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December 19th, 2012 Jesper Bram Comments Off on DVD Review: 6over by Dice Magazine | View blog reactions

The other day I saw one of those photos with a statement, people like to put up on Facebook. It showed a mom and a her small child. The child says “When I grow up, I want to be a biker”, and the mother answers “You have to decide sweetie, you can’t have both”. Usually I think those things are pretty lame. But I have to admit, that one gave me a good smirk.

6over, the new Motorcycle Documentary by Dice Magazine is a good example of that idea. Keep playing, keep doing silly shit, keep having fun, and keep loving. To me 6over is about so much more than just garage built motorcycles. I think the film carries a strong message about real Freedom. Not the propaganda politicians use to make us believe the stupid shit we do is for the greater good. Not the trademarked Freedom sold by motorcycle manufacturers through royalty programs branded as clubs. Not even the rebellious Freedom purveyed by MC’s, and glorified on TV shows like Sons of Anarchy. Which in reality is just living under another set of strict rules. 6over is about a genuine freedom to ride what ever you want, build what ever you want, hang out with who ever you want, go where ever you want, and not taking yourself too damn serious. Sometimes we call that particular type of Freedom “never growing up”. Probably because we can all recall being lectured by some righteous “grown-up”. Telling us how we live is “childish”, and we should “grow up”. I bet the guys featured in 6over have experienced that more times than they care to remember.

Another thing that comes strongly across in 6over is the love of old crap with wheels. Most of the guys in the film have an impressive collection of old parts an pieces. Who would have thought those ragged dirty kids skating at your local parking lot, would grow up to be your modern day eco warriors? Not that they consider them selves to be anything like that. But never the less keeping 60-70 years old iron alive and running is a heck of a lot more environmentally friendly than buying a brand new motorcycle every 4th year.

6over will also show you that driving old motorcycles is bound to get you some good stories to tell. It is for certain that something will break down once in a while. Most of the time it’s minor stuff that can easily be mended on the side of the road. But what happens is that you meet new people, and experience things you normally wouldn’t. You get a flat, or the gas cable snaps, and all of the sudden you have the beginning of a new adventure. Maybe a cool story to tell the kids. A passion for old vehicles takes you places that is on no brochures. That’s part of the fun.

6over is a beautiful film about guys who love to ride old motorcycles. Bound to inspire people with the same passion all over the world. Maybe even inspiring coming generations to keep old bikes alive and running for many years to come. I highly recommend it. Get yours from Choppertown right here.

6over presented by Dice Magazine rating 5 out of 5. It’s a great film:

Review rating 5/5 helmets

Here is the trailer:

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