Ducati Hypermotard Review

February 20th, 2010 Jesper Bram 34 Comments » | View blog reactions

Ducati Hypermotard

Ducati Hypermotard in the mountains

The Hypermotard, is Ducati’s answers to the publics craving for motards. No motorcycle manufacturer with a fair amount of self respect doesn’t have a motard in their line up.

Ducati is known for their exclusive high quality Italian motorcycles. Of course the Hypermotard is no exception. What I find most impressive is that they’ve managed to squeeze a 1100cc v-engine into such a small package. From the first time I saw the Hypermotard a couple of years ago when Ducati introduced the model, I always liked the look of it. Compact, sleek, aggressive and still durable. The grace of a race horse, the power of a rhino type of thing.

October last year when I was in Cannes with Columbus International, I finally got to try the legendary beast. Not just on regular flat back roads like the ones we have in Denmark. But on twisting and turning mountain roads fit to match the wet dreams of any action happy motorcycle rider. I was totally going to rip.

Ducati Hypermotard

Ducati Hypermotard in the Frenc back country

Being by no means the best motorcycle rider ever, but still considering my self at least a skilled average. I was very surprised how much I totally sucked on the Hypermotard. It was like I got my permit yesterday. The riding position and technique was remarkably different from all other motorcycles I’ve tried.

It was like switching from ski’s to snowboard for the first time. You know the concept of turning, you know how to pick up speed, and you know about shifting your weight. But still it’s so much different from everything you’ve tried before.

I never really came to terms with the Ducati Hypermotard during the afternoon I had it in my possession. I’m certain that it’s one of those things that has a steep learning curve, but is equally rewarding when you’ve mastered it.

That said I found it very good for less fast paced sightseeing. Because of the upright riding position you take in much more of your surroundings. I imagine that it’s not too bad for two up riding as well. If your desire is to drive around the french riviera with your spouse on the back looking cool, the Ducati Hypermotard is definitely the way to go.

Ducati Hypermotard

Ducati Hypermotard sightseeing

To conclude, I’d say that if hairpin punishing and drifting is what you want. It’s very capable. We’ve all seen the advertising videos. Just expect to practice to reach your peak if you come from regular sports bikes. On the other hand if your looking for vacation sightseeing in the best style money can buy. The Hypermotard is what you want.

Impression after 4-5 hours of riding the Hypermotard 1100.
Good but takes some practiceFirst impression rating 4/5 helmets
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34 Responses to “Ducati Hypermotard Review”

  1. Helmet Fun  February 24th

    You know what – I think Ducati have done well on the design front with this one. But they’ve got a little way to go before they can honestly say they have a better bike than the KTM 990 Super Moto. Good to have more in the motorbike market pushing for top honours though.

  2. Evan Fell Cycles  February 24th

    If your accustomed to a standard street bike or sport bike you’ll have to adjust for a while when hoping on any motard or dirt format bike. The center of gravity is high, the suspension has longer travel, and the steering feels far different because of the fork length and weight balance.

    Hypers are pretty rad bikes though!

  3. Nathan  March 10th

    Great piece of information. And I like the photo of the bike.

  4. miguel  March 10th

    Fantastic bike and photos!

  5. Nancy  March 23rd

    I never had the opportunity to ride a Ducati and after reading your riding experience, I would like to try the Hypermotard 1100. It looks really nice and well built.

  6. Chris Beaman  March 26th

    What do you mean it takes some practice? Like how is the handling it different from other bikes?

  7. Jesper  March 26th

    Good question, Chris, thanks.

    The center of gravity is higher than on a sports bike. You don’t hang on the side of the bike to make tight turns like you do on a sports bike. The riding style is more like that of motocross bikes.

  8. shepdaddy  March 29th

    Well written. This bike is very difficult to master and for street riders perhaps impossible. It is however a very sexy bike and has loads of grunt and can be fun if you show it proper respect.

  9. Benjamin Branch  April 14th

    Love this bike but I think I would still go for the KTM.

  10. paul from musthavemotorcycles.com  April 19th

    Definitely a second bike for me. Great fun and great scenery, makes you want to holiday through Europe again!

  11. Helmet Guy  April 24th

    Beutiful backdrop. Yeah this bike can be a monster for some but a great ride. I have a great friend that will remain…not named, that is still working on mastering this bike. Love it.

  12. Brad Stevens  May 5th

    I love Ducati’s bike and was doing a little research on the motard. You make some compelling arguments. To quote “expect to practice to reach your peak” I’m sure of it. It’s a sport worth tackling.

  13. Frank  May 6th

    What a beautiful bike. Ducati design really stands out lately. I would still go for a Streetfighter but this is a great one as well.

  14. jimmy  May 10th

    fantastic looking bike , i love the back section of the bike the most its got that x-factor

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  16. Anya  May 19th

    It’s great information. Thanks for this…

  17. Johny Quick Seat  May 23rd

    Yeah the Ducati is a great bike, I owned this little gelato store and we used to have a bike night every Wednesday just for Ducati. But I don’t like how you cant put a saddle bad on the damn thing. I just bought this great saddle bag from all american rider. But now I can’t put it on my Ducati.

  18. NabLeRebel  June 4th

    I’ve been riding sport bikes (mainly GSXR 750/1100/1000) for 20 years and last week I bought the Ducati 1100 Hypermotard Evo SP. The truth being the bike is still in the break in period so i cannot rev it up but the sensations are already great. It requires adjustments in my riding style but I like the change. My reflex is to crouch a little and lower my elbows but when I pay attention to it, straighten my back, keep my elbows high and my but on the seat, I can feel the bike respond much better. It’s more stable than I expected through turns, actually throwing it in tight S bends was easier and faster than on a sport bike. Across the country roads the longer travel on the suspensions took on every bump and made me feel in control at all time. The front breaks have tremendous power and really need some getting use to. Now I cant wait to pop some wheelies and squeeze some sliders… So, if your intention is to ride country/mountain, instead of highway roads (this is definitely not a long stretch highway bike), the Hypermotard is a GREAT bike, I know I cannot wait to ride it more.

  19. Jesper  June 8th

    @NabLeRebel Thank you for your great input. Much appreciated.

  20. NabLeRebel  June 14th

    10 days later and the hypermotard remains a fun bike but…………. I was surprised to experience a wobble when entering a turn at higher speed or when taking a short corner aggressively. I reallyyyyyyy wasn’t expecting that kind of behavior, I thought I could have a pressure loss in my tires??? NO. Now I’m wondering if I need to stiffen the front/rear suspensions due to my (higher) weight (90kgs)?? It would be odd considering the SP is track ready. Anyway, I will try different setups in the next couple of days. I hope to fix it coz this wobble puts a dent my confidence… and I HATE THAT.

  21. Jesper  June 14th

    Hope you get it setup right buddy. I know what you mean. It really sucks when you get your flow disturbed by a little wobble or skid.

    Of course the hardcore types, they don’t care about that. But I’m not one of them. I like to trust my gear.

    A good rule of thumb that I’ve stuck to over the years is to not ride more than 90% of my own capacity.

  22. M. Stand  June 15th

    Got to love this bike. It is definitly a challenge. After riding it you’ll love it though. We have a couple Ducati’s in the shop and got to borrow this one from a friend. With the high center of gravity you are gong to get a much different feel. Hyper is a fun ride.

  23. Nick  June 17th

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  24. Renz  June 18th

    I wish I could get one in the future. Ducati is very expensive here in Manila and I can only afford a small bike.

  25. NabLeRebel  June 24th

    This is it…. I made the rear suspensions harder by 2 clicks and the front forks by 1 click. Now the bike goes through the corner like a train on tracks 🙂 wheelie are becoming common in 1st gear 🙂 and the other day I blasted by 2 Kawasaki race bikes (cannot tell u which model, was too busy overtaking entering a turn :)… I could see them catching up on me on the next straight but then they were no where to be seen as the road kept on twisting 🙂 This Hypermotard is already so much FUN to ride…. I cannot wait till I get the rear wheel spinning in corners :))))))) can anyone can give me some pointers on how to do that (safely) ?

  26. Arvin  July 19th

    Ducati hypermotard is so awesome….I want to ride that motor bike someday….that is my ultimate dream in my life soon…..

  27. Superbikeman  July 26th

    Got to love this beautiful bike, but there is nothing sweeter than an 1198S. I love my bike.

  28. Faizan  August 26th

    great bike! i love bikes in such a style! but i dont think it will suit our roads , i mean Indian roads!

  29. Handyman  September 16th

    Excellent stuff here. Love this bike but I think I’ll stick with mine for now.

  30. clyd73  September 21st

    hey handyman, how it could resolve all the wobble/confidence issues by one or two click it seems impossible to me? ok, it could be reduced by some but making a different bike? … it is too difficult for me to beleive as I felt too unsecure riding that bike and thought there cannot be another bike that unstable on turns, ever! even some jog scooter. the bike I rode; shock and fork was adjusted for plush ride but wasn’t bouncy. rear height was adjusted to low but not to lowest setting and forks showing only one line at the upper tripple clamp. bike was resisting to initial lean so much that I was using real muscle (more to right side, less input needed to left, maybe misadjustment of the fork legs, don’t know). after reaching some lean angle handlebar wanted turn in so bad that you need to real push turn side hand (not a slight push as commonly done at nearneutral steering bikes) also same things at tigh turns. if I lean this bike somewhere like 30 degrees this front end will kill me, I felt that bad. by the way, I am an experienced rider. I didn’t have chance to adjust/try some different setting. I didn’t make the deal b/c felt so bad on this bike and I believed it was imposible to make it work for me by different suspension settings. at first the front brake was a little tight (I mean having some brake without touching the lever but once it got heat it’s reduced, but even after heating I turned the wheel by hand and wheel can’t turn 1 tour, it deffinetly has some effect to my negative experinece but I know it is not all) any toughts? what could be reason and how it can be corrected? I stil want this bike but if I can correct that problems. sorry for bad english

  31. Celinda Selvy  January 8th

    Thanks for this post. I fully agree with what you are saying. I have been talking about this subject a lot lately with my father so maybe this will get him to see my point of view. Fingers crossed!

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