to tape your face in the wind, right on evan andersen, in my book you are Awright.

    A. Wright

  8. livemorelightly.com » Blog Archive » Motorcycle Camera Mount Research  January 1st

    […] is the most economical mount yet …. the $5. camera mount. The sound on his video is mostly wind noise as he has no windshield. Great idea though. […]

  9. paul  January 7th

    lol, that’s a great idea. simple, easy, and cost effective. thanks for the tip!

  10. Jim  January 10th

    Ensure a locknut is used to prevent the threaded bolt from being screwed too far in and damaging the camera. Great idea.

  11. Chaz  January 14th

    I didn’t see a place to rate this, but I would give it 5 star because it was a brilliant idea and gave me some other ideas for attaching other items, (like a compass) to the bike.

    I am looking for a clever way to mount a camera inside your helmet, because it’s quieter and you can speak into it.

  12. Dropbear9  January 26th

    I love it.
    What a nice simple, cheap and effective solution.
    I hadn’t thought of using my cheap still camera’s video capability ’till now.

    Gotta go find a hardware store. Bye!

  13. Sam  January 30th

    crap, ur riding on the wrong side of the road!!

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    […] gives the most realistic effect of actually riding as can be seen on Virtual Riding TV and the $5 camera mount demonstration. I looked at scuba diving camera enclosures to see what kind of protection I could […]

  16. Peter  September 8th

    Everytime I try to screw my camera on, the nut thats on the bolt looses up so the camera is loose… any suggestions?

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  23. nicko  May 21st

    simple as that…
    great thinking you re so creative i will try it thanx for share your creative mind and relax atitude

  24. asba  July 28th

    Nice… But any ideas on how to do this helmet mount?


    Notice how when he crashes [00:16] the mount extended to a position where you can see another angle from the helmet, then it almost goes back to the original position [minimal tilt].

    There are three threaded connections in the helmet, Im looking for flexible and crash resistant materials for the poles.


  25. g  August 30th


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    I rate it a 100 in the ratings dept. Nice idea and ingenuity advanced . the mount extended to a position where you can see another angle from the helmet, then it almost goes back to the original position

  29. Sport bike cam contourHD  June 10th

    Nice mount. Very very cheap, we can’t sell our mounts for that kind of money 🙂

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  31. real money slots  June 11th

    Its relly an innovatiuve idea of mounting acamera in a bike and the video posted about regarding this is very clear and understandable.

  32. Scott  August 25th

    Great idea. My speedometer gets in the way so i had to put an elbow in mine and a extention which gives me a little too much vibration but cool idea anyway

  33. twoowls  September 1st

    wow!! so simple, great idea, I will use it to attach other things to the bar

  34. Ian Campbell  October 13th

    The 1/4″ thread is too long and could cause serious damage to some cameras which have little protection at the bottom of the tripod screw thread.
    Use a locknut, washers and/or short spacer to allow the camera to lock in position before the screw reaches the bottom of the camera thread. Fitting an inexpensive ball and socket head would give some positioning flexibility and avoid damaging your camera.
    Good idea all the same!

  35. Robbie  January 21st

    Great blog, keeping me from working on homework.
    Good to see more people writing about bullet camera.

  36. Ian Kirkup  July 2nd

    What a brilliantly simple idea! Does exactly the same job a a small rollbar mount but at 1/8th the cost!

  37. dimitris-greece  August 16th

    Exellent idea my friend! Keep up the good work 🙂

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