Chopperhead Vol. III is easily the best one yet. If you haven’t heard of Chopperhead here’s a brief description.

If you haven’t seen the first two, here’s the deal: This series documents and pays homage to the home-builder and the underground chopper/custom motorcycle scene – the true essence of Kustom Kulture. You won’t find any network-cry baby-inflated megalo-ego-psuedo-star-bull$h!t builders here. You know what shows to watch for that!

The DVD is packed with riders who describe their motorcycles and the building process. Do we like that? yes we likes that. It’s what makes us come back and cough up the coin every time. Besides that it has plenty of cool riding scenes accompanied with some angry music of some sort. Of course Big Truth and his fellow nutters had to put in some chaotic mayhem as well. This is where the DVD gets a little side tracked. The fun in watching some random retard getting pissed and spilling his soup sort of died a week after YouTube was born. But luckily they did a very good job indexing this DVD so it’s easy to skip past the scenes you don’t want your mom to see.

Chopperhead Vol III is two hours total and at least an hour and a half is very watchable and definitely worth the cost. If you just consider the mayhem extra material, it’s actually better than the extra material on most corporate Hollywood DVD’s.

Get the DVD here

You can get the DVD from the guys at Choppertown.

Watch the trailer below. Which I don’t think sells the DVD very well. Since it’s mostly scenes cut from the mayhem, and this DVD offers so much more.

I sort of shot my self in the foot giving Chopper Animals & Mayhem Machines Vol. 2. five helmets. Maybe vol. 3 is not better, but just more of the same good stuff that was in Vol. 2. Never the less it’s some of the best stuff you’ll find out there on the subject. So I’m giving it both my thumbs up.

Highly Recommended: Verdict: 5/5 helmets

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4 Responses to “DVD Review: Chopperhead Vol III”

  1. Bernadus  June 18th

    This is very cool video. Thanks for the sharing.

  2. Teemu  June 19th

    I watched the trailer and its awesome… The actual DVD has to have good 🙂

  3. MotoCraz  June 22nd

    Look like a dvd full of partying and custom bikes…seems pretty entertaining. Awesome A-team fan in that trailer too…

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