DVD_choppertown1When I was a kid we would always hang out at a mate’s garage, messing with mopeds and strapping lawnmower engines to anything from roller-skates to soapbox-cars. If you, like me, can recall that time with a happy smirk, this DVD is for you.

Choppertown – The Sinners, is a documentary on a bunch of lads who never stopped fiddling with gears and engines, but eventually moved on to cars and motorcycles. The documentary evolves around a “Sinner” named Kutty Noteboom, who builds an early sixties style chopper from ground up with the help of his fellow “Sinners”.

DVD_choppertown3It’s not a Discovery, OCC, kind of TV circus where they build bikes only billionaires can afford and buys just to put on their mantelpiece. These guys treasure used parts like gold; they scrounge up and refurbish almost everything they use for the bike. The film is an entertaining story about regular people who have day jobs and live life like the rest of us, but has a strong passion for building motorcycles and actually do it.

Highly recommended: First impression rating 5/5 helmets
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10 Responses to “DVD Review, Choppertown – The Sinners.”

  1. uryi the VI  August 8th

    after viewing your site, I want to kill myself. Thank you!

  2. Jesper  August 14th

    Eh! ok Uryi, you are welcome.

  3. Ron Seaman  November 24th

    I have a 02 Fatboy & wanting to find an old 60’s style king queen seat with the large sissy bar. Im having trouble finding anything tall enough for the drivers back rest. Im wondering if it may have to be custom made. Ive done looked from search places & nothing like what i want. Do you know of anybody still building old school choppers, not some NEW old school with springs under a singer seat. Thanks Ron…

  4. Jesper  November 24th

    Hey Ron, if what you’re looking for has ever been an original Harley part, check out http://www.nosparts.com/

    They are building king and queen seats again these days. But I think you’ll have a hard time finding one that will fit a softail frame.

    But try asking on the http://www.jockeyjournal.com if anyone knows where to get it, it will be them.

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  7. Tom Tindell  February 22nd

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  10. hbDv6  July 30th

    i own choppertown:the Sinners, it is a great fucking documentary. raw and gritty. The Sinners are fascinating. the makers of thic film were smart to just get out of the way and let the Sinners do their thing. it’s very compelling!

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